Game of Thrones

Season 1 Episode 3

Lord Snow

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 01, 2011 on HBO
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    Ned and his daughters arrive in King's Landing. Catelyn investigates Bran's fall. Jon and Tyrion bond in Castle Black. Daenerys discovers her power as a khaleesi.

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    • Still can't hold up to the pilot, but small screen entertainment at a really high quality!

      Many people named this as the least entertaining episode of the first couple of Game of Thrones episodes and I completely understand that because it's really a lot about explaining things like new characters and the records of all the characters to the audience, which can be a bit boring if you already know about them like I did. Furthermore, it doesn't work like the series' pilot in which every scene was important - some scenes in this one (for example the one, really long scene including Mark Addy) did seem fairly unnecessary in my opinion.

      Nevertheless, this is a hugely entertaining show even if it leaves sex and violence out as it does in this episode. The acting is superb and I really love the style of it (the shots of the Wall are again amazing).

      Outstanding scenes would be Arya's "dancing class" (the young girl learning how to use a sword would be something that most shows would have left out, but Game of Thrones actually makes it this episode's highlight because it's really enjoyable, amusing and well-acted) or the vibe between Daenerys and Jorah Mermont that gets more and more interesting as the marriage of Daenerys is revealed in this episode. The most interesting cast members were Nikolaj Coster-Waldau who had some really great dialogues with Sean Bean and Mark Addy in this episode and Peter Dinklage who is just an awesome guy. Another thing that should be singled out are the fantastic child actors and how they rightfully get the loads of screen time they deserve.moreless
    • Lord Snow

      The Good:

      -"Everyone who isn't us is an enemy."

      -The introduction of some undeniably important characters: Varys and Littlefinger.

      -The story really begins in "Lord Snow." Jon starts his work as part of the Night's Watch, Littlefinger and his background with Catelyn is revealed, and Arya begins her "dancing" lessons.
    • Joffrey Baratheon or Viserys Targaryen, I don't know who I want to see die more.

      One thing that you can always count on with Game of Thrones is steady and constant story development. If you were confused with the events the past two episodes threw at you, episode three did a better job of slowing things down. All three story lines were executed nicely; the Wall with Jon Snow and the trials he faces being a coddled high lord who received training, Daenerys Targaryen slowly conforming to her role as the khaleesi, and of course the conspiracies that run like a never ending river at King's Landing. Like the past two episodes, the acting was a unified success; you've grown to hate Viserys, Cersei, Joffrey, that one guy from the Night's Watch that seems to hate Jon Snow, and your love for the Starks starts to grow.

      Whether this is a good thing or bad thing, the book doesn't force on you to take sides as much as the show has. In the book, hate is bred, but not with scenes that obviously shows the Lannister's stance of the world and their plans to kill everyone. It is mot subtle. With television not being able to incorporate in head dialogue, it does a good job of compensating though. Though that is not the downfall of this episode. As well executed as all three story lines were, and while there were some twists here and there, there wasn't anything that really "shook" you. The first episode had Bran falling off a high tower after witnessing something he shouldn't have, the second the death of a young innocent boy and Sansa's dire wolf, but what of the third? The news of the dagger belonging to Tyrion Lannister? The troubles Benjen Stark talked of the lands north of the wall? Arya Stark acquiring a master swordsman? None of it kept you on your heels, as well executed the episode was.moreless
    • Ned and his family arrive in King's Landing, Jon Snow continues to train for the Nightswatch while the Lannister's plot continues to unravel. (Once again, I apologize if I ramble.. it's a tough show to review)moreless

      I was reading a review of the show on a different website that stated the show shouldn't necessarily be graded based on individual episodes, and that the merits of the show and what it's tried to do should be justified based on the season as a whole. Much like "The Killing," I completely agree with that sentiment. I thought this episode was pretty good as a piece of a puzzle, not necessarily as an individual episode of the show.

      I really like how the plot has slowed down for a little bit and let us get a grasp on who the heck these people are, especially for us non-readers. The show still moves at a breakneck pace sometimes, but at least here, we got to see Tyrion, Jon Snow and the rest of the Nightswatch incomers interact, we got to see Ned Stark deal with the people of King's Landing (including a menacing conversation with Jaime Lannister, who is quickly becoming one of the lamest characters ever on TV, and I mean that in a good way, not in a negative way), as well as seeing a great scene between Robert Baratheon, Jaime Lannister and one of the King's right hand men, a guy who I can't remember the name of.. but here, they were all sharing their first kills, and it was an extremely revealing scene that gives us a look into these characters.

      Besides these plots, I found myself getting drawn more and more into the children characters. Some shows have a lot of trouble getting their child actors to be compelling enough to lead a show, but between Sansa, Joffrey and Arya, who's quickly becoming my favorite character on the show, we have a cast that has been put together very well. I'm really hoping now that Bran has woken up, we'll get some drama between the Starks and the Lannisters. Obviously, Baratheon is going to have a big choice to make when he discovers what Cersei is doing to him, and I myself cannot wait to see what happens.

      As for the stuff going on with the Dothroki, Vaenerys and Daenerys, I'm not sure I care too much at this point. I'm certain that there's going to be some sort of collision between them and the people in Westeros, but until then, there's not much going on. I really do like Daenerys personal guard (I can't recall his name now) and I like how the brother keeps getting put in his place. I still think the Khal Drago is a horrible person, but I suppose thanks to Daenerys, the show is making him out to be a more tender man instead of the savage he was at first portrayed as.

      I almost wish the show were twelve episodes long.. I bet you any money the extra two episodes would benefit the show a lot. But I guess when you're working on a budget, you have to work with what you've got. Right now, the show has seven more episodes to keep the story rolling, and seeing as I've never read the books, I'm happy with where the show's going right now to an extent.. I just hope they work out the pacing and don't try to rush through too much. Because right now, the stories and characters are finally starting to get fleshed out. The writers should at least recognize that and slow down and speed up accordingly.moreless
    • 103

      "Lord Snow" has officially made me a fan of Game of Thrones. I watched the first two episodes and while it was a fun little show, I did not really buy into the hype. This episode convinced me that this show deserves all of the attention it has been getting and can be a really good series for HBO. Showtime had one of the best period dramas of the decade with The Tudors, but HBO has the potential to have won for the 2010's with Game of Thrones. Sean Bean was perfect in the role tonight in an episode that did not even feature him heavily. And the show has one of the best child actors on TV right now as the cocky young ruler.

      Lots of sword fights, lots of insults, exactly what this show needs to keep viewers hooked. Good episode tonight.moreless
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