Game of Thrones

Season 4 Episode 7


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 18, 2014 on HBO
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Brienne follows a new lead on the road with Podrick; Tyrion finds a surprising ally; Jon's warnings about the Wall's weaknesses are ignored; Daenerys mulls giving Daario a longer leash.

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  • Mockingbird

    The trial was very entertaining, although I do not think anyone had expected any less. There was also a very good ending that I won't spoil for those yet to watch.
  • Mockingbird (Spoilers Ahead)

    After last week's upsetting trial things moved nicely into place for the final bit of the season as many of the moving parts came together as the third act of the season is sure to be the best part.

    The North

    Jon returns from the raid on Craster's Keep with the other volunteers and pleads to Alliser Thorne to seal the passage below the castle to prevent Mance Rayder's army from coming through it. Alliser remains arrogant as ever saying that the castle has stood for over "1000 years" but he is discounting even of Jon's account of what giants can do to break through the gates with ease.


    Selyse and Melisandre meet to discuss how Selyse feels that Shireen should stay behind in Dragonstone before they "set Melisandre says that the bath that she just took will the "the last one for a long while" and that Shireen must go with them as the Lord of Light told her in the flames that Shireen will be instrumental in Stannis's victory, whatever form that may be.

    The Kingsroad

    While stopping at an inn Brienne and Podrick meet up with Hot Pie who had been sold to the inn by the Brotherhood without Banners. They vaguely inquire as to the whereabouts of Sansa Stark. Hot Pie says he knows nothing but later before they depart he approaches them saying that he didn't know about Sansa but that he did know and travel with Arya, and he even baked her a direwolf bread-cookie-thing, and that she was headed for Riverrun. With that in mind Brienne and Podrick (with knowledge of the major house thanks to Tyrion's cunning of knowing who's angry with whom in the realm) says that Arya and Sansa may both be in the Vale since Lysa hates the Lannisters so much and proceed that way.

    The Riverlands

    Arya and the Hound continue east and come upon a dying man who was subject to a raid of his land. The Hound gives him water and stabs him to put him out of his misery. The Hound is then bitten by returning characters Biter and Rorge (from Season 2 heading North with Yoren to the Night's Watch). The Hound kills Biter and Arya, upon learning Rorge's name stabs him through the heart as the Hound did to the dying man. When Arya offers to use fire to cauterize the Hound's neck wound he refuses. He also opens up to her in the way of an equal (not counting Sansa who he saw as a fellow victim of circumstance) and tells her about how his brother (The Mountain who also appears this week) held his face to the flames when he was a boy for simply playing with one of his toys. Arya cleans the wound for him.


    Daenerys is approached by Daario in her private quarters and bids her allow him to use his two skills of war or women. She pours some wine and instructs him to take off his clothes. The next morning Daario is leaving the quarters as Jorah is heading visit Dany. He is not that surprised by seeing him there but deems it unwise no doubt to be sleeping with one of her sellswords. Dany tells him that she has ordered Daario and the Second Sons to retake Yunkai in her name and to kill the remaining masters. At Jorah's behest she agrees to send Hizdahr Zo Loraq as her ambassador to Yunkai to instruct them to submit to her rule of Yunkai or to perish.

    The Vale

    Sansa builds a castle replica of Winterfell in the snow and Robyn helps he. He also continues his fixation on making people "fly" by pushing them through the Moon Door and they will be able to do that all they want when they are married later in life. When he kicks down the wall of one side of Winterfell in a tantrum she slaps him and he runs away crying. Baelish sees this and tells her that the boy needs a good bit of discipline like that. He then goes full on creeper and kisses Sansa while Lysa watches (unknown to them) from afar. Later Lysa calls Sansa before her and chews her out for kissing Baelish. Baelish enters and instructs Lysa to let her go. He tries to comfort her and says that he's only ever loved one woman. Right before the stinging twist he reveals that that one woman was Lysa's sister: Catelyn and throws Lysa out of the Moon Door to her death.

    King's Landing

    In his cell Tyrion is chastised by Jaime for requesting a trial by combat instead of taking the black. Tyrion says that he does not want to spend his life on the Wall for a crime he did not commit. Tyrion asks Jaime to be his champion but Jaime says that without his hand he is useless especially against the Mountain. Tyrion asks him to search out Bronn who had championed him back in Season 1 in the Vale. Bronn, adorned as a knight, has been rather busy and even promised a marriage to Lollys Stokeworth (of a minor house close to King's Landing) and his casually evil plan to kill Lollys's older sister in an apparent accident to lay claim to the castle for himself. He asks Tyrion to double the price of whoever meant to betray him, as Tyrion informed him to do back in Season 1 if Bronn was ever approached to do so. Bronn says that he would champion Tyrion but against the Mountain (the logistics of which are fascinating to think of if it had happened) if he made one wrong move he would be dead and the only reason he would champion him is if he was sure he could win. This scene was by the far the most bromantic of the whole episode and showed the mutual respect the two have for one another but that, due to circumstance, they can no longer be how they used to. It's so sad to see Bronn go but he was always upfront about who and what he was so we can't really be too angry at him. Prince Oberyn visits Tyrion and tells a rather interesting tale of how he had visited Casterly Rock with his sister when they were much younger and wanted to see "the horror" that was the talk of the realm. Cersei had showed them Tyrion and Oberyn said that Tyrion had looked "just like a baby and not a Cersei said that it didn't matter what he looked like and that he had killed their mother (which no doubt has informed their relationship all along). Tyrion asks the point of the story and Oberyn tells him that all his enemies are in one place now that he's in King's Landing and to avenge his sister (and rape), nieces' and nephews' deaths he would champion Tyrion to kill Ser Gregor Clegane. In closing, always great to see such an amoral character as the Mountain (who's been recast twice before now) killing off prisoners while Cersei thanks him for riding to King's Landing so quickly for the trial. He simply asks, "Who am I fighting?!"

