Game of Thrones

Season 1 Episode 10

Fire and Blood

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 19, 2011 on HBO

Episode Recap

In King's Landing, the crowd celebrates the death of traitor Eddard Stark, while Yoren of the Night's Watch takes Arya away from the clamor. He keeps calling her "boy" and when she protests, he begins to cut her hair short with his knife. He's determined to take her back North.

Bran has the same dream again, of following the three-eyed raven. He tells Osha about it while he's on her shoulders. In the dream the raven leads him to the family crypt down below the castle, and he finds his father there in the dark. Osha takes him to the crypt in order to show him that his father isn't lingering there. They're frightened by the sudden appearance of Shaggydog and Rickon. Rickon has had the same dream, seeing their father down in the crypt. As Osha and Bran emerge from the crypt, news of Ned's death reaches Winterfell.

Ravens have also arrived to inform Catelyn and Robb of Ned's death. Catelyn manages to keep her composure while wandering through the troops, but once she is alone in the woods, she begins to sob. Robb is also in the woods, taking out his anger and frustration by continually hacking his sword at a tree. Catelyn manages to make him stop, telling him that he's ruined his blade. He wants to kill everyone responsible, but Catelyn reminds him that their enemies still have Sansa and Arya. But once her daughters are freed, then they will kill them all.

Joffrey is listening in the throne room to the troubadour Marillion singing of King Robert's death and Joffrey's ascension to the throne. The song, however, insults both Robert and the Lannisters, and Joffrey demands the man's tongue. Joffrey speaks with Sansa, telling her that he will still marry her and she will still bear him a son. He takes her outside, forcing her to see the head of her father stuck up on a pike on the castle wall. He says that he'll also take Robb's head soon enough as well, but when Sansa suggests that Robb might give her Joffrey's head instead, Joffrey tells Sansa that his mother has told him he should not hit women, so he orders a member of his Kingsguard, Ser Meryn Trant, to slap Sansa instead. Sansa moves forward, planning to kill Joffrey by pushing him over the ledge he is on, but the Hound stops her by giving her a handkerchief to wipe the blood off her split lip. Joffrey leaves with Ser Meryn. When Sansa tries to offer the handkerchief back to the Hound, he says to keep it, as she'll need it.

Robb and the rest of the northern houses debate who to swear their loyalty to. One suggests Renly Baratheon who has laid a claim on the throne, but Robb reminds him that the throne should go to the eldest of Robert's brothers, which means that Stannis should be king. But the other lords come to a consensus that no one in the south should rightly rule the north, and the north once again should have a King in the North: Robb. They all swear their loyalty to the young Lord Stark.

Later Catelyn speaks with Jaime Lannister, who they still have prisoner. He taunts her about Ned's death, and she uses a rock to smash him across the face. She then asks about Bran, and he admits that he pushed the boy out the window. But when Catelyn presses for a reason why, Jaime is cagey and refuses to give an answer. He only tells her to get some sleep because it's going to be a long war.

Cersei has been sharing her bed with her young cousin Lancel Lannister who thinks that being at war is exciting. Cersei seems troubled by a message she'd received by raven and urges her cousin to go back to bed.

At the Lannister camp, Tywin has received the news of Jaime's capture, and Tyrion can't help but be a little impressed by the actions of Robb Stark. Tyrion points out that they can't broker peace because of Joffrey's actions. Taking Ned's life has ruined any chance for a peaceful resolution. Tywin tells his advisers to leave his tent and asks Tyrion to stay behind. Tywin appoints Tyrion the Hand of the King in his place, and orders him to go to King's Landing so that Joffrey has some wise counsel at his side. Tywin admits that he might have been wrong about Tyrion being a fool.

Ser Jorah has kept watch over Daenerys, and she finally wakes. Jorah tells her that her baby did not live. Daenerys demands to see Mirri Maz Duur, the healer. Mirri claims that the child was stillborn and monstrous. It was covered in scales and had wings like a bat. This was the price Daenerys paid for Drogo's life. Drogo has been left outside of the tents, and he is catatonic. He doesn't respond to Dany's voice or her touch. Dany is furious at what has happened, but Mirri thinks that it is only just. The Dothraki raped her, burned down the temple of her god, and Dany's son would have been the stallion that mounts the world and would have conquered it with murder, raping, and pillage. Later, Dany smothers Drogo to death with a pillow.

Jon is determined to leave Castle Black and head south. He's going to join his brother and kill Joffrey. Sam tries to stop him but fails, and Jon rides off into the night on a horse, with Ghost rushing along after him.

Tyrion tells Shae of his new appointment, and that his father told him that he shouldn't take his "whore" with him. Shae is angry at being called a whore, but Tyrion is willing to go against his father's wishes and invites Shae to King's Landing, to be the Hand's Lady.

Meanwhile, Pyp, Sam, and Grenn ride after Jon and convince him that the Night's Watch are his brothers now and that he should return to the Wall.

Ros is servicing Grand Maester Pycelle in his quarters in King's Landing, and he talks about how he himself has served under many different kings. He starts off by saying "The thing about kings..." but he rambles and never gets to the point, which ultimately bores Ros. She leaves, and Pycelle, after showing how spryly he is when alone, puts on his garments and resumes the elderly stoop of his back before leaving his chambers.

Varys and Littlefinger exchange insults in the throne room, showing how they both admire and despise each other.

Arya, now with shortened hair, is lingering in one of the alleyways of King's Landing before Yoren takes men up to the Wall. She is now supposed to be Arry, an orphan boy. A pair of older boys spot her and her sword and they want to take it. She stands up to them, telling the fat one that she's already killed another fat boy and claims to like killing fat boys. Gendry, Robert's bastard whom Ned found working at a local smithy, defends Arya and calls the other boys off.

Lord Commander Mormont speaks with Jon, who is afraid of what his punishment might be for deserting the Watch. Mormont waves off his fear, saying that if they killed off all the deserters who took off for a night, he'd have no men left to guard the Wall. Mormont is at least impressed that Jon didn't go to a whorehouse. Mormont explains to Jon about incidents happening beyond the Wall, of villages abandoned during the night and of the discovery of blue-eyed corpses. The war for the Throne means little when worse things are stirring in the North. The Watch will head beyond the Wall and find out what happened to Benjen Stark. Jon has to make a decision now: join the rest of his brothers, or stay loyal to a family that only views him as a bastard. Jon rides beyond the Wall with the rest of the Watch, Ghost following close behind.

Drogo has been placed atop a funeral pyre, along with the three dragon's eggs Illyrio gave Danerys as a gift. Jorah says that if Dany sold the eggs, she could live as a wealthy woman in the Free Cities and never want for anything. He also begs her not to join her husband. Dany is thankful for Jorah's concern and she kisses his cheek. The only people left are Dany's own servants and the slaves, the people from the village the Dothraki sacked not long ago. Daenerys says that they will be her new Khalasar, and that she has freed all of them. Jorah ties Mirri to the pyre.

Dany tells her people that she will make sure that anyone who harms them will die, screaming. Mirri insists she will not scream. Dany sets the pyre alight. Once the fire blazes, she walks right into the middle of it, seemingly unharmed while Mirri writhes and screams in pain as she burns.

The following morning, Jorah returns to the site of the pyre, even though only ashes remain. In the middle of the smoldering ash, Jorah finds Dany. She is naked and her skin is coated in ash and grime, but she isn't burned. Jorah then discovers that Dany is not alone. She is flanked by three tiny baby dragons.