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  • Flawed logic

    I've never seen such a good show stoop down to such a low level in the next season. The length of the series is becoming too short, there are far to many characters and stories to fit in ten episodes. Sometimes the story drags on, and then it speeds up. More episodes need to be added for more sufficient character development. Some major characters need more screen time (Littlefinger, Olena).

    Speaking of character development, there was very little to none with the sand snakes in the Dorne segments, which made up a pretty big part of season 5. The motives are not made clear with them,, and their form of "revenge" goes against common sense. The whole Dorne story was rushed, nonsensical, and slow.

    Stannis has also made foolish decisions, that also appear to go against common sense. I am curious as to why the writers would make such him such flawed character in season 5, they also venture off the books so the poor story telling and direction makes no sense.

    Only scenes I enjoyed were with Tyrion Lannister and Cersei Lannister.
  • Game of Moans :(

    GoT used to be the show I couldnt wait for but now i find it stale, repetitive and the story just isnt moving forward since the end of season three. Gratuitous violence doesnt bother me if the violence portrayed is integral to the story or helping to move it forward but now its just shock and awe meant to appeal to the simple minded. Season 5 droned on for 7 damn episodes of nothing really happening other than rape, attempted rape, watching a small girl scrub a floor till she goes blind, barbequing another small girl, more small girls get tortured by a pedophile in a brothel and the queen is forced to walk naked through the streets (wow, martin and/or the show writers must really hate women). I get that the writers want to have intrigue and develop the political story but they squeezed all the action into the last three episodes and then it was so predictable, Stanis dies, Jon snow dies (everybody likes him so of course he has to die), Jamies daughter would die, Kalesi's flying fire chicken would save her and despite it all the story has barely moved anywhere in five seasons.

    GoT is one of the highest production value shows ever made without a doubt but if HBO seems intent on relying way too much on a set recipe of shock and awe, naked people, over the top violent situations (not necessarily violent scenes) and making the audience guess which key characters are going to die instead of an actual progressive story that people can remember from season to season I'm gonna tune out just from pure boredom.

    Actually I think I'm done with this shit show, I won't support shows written by pedophiles. Seriously anybody who writes that much sadistic sex and bad shit on women into a story should be checked up on by the police. Red flag anybody? Ramsey Bolton should peel the skin of the parents of the child actors for their greed to allow their kids to participate in such scenes. I know they're actors and it's a tv show but they are also children! For fuck sake HBO pushing the envelope doesn't mean abandoning the last vestiges of human morality for the sake of ratings.

  • 10 chapters and back to sleep

    These people at HBO work less than government employees!

    When you finally recall who was who and who did what, you enter another 9 month "pause" and there you go again wondering what was this all about.

    I understand that the reason for this short seasons is money and greed (the american way) but shouldn't someone be caring about what we, the suckers who pay the cable bills, think?
  • Epic, highly polished,very well acted, top notch produced copypasta of things that draw attention of the masses

    Just a look at the opening intro font makes you realize how much polished is this show in every aspect of production. Every visible detail gets enough attention to achieve great quality. Except the most important one, the story.

    Starting with the most obvious one, the story moves too slow. Sure GoT world is huge, there are many different worlds/cities/character/stories which enable to always show something "interesting" while taking a very small step in storylines that matter. But in the end it is still the choice to sacrifice storytelling quality for more screen time. In some cases the tempo of main storylines could be easily improved and some selfserving side stories completly cut off.

    The main issue however is how GoT world is constructed. Martin just copypasted various stuff from historical/fantasy books and made minor or no changes at all. Everything you see you saw/read somewhere else because well he just took the things he liked from actually creative people and made this vast, epic world. For me in comparison to Carnivale (even if its a different fantasy genre) his world seems empty, disconnected between it parts. The links between characters seems rushed, have very little depth and are sometimes prematurly cut off just to make a shocking scene.

    This whole show/books feel more like a reverse engineering product of what people are drawn to than a piece of art with some vision it should be. Even when you see reactions of people to some disgusting scenes, sure at first they're mad at the detail of the sadism shown but after a while they are glad they felt strong emotions just by watching a show. And GoT has far more of these simple psychological attention methods.

    In the end its a pretty good show but it cares far more about the skin (that gives immediate attention) than about the soul (that will make you love the show even after everything is said and done)
  • Awesome Game of Thrones Podcast

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  • Episode 9 is 10/10

    Awesome 'winding-up' dragon sound effects preserved from when the drakes were little. Also acting is good and care is taken to rehearse fighting scenes properly to make them believable and excellently executed.

    How can a show be better than this? From what we have seen, it can't be!

    The cuties are also beautiful: Nathalie Emmanuel is striking and the newly discovered cutie Rosabell is "the most beautiful woman in the world"! :DD
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  • Best TV show on earth

    This show is the best it gets in TV. Nothing can be more bigger than this.
  • Really, what's happening here?

