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Which book do I pick up after season 4?

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    [1]Jun 10, 2014
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    Hey guys.

    I've gone and purchased all of the books and wanted to know if it's possible to pick up the next book in the saga or will I have to start right at the beginning?

    Thanks in advance


    (PS: I'm not up to date with the current season, no spoilers please)

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    [2]Jun 11, 2014
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    After finishing season 2 of GoT I picked up books 3-5 and read them. I got some shtick for skipping the first two books but I don't necessarily regret it. After this season the show is moving on to book 4 and 5. Although it is still unknown how the show runners are going to handle adapting these books. It looks as though they will combine books 4 and 5 since the 4th book is a bit of a slow burn. Jump in to the books though, it's well worth it.

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