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  • if you dont rate this show at least a 9.0 your an asshole

    greatest show ever. i say this based on the fact that I've read all the books and where most movies and series are terrible compared to the books this one is not!! Game of thrones really does offer something for anybody who watches it.
  • Amazing Show

    Game of Thrones is one of the best book adaptations Ive seen. With a superb cast, amazing acting, a great script, plot, and set, Game of Thrones offers something for everyone who watches it! Just a really great show
  • epic, well written, well played

    this is a great show
  • Engy Hamdy

    I have never been so hooked to a tv series as I am to this one! It is just fascinating... I'm in love with it. Can't wait for the next season!
  • Great Show

    worst thing in this show is the waiting for the new episodes
  • the suspense kills me!!!!

    I love this show!!!!!

  • Can't Wait For Next Season

    This is one of the best shows on TV. Sure, people who enjoy Sesame Street might not like it, but it's made for adults.

    I've seen more AUTHENTIC episodes of Sesame Street.
  • awesome show

    wonderfull show. must watch
  • Can't Wait!!! 202 Days to go...

    Favorite show ever... can't wait for the next season to start. Just wish it would start sooner...

  • A Honest Game of Thrones Review

    Review is from my IMDb is not a good show,The characters, story, and plot are just bad. The environment is boring, and dull. This world is nihilism, and its completely characters aren't gray, they are just dark. No balance in real life between good and evil in ones "good guys" are stupid and brain dead. Its like watching ***ed villains (who aren't that smart, and threatening) outsmart, and fly around in circles the brain dead heroes. Death became nothing but a cliche in the have use porn to keep your attention, and fancy about desperate. The books don't freaking matter,you read the books or not. This show is an one is slowly paced, and the characters lack any life to of being unrealistic is Ned guy loses because he made three mistakes. Trusting Littlefinger,telling the Queen about her incestuous affair, and lacking any tactics. This guy should be able to spot trouble or problem situations. He doesn't spot them. He simply ignores it. Joffrey would had been one in real life will tolerate can be assassinated, if they stray away. Many revolution happened, and royalty had been killed.

    The politics in Game of thrones is real ***ed. You have to be cunning in order to survive in this world. Villains like Naraku from Inyusha would have zero effort manipulating them. the characters aren't theme in game of thrones says the more you love the weaker you are. Love makes people strong, and it gives us strength to defile naruto anime series tackles you are nothing without love. I only read two books, and dropped Song of Fire and Ice at the 12 chapter in the third book. I watched season 1-4 for free online(I'm too smart to waste money). The red wedding,and viper vs the mountain did not surprise me. Bad guys in this universe win about 80%. Arya in real life would had been raped,tortured, and then killed. The author chooses who to kill, and gives other characters his divine protection. Martin killing the Red viper is bad writing, and the spear is laced with a poison similar to a mountain should have died as well in the arena with Martell. Apparently Martin makes sh@t up as it moves thinking for the future of the does everything for shock previous score was 5/10 (its average). I was being to kind to the fans. Now the score is 2 out of 10.

    Additional for

    The poison is a neurotoxin. Mountain would had been paralyzed immediately. The show will fall flat, just like the final book will. George Martian ran out of ideas.
  • its ok

    its ok
  • 'You know nothin John Snow'

    Great show can't wait for season 5, but i really think they should extend the seasons, 10 episodes are not enough.
  • It's coming down the stairs even after promising a lot

    To say the truth, the directors are losing their concentration. The little details are rarely paid attention to. First two seasons were just great. But even if I wanted to, I couldn't have given it less then 8.5, it promises sooooo much. It could have been so much better. The good thing about a long series is, it's never too late.
  • Game of Killings

    Its one of the shows you really need to see before you die :)

    Waiting for Season 5 :) :D
  • Expert

    bad Tv Series
  • Great series

    It's really good as I am new to this and I really need to catch up and I like the kingdoms and people in it and I do enjoy a good tv series and I got season 1 on blue ray and I hope to get more as time goes on
  • Ntaks

    Best Tv Series Ever !!! - I am waiting Season 5 LIKE Crazy

  • Game Of Thrones.

    Game Of Thrones it's one of the best TV series of the last 3 years.
  • wonderful

    I like Game of thrones and House of cards very much!!! I watch these shows every month. I recommend to watch thhese shows at . Who can name other shows which are similar to Game of thrones and House of cards. Did you play game created on base of that show?
  • Soap Operas

    I cannot understand America's fascination with soap opera. Dune was made into a movie and more books followed but it did not continue as middle, middle, middle of a soap opera series. I guess that is better than America's fascination with death with the same story line that goes from program to program. One of the main characters has their life hanging by a hair. Tune in next week to see if they live. A child is always kidnapped. A love affair must develop between two characters, and on, and on. Nothing original. Just change the characters. Then TV had a plethora of vampires. Story lines were getting repetitive. Enter the zombies. Now TV can rehash the same story lines only with zombies. That almost being exhausted a new angle had to be tried to rehash the same old plots. Enter the mostly good zombies of Resurrection. Now another rehashing can be had. That too is wearing thing. Enter the evil aliens to rehash. That didn't last that long. Some brilliant writer took the Ebola outbreak as a plot for the next Armageddon. Be prepared. TV is due for a rehash. Of course watchers can always break out the Kleenex for the poor drug maker dying of cancer no matter how many lives are destroyed with his product, or pushing it. Thank God I got rid of my TV. I now read, listen to music, or watch DVDs. All have endings. Even the music has a coda. News I can get on-line. My entertainment time is just that now and not inundated with garbage.
  • Best show

    This is probably one of the best shows ever
  • The Viper

    I really liked Prince Obyern from the start,i really did not like how the fight ended with the mountain,he took his eyes away for 1 second & that was it!!I really liked this season,however i'm not at all happy that The Boltens are warden of the am glad that Tywin is dead!!I can't wait till season 5,it keeps getting better!!!
  • Sound Engineers Pay Heed

    Dialog soundtrack is difficult to understand. This is not an uncommon problem and being hearing-impaired it is EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING. I wish that the dialog portion of soundtracks in general were shown more care and attention. IS ANYBODY LISTENING ?
  • Classic finale

    Will we ever seen as epic a TV show again! Game of Thrones just gets better and better!
  • wooow

    Probably the most epic show episode ever in the history of TV. Very bloody. Very Red. Black as dark.
  • The Battle Red at Castle Black

    Probably the most epic show episode ever in the history of TV. Very bloody. Very Red. Black as dark.
  • love it

    Love the series, the tensions and unexpected deaths. I get pissed when someone like Oberyn dies :( but it's something new and I like it :D
  • those eyes!!! and the head splasching lol

    just amazing!!!!!!!!!!
  • didnt expect that, wow!

    i dont like vipers death but he took too long finsh the big dude, shame he had to .
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