    So, this show is fast becoming a pastiche of itself.


    You know what's going to happen. The bad guy/gurl will get their way a few times and then just when they think they are going too far and they'll get caught out, they will get their way one last time, before smiling to themselves and then....


    I'm rapidly losing interest in the girl without the dragons any more. What is going on? Marching on-wards with dragons breathing fire, conquering cities left right and centre but has ended up in some dull politics stuff that you could fast forward through without missing much.


    Actually, thinking about it, you could fast forward through most of this season an not have missed anything. What are they waiting for in the North before riding on Winterfell?


    Then there's the whole Bran / Tree thing which has been forgotten about completely.


    And talking a bout forgotten things. Seriously, what has happened the the f%&@*^g white walkers? Are they...... Lost? (you see what I did there?)
  • Its Only the best show since Breaking Bad went bad.

    Great show, great acting. People that say that its went downhill in series 5 are way off the mark, they do get that the show builds to the awesome bits and i have been entertained by every episode. After every single show i am always left wanting more. Which tells you that its a great show what would be the point if every episode was just all action and no story. The writers have me hooked and I care one way or another about every character and even having you constantly questioning your previous thoughts on characters. Its hard for the writers to include whats happening to each character in every show but because of the large and varied cast and story lines this is a good thing as we get deep into each character and their motivations even if we have to wait a few weeks between seeing certain characters.
  • It's a plot, in a plot, wrapped in a larger plot, that's based on a historical plot with the addition of dragons and snowmen

    Great acting, but episodes are convoluted. I was a fan of the books until the books did what the show is doing now, fell apart. All the most fascinating characters are going to die, story arcs and people are going to just disappear and be left in limbo, new characters are going to magically pop up and begin new plots out of nowhere, and we are going to be left with the same chosen characters, no real answers, and an ending that will surly be disappointing. I am frustrated with this series both book and TV, it's becoming an episode of Lost. You want a really entertaining story? Research the War of the Roses, the historical event that GOT is based on. Way more interesting, and you won't have to wait twelve years to find out how it ends.
  • Good but sloooow!!!!

    I must admit I have been slightly taken in by GOT. I love most of the cast, especially the bad guys. never has a show provoked such a strong reaction in me in relation to the baddies. Really some superb acting.

    My problems with the show are in it's pace and storytelling. Now don't get me wrong I am a major fan of intelligent writing and thought provoking characters with many layers. However it takes a long time for nothing to happen at times. I am currently on S2 ep9 and not a whole lot has happened in this series. lots of drawn out conversations between characters and little else. Whilst i appreciate it's all building up to a bigger picture it can get very frustrating at times. I can find myself tuning out at times then when I snap back in I found I have not missed much at all.

    Like I said a very good show in a lot of aspects but it's as I suspected, a tad over-rated.
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  • From fascinating to predictable...

    The extremely interesting first and second seasons were all about "what's to happen next".

    The third season was about "who's gonna win".

    By the fourth season, the plot had became a secondary issue, while the gravity lied on who would remain standing at the end of each episode!

    As far as I can tell, the fifth season will be even worse, on the matter and I have started to feel a little bored with all this unnecessary bloodbath.

    Moreover, the characters that have survived the massacre are not nearly as interesting as the 'murdered' off ones (Ned Stark, Tywin Lannister or even Joffrey Baratheon! Every single fan wished for that sadistic little psycho to die badly, but no one really wanted to see Tommen on the

    Overall, it still remains, along with Supernatural, House of Cards and Sherlock, the best running tv show.
  • Downhill series

    Game of Thrones really went downhill in season 5. Thats what happen when they already killed off most of the good cast in the series. It doesen't help that Peter Dinklage is now boring and toned down in Season 5, and that Jaimie now is a wussy. I don't think anything can save this shipwreck now.

    If its not cancelled after season 5, i wont see season 6 if the series will continue to be tired and dull.

    Season 1-3 was by far the best.

    Vikings is better than GOT. Vikings is also never boring because it have a better story than GOT.

  • Best show on TV right now

    I love this show because of all the great characters. The very small man with the handsome face is very clever but also ruthless. He killed his dad because his dad was tall. I also enjoy Theon. They should do an episode where the guy who is torturing him gives Theon his junk back and apologizes. The only thing I don't like about the show is all of the fighting. The show would be much better if everyone said they were sorry and ended all war permanently. Then the writers could focus more on jousting tournaments like they have at Medieval Times. I would rather see them all eating chicken with only their hands and being happy than always trying to kill and rape each other.
  • Worlds No 1 show

    Nice show. i am waiting session 5
  • A superior series with clever dialogue and genuine medieval accuracy!

