Game of Thrones

Season 3 Episode 5

Kissed by Fire

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 28, 2013 on HBO

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  • Kissed By Fire

    I really enjoyed the Ygritte and Jon moments, but overall this was another solid episode. This season continues to be strong for Game of Thrones.
  • Of caves, baths and naked things

    The Lord of Light isn't done with the Hound, even if Arya is pretty much done with Gendry. Has she not bled, feared and be tortured by his side ever since they first met? Have they not lost Yoren, Lommy and Hot Pie together??? Have they not starved, fight and share the same floor they sleep in too?! If that's not family, what is? After 25 months this is not nice to hear, mister!

    From one old married couple dynamic to the next, Brienne of Tarth takes Jaime's true story in the same manner as Ygritte takes Jon's true vows, sharing a bath together. To Brienne's credit, she doesn't say "You know nothing, kingslayer!", to Jaime's credit he did have a point, you know: Daenerys's royal father was about to burn King's Landing to the ground when Jaime stopped him. And, to her precious Renly's credit, order Brienne to kill her own father and rain wildfire upon every every man, woman and child was the very last thing in his mind.

    Seems only fitting for Brienne to hold this breathing man in her arms, almost as she held the last one as he was dying, for he doesn't seem to be the same man who entered the bath tub with her, no more so than Jon is the same "maid"after Ygritte leaves the cave with him.
  • Regarding Caves and Bathing Persons

    Before we jump into this episode I just have to say that this was Game of Thrones operating on a much higher level than the beginning of the season. Let me elaborate, obviously with all of the new characters that this show has to introduce at various different times of course there's some expository elements that can drag in an episode by episode basis but this was the season kicking into high gear. There were no freeing of an entire slave city but there were some equally powerful moments sprinkled throughout.


    Arya's story lets us see an epic sword fight (yes this is a proper use of the term epic there was a flaming sword and a resurrection for Pete's sake) which had me sure the Hound was going to bite the dust given his shield burst aflame midfight. The way that Beric knelt and was then resurrected after being sliced through had me punching the chair I was sitting in. Arya's grabbing of a knife to finish the job on the Hound showed how insatiable the appetite for vengeance is among the second youngest Stark. The Hound is allowed to go free and sadly Gendry decides to stay with the Brotherhood and makes swords and armor for them. Arya's bit about "I could be your family" was really tear-jerking and sad seeing as she Gendry and Hot-Pie had been together since they had left King's Landing. Thoros tells Arya that Beric had been resurrected five times previously which is why the saying is that Beric can't die and that they will ransom Arya to Robb in Riverrun for gold for their own covert war.

    In Riverrun, Lord Karstark, in another vengeance themed motive, slays the two Lannister great-nephews to Tywin as retribution for losing his sons after losing the Kingslayer because of Catelyn. Robb faced an impossible decision and had to choose to either lose the Karstark half of his army by killing Lord Karstark or keeping them with Karstark as a hostage until war's end. Of course, being so thoroughly his father's son he decides to do the honorable thing and slays Karstark himself and the Karstark men abandon him cutting his fighting force in two. It was sad to see this play out the way it did since it makes the Lannister victory all but assured with the Tyrells being their allies and the Baratheon forces being even more minuscule than that with Stannis licking his wounds at Dragonstone. "All Tywin Lannister has to do is But Robb's decision to mend fences with Walder Frey to acquire the Frey numbers back can prove to be a smart play if he can succeed in taking Casterly Rock which is a move that he never would've done last season when he was the cautious Young Wolf. Just goes to show that you can win every battle but still lose the war.

    Jaime and Brienne are delivered to Lord Bolton at Harrenhal where Bolton is not so pleased with Locke's dismemberment of Jaime and he is looked after by Qyburn. Qyburn seems much more interesting now since he was let go by the Citadel for his Jaime's monologue to Brienne about his oathbreaking when he killed the Mad King was the highlight of the episode as he spoke back to his Season 1 sentiment of despising the name Kingslayer. More grounded and much less cocky than last season's "Man Without Honor" monologue and much more emotional with Aerys having wanted him to kill Tywin, his own father. Lots of talking about the days of Robert's Rebellion in this episode as many characters reminisce about the happenings and the effects of the Rebellion on their present lives. I like his new insistence of "My name is Jaime" as Brienne cradles him in her arms, stop insulting Renly Jaime it's just mean.

    King's Landing

    Through the usage of Littlefinger's resources Cersei discovers the plot to marry Sansa off to Loras Tyrell which is exposed by a prostitute of Littlefinger's to sleep with Loras. Since Sansa is the "Key to the North" Tywin isn't exactly in the mood to let her go so easily since Sansa would have to wait till Margaery and Joff would have to be wed before she brought it up. Tyrion meets with Oleanna Tyrell explaining how expensive the wedding is and she agrees to pay half, which is pretty impressive Master of Coin skills there Tyrion gotta admit. But Tywin says that marrying Sansa off to Tyrion would hold the Lannister claim to the Realm and to the North since he sees Robb Stark as ultimately going to die on his current losing streak after having married whats-her-name instead of a Frey daughter. Cersei, looking all smug is told then by Tywin to marry Loras Tyrell since she is still fertile (her second loveless marriage after Robert) and Tywin plays the whole "I'm cantankerous and my kids don't respect that I know what's best" card. The ultimate irony here is that Sansa had the opportunity to leave with Baelish but decided to opt to stay to marry Loras despite Tywin's dastardly plan.

