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ways for the show to improve book 4 ( spoilers, obviously )

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    It's common knowledge that Feast for crows is, to put it mildly, the less interesting of the novels. It is partly because of the lack of Jon, Tyrion and Daenerys. Which is no problem for the show, since they seem to have followed the actual chronology and mixed books 4 and 5, but there are, IMO, other problems. How do you people think the writers of the show could improve the book ? Here are my suggestions :

    - cut almost everything Brienne. Don't get me wrong, I like Brienne as much as everyone else, but her chapters looking for Sansa were painfully boring. They should either find a way to make them entertaining or compelling ( like, I don't know, have Sansa disappear totally from the show for several ?pisodes, so there's some urgencyin finding her, when there's none in the book), or keep onlythe event that actuallymatters, i.e. her encounter with the Brotherhood. As a matter of fact, instead of using a random Lannister, as in the novels, I'd wait for Brienne's encounter with the Brotherhood to reveal "Lady Ironheart". ( She hasn't showed up in the show yet, has she ? I've got some catch-up to do ... ) Or, use the Lannister first, but without showing her face, and then Bam ! blow everyone's mind by revealing her to both Brienne and the viewers simultaneously.

    - in a similar way, Sam's travels should be reduced to their key points ( his Relationship with Ginny, Aegon's death, his encounter with Arya ), since they don't really serve a purpose ( yet ).

    - dial down the political shenanigans. I mean, we don't need as much detail as in the books on Dornian politics ( Ariane's plan to kidnap Myrcella should be dealt within one episode, no more ), orto fully understand the incompetence of Cersei's council and the way she loses more and more control. Mostly,just keep the funny bits ( Cersei's verbal catfights with Margaery ) or the emotional ones ( Oberyn's revenge ) without turning it into The West Wing : Westeros edition ( with all due respect to the West Wing ).

    - should stay exactly how they are : Jaime's chapters, and above all, Arya's chapters ( can't wait to see the "Faceless God"'s temple !!! ) Those have a clear structure, and shouldn't have a comma removed.

    What do you think ?

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    Lady Stoneheart hasn't been revealed in the show yet, but my money is that she will be the WTF-season ender in the last couple of minutes of episode 10.

    They can certainly punch up some of Cersei's chapters by making her more and more unhinged. Frankly, the Dornish sections of the book can be removed altogether and it wouldn't really affect the overall plot of the show. Instead, they could actually show the siege of Dragonstone with Loras in charge (and where he gets an arrow to the knee chest) and have that occupy much of an episode. And since they're combining book five into the season, there's also stuff with Young Griff that they could work with. Most of Jaime and Brienne's plot can be combined into parts of a few episodes. Arya is probably the wildcard. Her chapters were interesting to read, but will they be as interesting to watch?

    If I had to estimate, book four will probably occupy (at most) 4 episodes worth of content, while book five will occupy the other six.

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    You know that book 4 (AFFC) and 5 (ADWD) happens at the same time, right?

    Book 4 and 5 were seperated geographically. So ofc we will see Jon (as long as he's around), and Brienne. During the next season.
    Or do you think the show runners would give a season without Arya and Tyrion.

    While I agree, that Brienne was/is not a particularly great character, bcause she is too much of a true knight. She is a bit like a female Jon.

    AFFC had its moments though. Jaime's chapters were great, and I even enjoyed the chaos Cersei brought down on KL with her ill judgement.

    AFFC was my least favorite of the series, because it contained too many of the characters I am not that fond of like Sansa or Brienne.
    ADWD was not much better, because GRRM had a problem to get the plot moving again, particularly Dany's Mereen adventure was a bit dry for my liking. I hope it is solved with Victarion and Tyrion being nearby, and TWOW will be better again.

    Having that said, I hope they will expand the plot in Dorne a bit in Season 5, and cut down on Bran. I know his story line is one of the more important ones, but it's still not that entertaining.

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