    First things first, I think this show is a powerful example of what a television drama needs to capture. With a whole horde of characters to like and dislike, there's no doubt you'll be intrigued by most of them, unless you have a very short attention-span. Instead of racing to the finish line to early, the show decides to make cautious steps, transcending its characters so that we understand them to their deepest emotions. Very often I despise the consistent use of swear words, any portrayal of sexual violence or torture of any kind, but in this context, its perfectly justified. Unfortunately, during our history, the Human race has resorted to this type of disgusting behavior, which was most prominent during the medieval times (probably what era George R. R. Martin based it on). However, I can account for two occasions where the show went too far, but everyone makes mistakes.

    I know Game of Thrones to be an either love or hate relationship for people, but I know most choose the former. Once you get past episode five of Series 1, it is addictive. Characters are easily relatable, especially those whom we follow very closely (Arya, Sansa, Bran, Tyrion, Daenerys and so . The reason for this is, unlike most shows, Game of Thrones has opted for a more character-based storyline, concentrating on fleshing out their personalities and then putting the story second. This is what makes it all the more engaging for the viewers.

    In addition, the show is not afraid to be visceral. It hasn't chosen the cliched path of killing its enemies and having to find new ones to fill the void - the good guys die first (well, not all of them). This is perfectly logical, as in a world such as ours, it's not all sunshine and roses. There are times when the situations are so dire, that someone can meet their fatal demise. Lord Eddard, Catelyn, Robb and Oberyn come to mind. This is why it deserves recognition, the show has decided to avoid a formulaic approach to filmmaking (what we call the "Hollywood" approach) and made its own way in a more unique fashion.

    Finally, I would like to insist that as a television series, which is based on a series of novels, it is not obligated to follow every detail of the storyline it was created from. Those who are complaining that characters have not appeared, and battle have not occurred should understand that the tv show has a right to its own way, without following a checklist of targets to reach. Whilst events like the Red Wedding, the Purple Wedding and Tyrion's trial proved how successful this adaption was, by introducing some unseen concepts such as the White Walkers gave the show more of a chance to be its own thing and not be so dependent on its original.

    To end then, I believe this to be a worthy candidate in the best television series of all time. Now heading in the direction of independent creation, as it has now caught up with the novels, it has chance to really prove itself worthy of recognition. What I always say is watch three episodes and see what you think. If after three you've found it completely dreadful or boring and so on, fair enough. But if you didn't, I do apologize, because you are now hooked until you can catch up with the next season broadcast.
  • interested

    Nice show - recommend
  • Best show in the history of television.

    Production value, deep character back stories, intricate plots, betrayal, war, boobs, you name it, Game of Thrones does it better. Here you see that quality in imagery and acting that was once reserved for big-budgeted, hollywood movies. The Special effects have nothing to envy the Hobbit/LOTR movies, and the scale for season 5 seems to be bigger than before(like Drogon). So as I said, with the exception of the producers botching everything at the end, this show should go down as the best ever.
  • is winter coming?

    with the 5th season about to premier all I can think is 'certainly winter will arrive in this season, right?' idk but i do know that there is bound to be more wiener, wiener-wiener, hahaha!
  • Good show

    Nice show
  • this is all

    No need for words other than that if you have given this show a proper chance, you rated it a 9 or 10. Anyone who rated the show lower literally didn't watch it.
  • Season 5

    April 12, 2015
  • help please

    I remember a tv show was about an expert go to broke or poor people and give them a financial plan to save their money and reduce cost? what was the name of the TV show ? any idea? can anybody give a tv show with similar idea?
  • The winter IS coming.

    Maybe one of the best series ever watched!!
  • Nice One

    I thinks this is the best serie ever !


  • Season 5 Trailer

    Season 5 trailer is nice. Hope it will carry the mysterious again!

    Looking forward for updates.
  • A rape-heavy show

    Game of Thrones started out as a good show, but I quickly got tired of watching all the sexual violence.

    In my opinion the show is to rape-heavy. I do NOT like the way the show is sexualising violence against women!!! I will not waste my time watching this show again.

    Overall it's one of the best shows ever. Attended to the last detail, where the adaptation is faithful to the books, the outcome is magnificent. Where it's not, however, the script gets a little baffling.

    There's also an issue with favourite characters. One cannot dare to have one! Personally, I loved the Starks, Ned most of all. Stupidly so, of course, since he was played by Sean Bean. I had to Know the odds were not in my favour... And I cried my eyes out with Robb (he had it coming, really, but still, a low blow!). And now that Mr. Martin is almost done with the Starks, he has turned on the Lannisters. TYRION, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!

    But what's really frustrating is the gap between seasons! Shorter episodes, perhaps? Or more detailed ones? It's worth the waiting, by all means, though. Great job!
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