Game of Thrones

Season 3 Episode 10


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 09, 2013 on HBO

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  • Mhysa

    Good movie
  • Mhysa

    Loved the scene with Daenerys being embraced, but for a season finale I found this to be a little bit of a letdown. Expected more action.
  • ionee24 is lame

    Was hoping to get just a descriptive recap of the episode, but this person just destroys any semblance of an intelligible review by throwing in their personal thoughts as to what was going on in the minds of the director and writers during the production and filming of this show. Thank you ionee24 for making yourself look like one of those people that overuse a thesaurus just to make themselves appear intelligent, only to do the opposite and completely miss the purpose of allowing viewers to post their own reviews.
  • Closure

    The season finale takes us right where we left off. The Hound carries his pup away from Edmure's wedding, Arya catches a glimpse of some Freys with the corpse of her brutally mutilated brother, and cries on the shoulder of her former enemy.

    For an episode called "Mother", its the fathers that stand out. Whether its the father of the Realm, for Stannis keeps fighting those who made the Kingdom bled, the father without a child, for Davos saves Gendry for the son he coudn't save when this season started, or the shield that guards the Realms of men, for Sam points it out it's RealmS: his job to save the son of Craster as much as it's to save the son of Ned Stark.

    It's a father what comes back to King's Landing, Jaime's identity rooted firmly on Brienne of Tarth. A father that disowns Theon, as Balon Grejoy turns his back on him. A father what Bolton's bastard wanted to be, as he re-baptizes Theon with a name suited for their connection, as twisted as said connection may be. And a father what The Hound becomes to Arya, as far as revenge is concerned.

    But Mysha is mother and a mother is what comes to Yunkai. Cersei's words lingering on the audience as Daenerys looks upon her children. Her joy something no one can take away from her, for no one could take it away from Cersei (not even Joffrey), and only death could take it from Lady Catelyn. For the mother cursed not to have a child, walks amongst the thousands of former slaves as their three fire-breathing brothers rise toward the sky.
  • Wow Impressive close

    Well the season draws to a close and most importantly if you have not figured it out yet NO ONE IS SAFE!

    Now that I am over my pouting lets just say as usual top notch acting and story!

    Can not wait to see next season and for the love of God why cant Jeffrey DIE?
  • Decent ending

    Bit lackluster, especially compared to past episode, good nonetheless
  • great episode - stop whingeing!

    I can't believe the whiners. What makes GoT great is its dialogue. I was mesmerized by Tywin & Tyrion. Shae & Varys. Bolton & Frey. Even Joffrey was awesomely annoying. Just because this episode wasn't full of over the top violence doesn't mean it was boring it just means you probably don't have the attention span for quality writing.
  • Mhysa (Full episode and third book spoilers ahead)

    The Twins

    Right where we left off we get a great shot of Roose Bolton overlooking the Twins castle where fires are being set on the tents of the Stark bannermen and mass killings happening left and right. We also glimpse the Hound carrying Arya away from the scene trying best not to be noticed. The most horrifying part of the episode (only mentioned in the books) is Grey Wind's head attached by arrows to Robb's decapitated corpse riding a horse while Frey men shout "Here comes the King in the This was by far more disturbing than seeing the merciless slaying of the bannerman in terms of pure grotesqueness, it's one thing to kill someone but another entirely to mount their head on their corpse and parade it around. Frey, I want your head on a spike!

    We also get a great novel scene between Bolton and Frey who congratulates Bolton on becoming the new Warden of the North while several maids clean up the blood in the dining hall. Frey scoffs at Robb's arrogance by calling himself the "Young Wolf" and Bolton explains a bit behind his betrayal (something never delved into motivation wise) by saying that Robb had ignored his advice at every also learn in passing that Edmure is alive but spent the night in a cell while the Blackfish had escaped. Frey was promised the seat of Riverrun for his allegiance in taking out the Starks.

