Game of Thrones

Season 1 Episode 10

Fire and Blood

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 19, 2011 on HBO

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  • *** Spoilers *** Cult finale

    One season, ten episodes, more than five hundred minutes. Our televisual journey only lasted two months and two weeks but I'll always carry it with me from now on. There're shows you keep worrying about. Will the next episode deliver ? You have doubts, you lose faith or you keep being disappointed over and over. But very quickly we learned that Game of Thrones plays in its own league. There will be a before and after it because it redefined how fantasy should be pictured on TV. Fire and Blood was in the same vein as the other nine episodes but it bore the steamy pressure of being the last installment of a stellar series that transported millions of viewers over the rainbow. Who could possibly expect it to be better than Winter is Coming ? Comparing them in terms of quality doesn't really make any sense because I think it's wiser to consider the episodes as a whole. Yes because season one was, is and will ever be a living organism of its own.

    I don't know if watching the show changed your life but as a reviewer it opened my eyes. Before I used to only believe in spoiler-free writing but avoiding to reveal something important is pointless when it comes to Game of Thrones, except its pilot of course, because in terms of decision making I just can't see anyone who would need to read a review. Should I watch the next episode ? Pure heresy ! You can't resist the irresistible. Indeed from its inspiring substance to its award-winning production everything about this ultimate episode was excellent, and the whole show by extension. First all arcs were properly covered and even Bran was back ! Jon Snow new friends helped him choose his path. Little big Tyrion was forced to become the new hand of the king. As I wished for Arya is now a tiny Joan of Arc version and as expected the fainting Sansa is stronger than she seemed. Sophie Turner's performance was impressive considering the extreme emotions she had to play. The second element that made the finale so exceptional was the considerable amount of eye-popping or epic scenes. Robb Stark proclaimed King of the North by his men was epic and the smile on his face was majestic ! Richard Madden's talent made Sean Bean's sudden departure less painful. Ned lost his head but his soul moved to his eldest son's body. But of course the impact it had on us was nothing compared to peeping the old counselor faking insanity around Littlefinger's charming worker and his hunchback before entering the iron stage. The show is a casting model when it comes to leveraging the acting experience of the ancients !

    Otherwise what we will really dream about is the last sequence featuring Daenerys and her magnificient babies. Seeing her delicate body among smoking ashes hosting freshly hatched dragons was oneiric. The T-Rex attack in Jurassic Park, Dragonheart seamless visual effects and now the rebirth of House Targaryen. Long live the Queen ! Such fantastic appearances are rare on TV and the last time I was so enchanted by them was probably while watching Primeval. However here the legendary animals looked as much as real as the dire wolves ! The odyssey was so epic that waiting for season 2 could be a living nightmare but in my opinion that inevitable break is a blessing. Indeed it'll leave latecomers like me the precious time they need to finally read A Song of Ice and Fire ! Fire and Blood ? A chalice of sacred water that revitalized our every cells and boosted our imagination.