    Beyond the Wall

    Jon is asked by Orell and Tormund Giantsbane how many of the fortresses of the Wall are guarded of which there are only 3: Eas***ch by the Sea, the Shadow Tower, and of course Castle Black. Jon is clearly lying when he says that there's "1,000 men" when there were sparsely more than 300 who set out North of the Wall at the end of Season 1 so there has to be less than 200 and even less that are at fighting capacity. But Jon is lured into a cave by Ygritte and the two have intercourse and share a great moment where Jon says that he was a virgin and how they never want to leave the cave. It was nice to see Jon worry about something other than his duty as a double agent and his duty to the Night's Watch as being a member Mance Rayder's merry band of misfits. But this, it should be noted, is the second emotionally effective bathing scene in this episode.

    Across the Sea (On the Road to Yunkai)

    Following leaving Astapor in flames last week Jorah and Barristan remember their experiences of Robert's Rebellion and how they both fought for opposing sides. Jorah calling back to his informing on the Dany to Varys back in Season 1 and testing to see if Barristan was aware of it was a nice callback and one that I appreciate for us careful viewers/readers of the books. Barristan explaining that he had served two kings, one mad and one drunk, and wanted to serve a ruler that he believed in before he died. Barristan is kind of a jerk for saying that Jorah, someone who had been with Dany since before she even got the dragons and was playing Bachelorette with Viserys trying to get an army and "wouldn't be honorably seen when they went home" to Westeros since he had sold men into slavery. But this was a great scene seeing these two men as characters as serving in a far corner of the world a ruler and having a complete history before they got to where they are now. Dany continues to decolonize the Unsullieds' minds by letting them think of themselves as free men and their appointed leader being Grey Worm which is liberated since what he was before was what he saw as a weak slave. Gradually, educating slaves to the concept of freedom as individuals is going to take more than one week to instill since this is all they've ever known so good on Dany for sticking with it as a platform for her military policy.

    But this was a very excellent episode of Thrones sprinkled with some amazingly effective emotional territory handled well by the ever growing cast. And ratings seem to be going up so good on it for catching on the way True Blood did (but this will hopefully stay good after as many season while True Blood lost its luster after 3 seasons Thrones with an extremely strong sources material and no offense to Charlaine Harris it has a much better chance of staying on top).

  • i liked very much

    yes very very good this episode
  • "You'll wed her, bed her and put a child in

    I'm one of those guys who actually enjoy those chatty episodes more than the action packed episodes. ONLY if the episode delivers good dialogue and something that gets an emotional response from me. And this episode delivered both. Sorry for the lengthy review.

    First of all... Great performances. I mean really great! Nikolaj Coster-Waldau delivered a speech that mesmerized me. I have been waiting for this speech since I read the books and Nikolaj nailed it. Second of all.. Maisie Williams.. She portrays the badassness of Arya perfectly and has been doing just that for a while so it struck me by surprise (even though the scene is in the books) when the show reminded the viewer that deep down Arya is just a kid who wants her daddy back. Obviously all the performances were good but these were the highlights for me in this episode.

    I'm starting to digg Olenna Tyrell more and more... Tyrion is usually the one who can talk his way out of problems and can manipulate people with ease but Olenna made it clear during her first sentence that Tyrion is not going to be able to manipulate her... Even though she does give Tyrion what he wants, she does it in a fashion that made it clear that it wasn't Tyrion who talked her into it.

    This episode also featured a scene where two children were killed. The murderer was Lord Karstark and the victims were some Lannister squires. Robb (being the son of his father) makes the decision to be a honorable man and execute Lord Karstark. This then causes half of Robb's forces (Karstark's men) to abandon him which forces Robb to seek help from Walder Frey. ( By the way... I loved the fact that they played the same song during Karstark's beheading as they did when Theon decapitated Rodrik)

    We met the wife and child of Stannis Baratheon! At last! Shireen was so adorable and Selyse on the other hand was super creepy with her stillborn-jars and Lord of Light fanaticism. One of the more heartwarming scenes of the whole series was when Shireen met Davos and taught him to read.

    In King's Landing Tywin was betrothing all of his kids (short of Jaime) to different people. Tywin wants to get Tyrion married to Sansa Stark as she is the heir to Winterfell if Robb dies (because Bran & Rickon are thought to be dead).
  • Chatty but good

    Except for a fight with a kick ass fire sword at the start, this episode was pure dialogue. I'm not big on Season 2/3 characters, I prefer the story lines for characters from s1 much more. All in all a good episode for character building.
  • Pretty good

    I thought the writing and directing of this episode were mediocre, but it was compensated for by great character development.

    Jamie's character in particular, is proving to be, not likable, but certainly complex. I've said it before, but the lannisters are the most interesting characters in this series, and the final scene was the best this episode. Stannis also has a few good scenes here, though I thought the writing wasn't great, especially the one with his wife - who seems to be 100% wacko. Robb's scenes and the fight in the cave were fantastic, though I thought it was a bit rushed.
  • Brilliant, as always!

    Nice ending, left you wanting more.
  • A well-paced episode.

    This episode kept the ball rolling. The decision to split the book into two seasons was brilliant, as it allows the stories to unfold with more depth. Jaime's confession was one of the most enlightening moments in all three seasons combined. The Hound's trial was dazzling. Excellent Episode

  • Kissed by Fire

    Kissed by Fire was a great and unexpected character building episode of Game of Thrones. I liked the focused story lines and how many things played out in an unexpected way. Many characters made striking decisions. Robb was provoked into an unpleasant situation. The fact that his brothers are alive, unknown to many, presents an unseen advantage over many plots. The drama and intrigue intensified and I can't wait to see what happens next!!!!!!!!!

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    This episode takes us forward on the issue with The Hound and lets us watch the battle between him and the banner leader. Continuing with Jaime and his fellow prisoner. Jon proves himself while Robb is betrayed, Tyrion with his new task, learns about the cost of a big wedding.