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Let's guess future episodes' names ... ( massive spoilers, obviously )

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    I'll try to guess upcoming episodes' titles, on two criteria, based on what we've seen so far: one, it's a quote from the books, two, it sometimes can have multiple meanings.

    - House Lannister : "Wherever whores go" ("He didn't shit gold" would be waaay too spoilery ), "The tower of the Hand", "Yolo" ( I wouldn't use "Young Griff" since you don't want to attract attention on that character too soon )

    - Dany : "Floppy ears" ( seems like a no-brainer for her time in Meereen ), "The Pit"

    - Night's Watch : "You know nothing, Jon Snow" ( for the attack on Castle Black and Ygritte's death ), "Kill the boy" (again, I'd be surprised if they don't use it ), "Lightbringer" ( regarding both Stannis' phony sword, and the prophecy of Azor Ahai's rebirth ), "The Glass candle" ( when Sam goes off to become a Maester ... and it could also apply to any challenge the other characters have to face in the episode )

    - Arya : "The Faceless men", "The Blind girl"

    - The Ironborn : "The Kingsmoot" ( another obvious one ), "It rhymes with weak" ( or any other variation on "Reek" ), maybe "The Kraken's daughter"

    - The Dornish : "The Princess in the castle" ( could also apply to Sansa when she's in the Aerie ), "The Spurned suitor"

    Which quotes from the books would you like to become titles ?

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