    While riding away from the Twins Arya and the Hound come upon Freys boasting about having participated in the Red Wedding. The center one claims to have been the one that cut off the wolf head and putting it on Robb's corpse. Arya approaches them as a supposed innocent asking to keep warm. When she pulls out the Jaqen coin she flips it to the man who goes to grab it only to find himself filled with knife holes in his neck and a finely timed, "Valar Morghulis" before the Hound steps in and kills the others. Arya having taken the knife from him was a nice touch. It only makes you wonder where Arya will go now that she, having been deep in despair and death the past two seasons to survive and reunite with her family, is now left with nowhere to truly go with her mother and brother dead and no home with Winterfell burned to the ground. The second half of the season may well show her becoming much more like the Hound; a killer who deals death upon others.

    The North

    At the abandoned Nightfort Bran, the Reeds, and an echo shouting Hodor encounter Sam and Gilly who reveals that he knows Bran is Jon's brother because "he talks about him" and has "spent enough time around Sam tries to implore them to come to Castle Black with them but Bran says he must go North of the Wall and Sam hands them some leftover dragon glass (he wasn't so stupid for not taking that piece he left behind a few episodes ago) and warns them of the White Walkers. Gilly and Sam reach Castle Black and tell Maester Aemon of their adventures, but that Gilly's son is not his own. Aemon says that she is a guest of the Night's Watch now and gets Sam to write letters to every noble lord and King in Westeros warning them of the white walker attack he saw North of the Wall that decimated the force that left Castle Black at the end of Season 1 sending some 40 odd ravens out with the message.

    Jon is cleaning his face off in a river when Ygritte comes up behind him brandishing her bow. Jon tells her that she knew what he was all along but that he knows that he loves her. She doesn't take this well and shoots him with three arrows. This was somewhat sentimental but expected given the immense significance of the relationship this season. Jon reaches Castle Black and collapses to a happy-to-see-ya Sam while shouting for Maester Aemon to come and attend to his wounds.

    During Bolton's scene with Frey he mentioned that his Bastard son Ramsay has been holding Theon all season since his capture last year. Theon is given a brief scene where Ramsay (what a relief to finally type his name without referring to him as simply "that sadistic where he tauntingly eats a pork sausage in front of a newly castrated Theon who begs him to kill him. Theon has now hit rock bottom and Ramsay is fashioning him to abandon his identity as "Theon Greyjoy" and instead to become

    Something something in the Iron Islands.


    Stannis is invigorated by Robb Stark's passing, having cursed him with the king's blood infused leeches a few episodes ago so he believes the magic true. Davos decides to make the hard choice and sets Gendry free in a boat off the coast of Dragonstone telling him to get as far away from the Red Woman as possible. Davos had been reading through the letters addressed to King Stannis before doing this and came upon Maester Aemon's letter about the need for help in the North and asking for assistance. When brought before Stannis he is asked why he set Gendry free. Stannis is forced to sentence him to die but Davos pulls out the letter saying that he'll be needed in the coming war. Melisandre reads as well as Stannis and she looks to the flames. She says that the battle for the realm will in fact take place in the North and that Davos will have a part to play, making sense of the battle in the snow vision mentioned last season. I'm just weirded out that Stannis would be so quick to sentence Davos to death, even though he is Stannis and all, because he set Davos free to make hard decisions he felt that he could not make. I'm glad that they accelerated this to the end of Season 3 because going through half of Season 4 still on Dragonstone would've been more episode of Stannis consolidating his forces when he needs to be in motion.

