Game of Thrones

Season 4 Episode 5

First of His Name

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 04, 2014 on HBO
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Jon starts a new mission; Cersei and Tywin consider the next move for the Crown; Daenerys makes plans for the future.

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  • First Of His Name

    The Daenerys are always good, but they develop that character in very slow and then sudden bursts of action. This episode did drag at some points too.
  • First of His Name (Spoilers Ahead)

    Another week of Game of Thrones, another battle, more political plannings, all in a day's work.

    King's Landing

    Tommen is officially crowned King of the Seven Kingdoms. Margaery and Cersei both agree that he will be a just king after the past handful had been so terrible. Joffrey, Robert (who was cool but didn't know how to rule to save his life), Aerys. Not very hard to pass up those. Although Margaery feigning the whole "I hadn't thought about it" was trite and Cersei totally saw right through it. In receiving counsel from her father Cersei agrees that Tommen and Margaery will be married in a fortnght and her and Loras a fortnight after that. Tywin reveals that the Crown is deeply indebted to the Iron Bank of Braavos and that gold has run dry in Casterly Rock for years (meaning they've been borrowing against their value in credit from the Iron Bank) which means the Tyrrells are the only truly wealthy ones in the Kingdoms left and their alliance needs to happen to appease to Iron Bank surely. Cersei visits Prince Oberyn and inquires about Myrcella (who is in Dorne as part of the Martell/Lannister alliance). Oberyn tells her that Myrcella is extremely happy and he agrees to take a ship that Cersei had built for her back to Dorne with him and that "her mother misses her very Seeing the motherly side of Cersei is always weird, but Tyrion is always right when he said that the only redeeming quality is that she loves her children. Also Tywin mentioned the trial which will surely take place beginning next week and will be a delight to finally see.

    In the Vale

    Baelish and Sansa pass the Blood Gate (which we heard of in the series and is mentioned in the book) and it quite the chokepoint for anyone who tried to invade the Vale. According to history it hasn't been passed by in over 1000 years by hostile forces. Sansa meets her Aunt Lysa and her cousin Robyn (who isn't breastfeeding anymore thankfully). Lysa, while nice and cordial at first, quickly grows suspicious of Sansa and suspects Baelish of sleeping with her (which is why he went all the way to King's Landing to save her in her mind). But Sansa brilliantly plays the "I'm a stupid girl" routine and Lysa then becomes the good aunt once again. It's like Sansa traded in one miserable castle for another, as she has to marry her snivelly eight to ten year old cousin and has to hear her aunt in the throes of passion through the wall of her room. Still beats hanging out with Joffrey in every way though. And how bout that reveal that Baelish was behind Jon Arryn's poisoning? It unfolded a little differently in the books but he has essentially put the entire series into the motion it would seem.


    Daenerys meets with her small council in the palace of Meereen contemplating whether to take King's Landing with her new army. Barristan and others says that she should return home and the houses will rally around her but Jorah (in private) tells her of the news from the other cities she freed (Yunkai and Astapor) and how after her leaving with no occupying forces they fell back into the hands of the great masters and a Butcher King. She declares that to be worthy of Westeros she will stay in Meereen and rule.


    Arya repeats her names before bed which bothers the Hound. The next morning she returns to doing water dancing with Needle and when the Hound approaches her she tells him of Syrio Fyrel and his great swordsmanship. The Hound says he wasn't so great if he was cut down by Meryn Trant and had no sword. That and, "he died because Meryn Trant had armor and a big f***ing sword" after Arya tries to stab him with Needle (bounces off) and he backhands her into the dirt. Guess it just is an example of the differing fighting styles of Westeros and Braavos since her sword and fighting method seem to be no good to armored opponents.

    The North

    Locke scouts ahead of the party to raid Craster's and spots eleven men. They raid the camp just in time as Karl was about to rape Meera. A pretty decent fight scene is engaged as Jon cuts down crow after crow. Bran enters Hodor with his warg abilities and breaks him out of his chains and carries him and gets Jojen and Meera out of the camp. He knows he can't reunite with Jon as if Jon saw him he would try to stop him from finding the 3 eyed crow and take him back to Castle Black no doubt. Locke grabs Bran and tries to get away but Bran enters Hodor and snaps his spine (yeah!) Surely the Night's Watch will never know that Locke was really a plant by Roose Bolton to bring/kill Bran and/or Jon in the North since he's dead now. Ghost and Summer are set free, Summer chases down the last mutineer. Bran heads North again without meeting up with Jon, Jon reunites with Ghost and they all burn Craster's to the ground after he offers to take Craster's wives back to Castle Black for safety. Jon's fight with Karl was pretty cool btw.

    Another great episode of Game of Thrones. The only sad thing about it is that we are now halfway through this years offering which is saddening indeed. But we have some very great material ahead of us (those who read the books surely will know) and things in King's Landing will surely be more tense than ever with Tyrion's trial coming up.moreless
  • So Good

    I get really nervous watching this show. Once I've watched it... I can't watch it for the first time again. This season maybe my favourite, it manages to deliver on all fronts without being unsettling. This episode was on about fifty five minutes and it felt like 10, just wonderful. I worry about Hodor, though.
  • review

    A great episode with some amazing revelations, fight scenes and scheming; just awesome
  • Cleverly sets up the mood for the greatness that awaits.

    And here we are again at that terrible part of the season where we think to ourselves "We're halfway done already?!" And it's true, with this 5th episode of Game of Thrones, we are indeed halfway done, but it has been an episode that has given us a lot to look forward to in the upcoming episodes.

    In this episode of Game of Thrones, we see a look back at the past of the series, beginning from the "Previously On" scene which went back to Season 1. We see a mystery that has been an unanswered question since the first season to answer itself in the fourth season (a mystery that got the story started to begin with!) In addition to that. we see Arya remembering some events from the first season in another argument with the Hound, and we see the relationship between the two turning even more antagonistic which simply makes it even more fun!

    We also see a whole different Cersei in this episode, while I believed that she would be a total b*** against Margaery, it turns out she is not just that (fortunately too as the Lannisters appear to be out of gold and need the Tyrells - In addition, we return to the Vale (this time passing from the Bloody Gate) and we come across Sansa who just seems to move from one nightmare to another!

    North of the Wall, we see Jon taking onto Craster's keep and in the road to the Wall, we see a nice relationship slowly developing between Pod and Brienne, and I am really interested to see where this will turn out. Across the Narrow Sea, Daenerys takes an important decision, as she realizes that taking power is the easy part, holding onto power and ruling is the hard part.

    Concluding, "First of His Name" was an excellent episode, which was well crafted and looks back at the early seasons of the series, making it look more complete and showing us that the stories told all have ties to one another in some way. While no ground shaking events have taken place in this week's episode, I believe the makers of the show have looked back at the past of the series making it look complete. Overall, it has been another well crafted episode of Game of Thrones that sets the mood for the greatness that awaits. Can't wait for next week!moreless
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