    A bit of a scattered episode but it checked in with pretty much every character except for Bran (which is excusable since he had such a big event not too long ago at Craster's). With the trial by combat next week and the Castle Black episode after that we will no doubt have some action heavy elements in the weeks to come. Sadly no episode next week but we get to see the Viper in action the week after against the Mountain so it will no doubt be worth the wait.moreless
  • All bets are still on for Tyrion's 'Trial'!

    Seeing as Oberyn is clearly on Tyrion's side anyway, his asking for a Trial by Combat was quite unnecessary - no way Prince Oberyn would have voted him guilty (& presumably if there's only 3 judges they'd have to be unanimous! However, as we know, Prince Oberyn has personal reasons for wanting to slay 'The Mountain' - and vengeance is a much stronger weapon than brute strength alone - plus, I don't think they'd do away with Tyrion AND Oberyn (especially as we've only just started getting to know him)! So I'm on team Oberyn in terms of the fight - but team Daenerys overall of course, she is the BEST!!

    On other matters, I do hope Sansa & Arya will finally get to meet up again soon - they both so desperately need family - & they haven't seen each other since before Ned was beheaded, in season one! It's funny though, how Sansa & Baelish got to the Eyrie by boat in one episode, while Arya & the Hound have been walking for THREE YEARS, but STILL haven't arrived yet! That's kinda stupid!

    Also, whatever happened to Rickon, the youngest Stark boy? Last we saw of him, Bran sent him off with Osha & told them to head to the wall - but that was like 2 years ago! They should have arrived long before now: Bran & his crew reached (& passed) it ages ago - on their, quite frankly, moronic journey!

    I mean, three children, one of whom's paraplegic, & a mute half-wit travel by themselves, on foot, into the scariest part of the continent which everyone knows is where all the whitewalkers & other monsters live, just to look for some 3-eyed crow Bran had one dream about, like 2-&-a-half years ago, just so he can practise his warg-ing - which he's already kickass at & better than anyone else!!

    Why not just wait for Jon, or at the very least rest up at Castle Black for a few days?? You know, have some proper food, do some laundry, check their emails, have a cup of tea or something - & hey, maybe even find a couple of adult men with swords & knowledge of the area to accompany Am I right?? They're idiots, & this whole journey of Bran's is sheer lunacy!!

    And may I just say, "Go, Daenerys! We love you!!"moreless
  • Daenerys demonstrates yet again why she is the most compelling character in Game of Thrones.

    Once again Daenerys demonstrates why she is possibly the most compelling character in Game of Thrones.

    Her exchange with Daario, followed by her exchange with Jorah reveal her willingness to admit to error and reverse herself in order to do the right thing.

    She is not an infallible calculating machine. She is occasionally the victim of her own momentary passions. But she is confident enough in herself to admit to errors once she has cooled down, making her arguably the most enlightened of all the monarchs in the series.

    George RR Martin and the TV writers have created a wonderfully complex and admirable character.moreless
Barry McGovern

Barry McGovern

Dying Man

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Andy Beckwith


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Gerard Jordan


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Pedro Pascal

Pedro Pascal

Oberyn Martell

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Podrick Payne

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson is the third actor to portray Gregor "The Mountain that Rides" Clegane. The part was previously played by Ian Whyte in season 2 and Conan Stevens in season 1.

  • QUOTES (1)

    • Oberyn Martell: We met, you and I, many years ago.
      Tyrion Lannister: I think I would have remembered that.
      Oberyn Martell: Unlikely, you had just been born. Our father brought me and my sister, Elia, with him on a visit to Casterly Rock. My first time away from Dorne. I didn't like anything but the Rock. Not the food, not the weather, not your accents. Nothing. But the biggest disappointment: you.
      Tyrion Lannister: You and my family have more in common than you might admit.
      Oberyn Martell: The whole way from Dorne all anyone talked about was the monster that had been born to Tywin Lannister. A head twice the size of his body, a tail between his legs, claws, one red eye, the privates of both a girl and a boy.
      Tyrion Lannister: That would have made things so much easier.
      Oberyn Martell: When we met your sister, she promised she would show you to us. Everyday we would ask. Everyday she would say soon. Then she and your brother took us to your nursery and she unveiled the freak. Your head was a bit large. Your arms and legs were a bit small. But no claw, no red eye, no tail between your legs, just a tiny pink cock. We didn't try to hide our disappointment. "That's not a monster," I told Cersei, "That's just a baby." And she said, "He killed my mother." And she pinched your little cock so hard I thought she might pull it off until your brother made her stop. "It doesn't matter," she told us, "Everyone says he will die soon. I hope they are right. He should have not lived this long."
      Tyrion Lannister: Well, sooner or later, Cersei always gets what she wants.
      Oberyn Martell: And what about what I want? Justice for my sister and her children.
      Tyrion Lannister: If you want justice you've come to the wrong place.
      Oberyn Martell: I disagree. I've come to the perfect place. I want to bring those who have wronged me to justice, and all those who have wronged me are right here. I will begin with Ser Gregor Clegane who killed my sister's children and then raped her with their blood still on his hands before killing her too. I will be your champion.

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