    King's Landing

    Tyrion and Sansa begin to get along as simply friends joking before Tyrion is summoned by his father to a small council meeting. During the meeting he is given a letter detailing the Red Wedding. Tyrion says that the North will never forget this. Joffrey says that he wants to serve Robb's head to Sansa at his wedding feast, to which Tyrion threatens him again saying "Kings are dropping like Tywin sends Joffrey to bed without supper and forces the rest of the small council out except for Tyrion. The two have a great scene about duty to one's family and the legacy of the Lannister name. Tyrion's inquiry of why he must rape Sansa to get her pregnant is met by Tywin saying that he only kept Tyrion alive, having killed his mother in child birth, as a sense of duty to his family because Tyrion is a Lannister. Tyrion then gets drunk with Pod and has a tender scene with Cersei which is incredibly rare. They both share in their suffering and Cersei insists that she will never marry Ser Loras despite Tywin's orders to and that she hasn't killed herself simply because of her children.

    Jaime, Qyburn, and Brienne all get to King's Landing. Jaime enters the Red Keep while Cersei has her back turned to him and he simply says her name and she turns around to see him, surprised and yet glad. It's simple but it was enough for me.

    Varys approaches Shae with a bag of diamonds saying that now that Tyrion is wed to Sansa, and being one of the only people in Westeros who can exact change, offers to give her the diamonds to take a ship to a faraway land and buy a house. He says that he knows that she loves Tyrion beyond the money, but Shae throws the diamonds on the ground and says that if Tyrion wants her gone that he will have to tell her herself.


    Across the Narrow Sea Dany, Daario, Jorah, Barristan, and the rest of the Unsullied all await outside of the gates of Yunkai for the slaves to be set free by their masters after having taken the city. They come out in troves. Missandei tries to speak to them, saying that they owe their freedom to Daenerys, but Dany cuts in speaking in High Valyrian that their freedom is theirs now to be fought for on their own account. They cry out "Mhysa" the episode's title which is old Ghiscari (Missandei says) for 'Mother'. The Unsullied try to hold the former slaves now freed people at spear point but Dany walks past them, saying that they won't hurt her. She walks among them and is lifted up in a crowd surfing-esque way and it adored for her having liberated them from their masters. And that's it.

    While this finale I concede was a bit anti-climactic the final Daenerys scene made up for the madcap grimness that the last episode and the early parts of this one caused. Stannis is going North, Asha is going North, Bran is going further North, it's like every non-Lannister is heading North for assorted reasons. This finale held a lot of points I was surprised to see with a Storm of Swords cut into two seasons, mainly Stannis revealing his motivation to go North which occurs rather late in the book but there are still plenty of plot points to touch on next season which leaves much more character room as well as space for added scenes for context sake which the show lends itself so well to the universe at large with. There may also be a chance to start, near the end of Season 4 begin planting the seeds for Season 5 (it's gonna probably get renewed in all likelihood) with the hefty task of breaking into adapting A Feast for Crows/A Dance with Dragons which occur concurrently at points and others at not.

    So spoilers for Book 3 ahead but the points that remain to hit largely are: The Dornish coming to King's Landing, Joffrey's Wedding, the Wildling attack on Castle Black and the Wall, Bran going further North, Arya and the Hound going further away from the Twins, Daenery's conquering of Meereen which is the last of the three slave cities, Stannis arriving in the North, Jaime rejoining the Kingsguard, and much more. So you can see there's no shortage of material to continue with so I'm invigorated to just hear the casting for Season 4.
  • Now the dreadful wait begins.

    Hope season 4 is not as far away as 9 months from now. And can we have more episodes in 1 season, pleeeeeeeeeeease.....

    This certainly is the best series!
  • A perfect set up for the explosive Season 4

    I am kind of tired of all the new "fans" that started watching GoT a few months ago commenting Season 3 was slow. Just because you watched Seasons 1 and 2 in three days and thought a lot happened during the first 20 episodes, here's a newsflash: it didn't. Or it did, but in a slow, building up manner.

    Seasn 3 was amazing. Everyone was in the right place, the characters complete and ready for real action. As Tywin said, "some battles are won with swords and spears, others with quills and ravens". Just like with this season. Just because there aren't swords involved (and they WERE), doesn't mean anything's slow.

