Game of Thrones

Season 6 Episode 2


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 01, 2016 on HBO

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  • Disappointing.

    This is the worst season ever.
  • Busy Busy Busy

    Great episode full with developments on many arcs and of course Jon Snow's return! I'm so excited for they didn't keep us waiting for his resurrection till season's end!
  • visto 02 Home

    Home muy buen epi...
  • Balls!

    Three actors showed balls in the last episode:

    Tyrion, the High Sparrow and of course the member of the Night Watch shooting at Wun Wun.
  • TheKingintheNorth

    Well we got him back quick. I was hoping they wouldn't drag it out. I thought it would be a little grander though. At least the Red Witch didn't queef out a shadow Jon.

    I can't wait to see everyone's reaction next week. Also some people didn't even know he died. I wonder if Sam comes back and asks if anything exciting happened when he was down south banging his buck tooth bitch.

    I loved the line Tyrion said about telling him to punch him in the face. Maybe we'll see that happen next week.

    King no balls has got to go. I hope it's soon. We need some action in Kings Landing.

    I think Aria is going to get her sight back or at least train to be a kick ass assasin.

    No Dany this week was surprising. I could watch her all day.

    So much happened this week. All in all great episode.
  • The Moment EVERYBODY waited for!!!

    Writers played a great allusion on us with naming this episode "Home" and then disguising it as if that was meant for Theon Greyjoy.

    Up till the last moment of the episode....

  • Home - 602

    Well, that didn't take long. Jon Snow has risen from the dead, back to save the day.

    The episode was a little slow-moving. As usual, I looked forward to the Arya scenes, and while short and simple, they serve a purpose and are more entertaining than the rest of the show.

    Tyrion's jokes were on point tonight though.