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  • I love A Game of Thrones!

    Wow, I must say I really do love A Game of Thrones. I felt the Season ending was a little weak though, anybody else on my boat? Although I must admit, I cannot wait for the Season 4 adaptation!

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  • Just no

    It might be good if there was more action instead of politics and sex scenes. This show probably has more sex scenes than californication(also sucks). This is painfully awkward to watch with your parents. Don't do it, ever! If you want a good medieval show, watch Merlin. That show is amazing, lots of action, lots of humor, and no sex scenes.
  • in love with jon snow

    cant wait till the next season :"""""(
  • Ehhhhh

    I thought i'd give this show a try and i couldn't make it past the first episode. It was really boring. I thought about giving it another chance so i watched the second episode and i still wasn't hooked. I guess this show is not meant for everyone, at least not for me.
  • Good Season

    Joffery is the Justin Beiber of Game of Thrones :P
  • How do you regard the Game of Thrones?


    I think that this is the end of . dramas after watching The Sopranos, I did not expect with Mad Men,I think that there is nothing can be done dramas bench when the Mad Men merchandise in , I did not expect have Game of Thrones. It will become God as.

    Game Of Thrones Seasons 1-3

  • Totally hooked on GoT

    I got interested in checking the show out because it's filmed in my homeland, Ireland. Halfway through the first season and I'm hooked. You can check out some of the great locations used in the series at

    atriptoireland [dot] com

    Warning: contains spoilers.
  • Amazing

    Hands down
  • Best show

    HBO are very lucky to have come up with such a show
  • Just Show

    Game of Thrones is for me personally the best TV series of all time. Great story, brilliant expedition and overall design.
  • I suck at titles: Game of Thrones

    You do not understand how difficult it is to tell people how much of a great show this is being an almost eighteen year old girl. "Nudity!" "Naked" "Sex" "Porn" oh my god it's not based on that and I read the books starting at like 16 so whenever they say that I will get traumatized, it's a bit too late in saying so regardless, Game of Thrones is a wonderful series. The books were stellar and the show follows up on it as while. The characters are very interesting and if anything they add to the visual portion needed as I read the books. The third book was the best in my opinion and being that it will take up two seasons (that being the third and fourth) makes me excited and ready for next year to come. Season four here we come.
  • Amazing Show

    There's really nothing bad to say about GOT quite honestly, just positive things. And I don't usually say that about any show. :D
  • Great show

    Since the first season i knew this show will be huge and famous!

    BTW: I don't read the books, don't have time for that cause all the tv-shows i wanna watch. :P
  • Most surprising show ever

    By far the best show I have ever followed.

    I love that main characters dies all the time.

    Why have nobody thought of it before?
  • Great Program

    It's one of the best programs on TV today. I love that it's very graphic and hope other TV programs follow suite. This is not a children show. I wish I could buy a wall size map so I could follow the progress of the characters and help me keep the story lines in order. I can hardly wait until the next installment.
  • stunning

    can't wait for season 4
  • Game of Thrones

    I enjoyed every moment. It was great. However, some of the scenes were quite graphic.
  • amazing best

    rains of catshmere ohhh my my gosh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my for the fainted ending to episode 9..... dont kill kalessi will stop watching
  • Can't bear to watch it half the time

    It has become so different from the books that I spend my time cataloguing the changes instead of enjoying the visual aspects of the story. I liked the books.
  • Only good thing about the end...

    I can now enjoy my weekends without wishing Friday & Saturday would be over and done so I can get to Sunday night. After all, it is followed by Monday morning work ;o)

    I will miss you read the books the wait is too long ;o(
  • Excellent show ! Great cast, superb acting.

    The season 3 episode 9 final scenes were absolutely shocking and extremely heart-wrenching to watch; not having read the books I didn't see this coming at all; but while it was excruciatingly painful for me to witness the demise of characters that I'd become so attached to, it was impossible to look away from the screen. This show is just so mesmerizing. Now I'm looking forward to seeing what happens to the younger Starks and the rise of the Khalesi.

    What was that!?! I'm generally watching the doing other heard moans, groans, and yelling! The last think I remember was Mama Stark giving a slight approving smirk at Big Brother Stark and his prego just could not believe the savage way the episode ended! I love it because am SO HUNGRY for the finale that I can't stand it! How will they top this? Who will take young Stark boy or Snow? gonna after I'm finished morning episode 9.

    happened to what's his face after he was carried off to his love nest and they guy that said he was going to "find a tree to piss on?"

    Sorry about the name am HORRIBLE at remembering them!
  • Massacre!

    It was terrible! I was so shocked! Poor Baby Eddard :(
  • Wow!!!

    Ok, Seems like Jon Snow is about to become Lord of Winterfell....
  • Big Ask

    going to be hard for the show to top episode 9 for the finale!
  • The best there is!

    I can't even believe this kind of greatness exists.
  • Epic

    What A MASTERPIECE. Did not see that coming. 100% EPIC. What happens now for the STARKES. GO KHALEESI
  • season 3 episode 9

  • season 3 episode 9

    Game of thrones season 3 episode 9 just made the show great again i was getting a bit bored uptill then with GOT but hell now i'm back 100% after this
  • but , Epic

    I'm a VFX Artist and a story lover. I've seen many plots that goes with Game of Thrones. All may be look same but this story stands alone. It seems to be a typical story of some fights for a Throne. But, the way of telling the story is mesmerizing. Very neat plot, very clean cinematography, perfect direction, mind blowing music especially the main theme, story board flawless, set and props are stunning, well edited, costume and make-up almost believable. locations are reasonable, actors are living inside the roles. VFX is clean, eye catchy and blended with footage but not perfect for me. VFX brothers and sisters missed some green screen parts (ex: when Tyrion was pulled by Bronn when he awakes frfom his black out at the war of 2000 . script can be better than this. Some times I have no idea what are they speaking about and who fucked who or whose brother killed who. There are some mistakes but, Epic, Nice and Clean story. Even nudity is not concerning when Dragon lady appears with Dragons in the end of 1st season. Nicely done and i love the series. I'm happy that these kind of talents still exist !
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