    This was the end of the set up of the third book. All that is left for Season 4 is the most interesting part that only started with the Red Wedding, and ended in blood, tears, joy and hard decisions.

    As for the finale, it was a classic GoT finale. Getting all the characters where they are meant to be, ready for bigger adventures. The ending was epic and uplifting, the aftermath of the RW game changing and bitter. The times has come for some balance between more black and more white to be restored. Season 4 - here we come!
  • boring...

    one of the worst episodes and absolutely worst season finale
  • Good... but...

    Well season 3 was a very slow season, so i was`nt really expecting any great action in the last episode either.

    This season was a build up for season 4.

    I hope the writers makes season 4 as exciting as season 1 and 2.
  • At first I was all like, careful Icarus; and then I was all like, touche my clever little ferrets.

    They planned this perfectly the bastards. The second last episode was fantastic but horrific. I was surprised they were willing to risk their viewership with that bloody massacre. But they played the Daenerys card at the very end of this one, and they played it beautifully. And she is the "hearts-winner"
  • Mhysa

    Mhysa was an awesome and heart wrenching episode and season finale of Game of Thrones. It was both sad yet nice to see how various relationships developed. I couldn't believe certain outcomes. Though the Red Wedding was dreadful it made "The Game" real. It was heartbreaking to see what happened to various characters though their memmories will go on forever. Tyrion and Sansa were two peas in a pod and Shae was approached by Lord Varys with an intriguing offer. Tywin sending Joffrey to bed then advising Tyrion was touching as they had a great father and son moment. It was sick and terrible to see what the Freys and Boltons did to Rob's body. Bran's story was great after the tragic red wedding. Jon Snow and Ygritte had some great moments. Jaimie's return was a good scene. I loved the ending where Daenerys claims yet another title and the air was charged with magic and emotion. The last scene looked like an unintended spell or something with Daenerys at the center of a large eye as her Dragons circled above. It was another powerful and fortelling ending!!!!!!!!! I can't wait for the next season!!!

  • Not the best way to go

    While this episode was decent, it was a huge fall down from 'the rains of My complains this episode are mainly with Stannis and Dany, both their scenes fell flat, and in the case of Stannis, I thought that they are slowly making him an antagonist/anti-hero (or it may just be shit writing), which leaves us no one to root for but Dany, who I think is still insignificant. You freed a slavers city? Great, but I don't really care, and it makes for a very mediocre end to this season. The rest of the episode I have no complains with. The writing was good sometimes, bad at others and overall I think this was one of the few mediocre episodes of this season.
  • Season 3 is over. What? Already?

    As much as I love Game of Thrones, 10 episodes per season is not enough AT ALL. With so many different sub-plots going on at the same time, each season, by the 10th episode it is just getting warmed up and becoming interesting.

    Sadly, now we've all got to wait the usual 9 months for season 4 to start and it's so frustrating.

    Nobody is disputing the fact that this is an amazing show, by far one of the best shows on television so for this reason alone, the viewers DESERVE much more than just 10 episodes once a year. Personally, I'd say double this amount is about right and no more than a 6 months gap between seasons. The success of this show is firmly established now so the network should pull their fingers out of their butts and push down hard onto the accelerator to churn out as much Game of Thrones as humanly possible. The viewers can't get enough of Game of Thrones so it's the networks duty to deliver much more. Many other more expensive shows have managed to do it in the past so there is no excuse.

    So, with that in mind, I'll start the chant, repeat after me...

  • A bit boring and a little predictable

    Found this episode to be quite boring considering it being the finale. You just knew the episode would finish with Daenerys and to be honest that last scene could have easily been the first, it wasn't all that exciting and you knew it was coming. No "Oh my god!" moment for the end of season 3. With Jamie finally returning to King's Landing, he got very little screen time and only one . There were still many good moments in this episode but only great or amazing. Oh well, another year, another season. I'm just going to continue to watch "The Rains of Castamere" until season 4 is aired.