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  • just boring 2

    i begin watching this when season 4 is done

    because i realy hate that it only has 10 episodes

    so after season 4 there are acteuly just 2 season's

    and damn how long you have to sit it out until the next season not ok.

    season 2 was a big let down for me just boring

    so i hope season 3 will have more beattles dragons magic other whise this show is way to overrated
  • just boring

    where is action in this epic movie?we dont care about the politics,the s3 was terible,i better watch again spartakus,i dont care if some one tell me because i said him
  • Like all the boring bits from Star Wars

    It just continues being like one long medley of all the boring (politics) bits from Star Wars - on and on and on. Lets have less self-importance, more action, more 3d dialogue, a broader range of human (or game-of-thronians) emotions. The premise is really interesting and Tyrion and Jaime Lannister lift it overall, but you can do even better.
  • Picking up the pace - Answer

    They are splitting it up into two seasons.

    As for my opnion, the story does seem slow, no doubt, but there's also so much build up in Game of Thrones and the constant flow of new characters each season also seems to take alot of time, which is both fine and anoying, since we'd like to see some action, on the other hand we dont wanna end up with writer's basicly re-writing the story like 'True Blood'.

    Overall im satisfied with Game of Thrones, but there's alot happening and the episodes are as always, far to short! :D

    And the show has a sense of, quality, you just dont see in other shows. :)
  • All the episodes are going too slow

    "All the episodes are going too slow" - You are right!
  • too many stories

    All the episodes are going too slow because of too many stories .In each episode we are watching 5 minutes stars 5 minutes lanisters 5 minutes think is distroying the show.
  • Picking up the pace.

    Start off by say I love this show but for someone that read the books they need to pick up the pace. There are three more episodes for the season and alot more story to go or are they splitting the book into two seasons???????
  • You win or you die...

    As a HUGE fan of "A Song of Ice and Fire" I was extremely skeptical when I began watching this series even though HBO has a solid track record with their "original" programming. HBO has managed to blow away my wildest dreams for this adaptation. This series has brought the Seven Kingdoms to life in a way I thought impossible. This series is the new gold standard of adapting a series of novels into a television show. The novels and series should be required reading/watching for anyone planning to adapt a novel into a show/movie. Well played played.
  • Cant wait

    Just started watching this a month ago, and got to episode 6 of season 3, and I cant wait till it comes out. I dnt like waiting hahaha HBO GO needs to just put out the whole season now! Love the schemes, the plot and everything, the cast and crew. fun show, excited to see what happens next
  • Bloody Fantastic

    No show can compare to the absolutely amazing attention to detail of Game Of Thrones. The sets the fantastic action and despite being a fantasy series it feels so realistic
  • Fantastico

    Una serie que no puedes esperar a el domingo siguiente para verla, gran actuacion de parte de todos los actores, un reprato fenomenal, las escenografias son de primera calidad, la hisotira tiene sus altos y bajos pero como siempre cada episodio te deja con la boca abierta y esperando que ya comienze el nuevo. Gran trabajo de HBO.
  • Best show ever made!

    As simple as that, Best show ever made!
  • GAME ON!

    Great to have Game of Thrones back for another season. I think I am going to have to get a program to keep the characters straight. Exciting show well acted and written. Jon Snow is still my favorite character.
  • more blood

    need some more blood and women! but it rocks!
  • Love it

    Love it
  • love show

    Hi Stephen Michealson here

    does anyone know how many seasons they will make game of thrones?

    also are they following the books
  • Superb Show with amazing actors. www. television-series. net for re-runs and future episodes online

    This show is absolutely amazing on every apsect. It has such a high quality for a tv-series and everyone should watch this amazing show.
  • game of thrones

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  • A show that finally makes sense!

    I really hate it when you watch standard TV shows and you just know that the characters will be there until the final episode of the season, and next season too if the actor renews his/her contract. You know they won't die, and it totally breaks my immersion in the story. Game of Thrones finally has the spheres to narrate a realistic story in a fantasy world. Obviously because it's based on books, but still, I love it just for that. Obviously the extremely good production values and excellent acting help a bit too :)
  • not enough words to describe this show!!!

    luv everything about this show the drama the action and ofcource the NUDITY like i said not enough words too describe :)
  • Can not wait!

    I am so excited to see some of my most favourite parts of the books played out on in 'real life'! George R. R. Martin is one of my all time favourite writers and the adaptation to the small screen has be surprisingly fantastic
  • A good show

    It's a good show and I quite enjoy it, but the problem is I went into this show like any other normal show which it is not because it's based off books and sticks to the books quite well. As such when characters I have spent a season liking and wanting more of get killed off it makes me want to watch it less. This is a show really for the fans of the books and though I would like to keep watching I don't think I can watch it anymore if characters I have grown to enjoy and like keep getting killed off and characters I despise continue to live. One other pet peeve is they really need to make the seasons longer if they are going to continue with multiple story lines you'll watch one ep dealing mainly with Jon but then the next ep or two you see nothing and hear nothing about him. Still it's a good show and for people who love the books and who don't mind characters you have come to enjoy and root for being killed off all the time then this is defs a show you should watch.
  • nota 10

    the best of its kind
  • A true Masterpiece !!

    One of the best shows ever made. Must see !!!!!!!!!
  • its cool

    Not bad. I'm more of a sci fi dude. but overall it's pretty good.

    I wished hbo would do a sci fi show.

    They only do dramas, fantasies and comedies. How about going into the sci fi realm!
  • waiting

    waiting for the next season, i hope for the drangons to grow fast :)
  • The best tv show ever

    One of the best show ever...
  • Classic

    The show is one of the best show on with amazing production, costumes, location, writing and performances from majority of the cast.

    The show has everything from Romance, loyalty, family, deception, action and drama.

    It is only a matter of time before it is cemented in its legendary position as one of the best shows ever and I am eagerly awaiting the third season of this epic tale.
  • Great show

    Too bad it takes so long to go from one season to the other...

    Other than that, very nice story, nice direction and .
  • Fails to disappoint

    I haven't read the books so i cant compare, but based on the show every episode is a work of art. Everything from the very last detail is well done. The filming locations, costumes, character development, etc. is at a way higher level than most shows. The acting is great and I'm very impressed with the kids' acting abilities. It's only 2 seasons in but if it continues like this I can easily say its the best tv series of its genre.
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