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  • A great story is told here. Yeah it's fantasy. If you like Robin Hood, Lord of the Rings, Gladiator or the Series Rome or Spartacus, all in a totally new pre-medival setting, then this is the Series for you.

    What i like about that show is that beside the lead with sean bean, its full of actors that you do not know - yet! They are all great and the casting on that show is excellent. There are so many ways this story can unfold...

    The setting of the show is pre-medival, at the end when memory to the days of dragons and cruel nordic creatures is still alive, but life is dominated in a robin hood like setting.

    There are many parallel stories that run all over the map. The Show is good in progressing the story, just what you expect from a book adaptation.

    There is almost no fuss, the amount of story per episode is a lot. In my opinion a bit more pacing would be great, but hey...Here we are at the end of season 1. A lot has happened - in just 10 episodes. Oh yeah, get them in HD, it's well worth it. Production Value is pretty high.
  • The Lord of the Rings has nothing on The Game of Thrones when it comes to fantasy, intrigue,story-telling and quality escapism.

    The best series in the past none. I have never read the books but was drawn into the story lines immediately and from what I have researched, it holds up quite nicely to the George R.R. Martin tomes. I await the next season in great anticipation (hopefully HBO rides the popularity wave and brings it back soon!)
  • A marathon epic series - but will they stay the course?

    I am currently reading "A dance of Dragons" and there could be another two books to follow. I worry that either the producers will drop the ball half way through leaving us all hanging; or will try to squeeze it down and lose quality. Noting previous reviewers; yes it is brutal and often salacious; but this is what the characters are. No one is all they appear, either all good or all bad; and as the series develops you will come to understand the motivations. I too was sorry to see Ned go but he was too honest and honorable to survive; sadly he just did not fit; neither do a lot of other characters and they too will be removed from the board; but that is for another series!
  • one of the greatest tv shows you will ever see with amazeing acting and realism with story lines as good as any ive ever seen

    prob one of the best tv shows i have ever seen especially in its 1st season alone, its got a all star cast from all over the globe, amazeing acting and realism, writers and story lines that put most other shows to shame, twists and turns all over and the lil imp will make u laugh non stop with his cockyness and humor,

    got recomeneded to me from a friend and at 1st thought it was never gonna be this good, but within the 1st 3 episodes i was hooked and the cliffhangers really do keep u coming back for the next episode,

    just make sure ur kids dont watch it as there are alot of adult scenes n nudity, but its all part of the age and pretty amazeing cast to show off lol

    id even go far as to say if they needed donations to keep this show running id defently be signing up thats how good it is,

    they must spend at least $5,000,000 a episode with how real the set is, location, wardrobe, all the high value cast and amazeing acting they all bring and how high quality the scripts and quality of screne play is.

    i can see this lasting 10 years easy if they had the buget and story lines as good and unpredictable as this,

    great show never thought it was going to be this good and exceeded my expectations by far, 10/10 easy
  • Sex! (and lots of it) Swords! Sorcery! Who will win the Iron Throne? The sexy incestuous Lannisters? The Queen Across the Sea, Daenerys? The noble House of Stark? When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.

    Now, let's get things straight. Generally I hate things based on book that I've read. When my friend and I first heard about a series being developed about A Song of Ice and Fire, we were both skeptical. The pessimist that I am, was betting that it would be a train-wreck diluted down into spaces between sex scenes. I have never been more happy to be proven wrong.

    Apparently somebody actually reads fan rants on message boards, because this show is so perfect I could cry. If this ever gets too expensive to produce, I'd freakin' donate my money to HBO to keep it on the air.

    I've been trying to put myself in the shoes of someone who's never read the books, but it's hard. I can understand a bit of confusion as far as the motivations of characters go, but I urge people to stick with the series. Or better yet, get the books from the library. Even if you don't find yourself drawn to the fantasy genre, the series is so much more. Harry Potter has a magic school, Discworld has turtles on elephants, and A Song of Ice and Fire has messed up people all trying to screw each other over. And we get to see it all in glorious HD.
  • ok, here's the deal. Lose the drag-queen barbarians and the whole story around it, and focus on the northen family. then you got a show.

    ok, here's the deal. Lose the drag-queen barbarians and the whole story around it, and focus on the northen family. then you got a show.

    Seriously. Record the show, and check the so called "brutal barbarians" in the background.

    Yeah, there was a shortage of barbaric background artists, so they called people from the street (old dudes, young dudes without 1 gram of musle, your neighbor women with their kid.

    It's terrible. And the worst part is that they put drag queen barbarian chief on top of it, and inserted a few hollywood boulevard girls to try to make the whole barbarian thing relevant. It made it worse.

    But in the other hand, the northern family plot and settings is incredibly well done. And relevant. The casting for the "north" part of the story is accurate, the writing is a little out of balance, but is completely fresh.

    Try to jump the "barbarian" parts of the show to turn the show into an interesting one.
  • I can't wait to watch more!

    I can't wait to watch more!

    Normally, it is hard to tell whether a show is going to really grab your interest by the first episode. The writers have so much to tell you to really peek your interest. They need to give you some background and introduce characters and your rarely excited to watch more but are willing to give it a chance in hopes the first episode was just about giving you said information.

    Games really did great weaving in the information, the intrigue and the adventure. It kept you hooked. I can't wait to see more and I'm hoping word about this show spreads rapidly!
  • When the King's Hand dies suddenly of fever, the king rides north to ask his friend Lord Stark of Winterfell to take his place,amidst rumors of foul play. Meanwhile, to the south, Viserys Targaryen marries his beautiful sister to a Dothraki warlord.

    I've never read the books and I've only seen the first episode, but I predict that this show will do for the television fantasy genre what Battlestar Galactica did for the television science fiction genre - inject into it a gritty reality that has until now been sadly missing.

    I read's series guide, which told me the main characters were and where their various allegiances lay, as well as a brief sketch of the different locations where the story takes place, and that really helped me navigate through the somewhat tangled plot. Actually, with that background, I found the episode pretty easy to follow, which is a testament to the shows wonderful writing (I can't comment on the books, but obviously the source material was quality stuff). I can't wait to see where this show goes next, and I especially want to know what happens to Bran Stark. the characters are textured and interesting, the sets and costumes are perfect - not to shiny, just the right amount of grunge to make it believable. I'm officially hooked on this show!
  • It isn't just "good for a TV adaptation;" it's just good. Period.

    In the interest of full disclosure, I am a huge fan of the books and I have been anticipating and dreading the release of this show for a few years now. Thankfully, HBO delivered. They did not stray unnecessarily from the books. They took an excellent story and they trimmed and tweaked it and made it fit nicely in the little, glowing square in front of my couch.

    First, the characterization was almost entirely flawless. Peter Dinklage played a fantastic Tyrion. All of the Stark children were exceptional as were their parents. I was actually rather impressed by Mark Addy and Emilia Clarke (who played Robert Baratheon and Daenerys Targaryen.) I was skeptical from the trailers I saw, but they both sold their parts well. The tone and sets and dress were a step above. Yes, there is nudity and violence in in the show, and some of it seemingly senseless--but there it is. If breasts and blood offend you, you are not likely to enjoy A Game of Thrones. However, it's certainly not a reason to denounce the entire production unless you are a reviewer for a religious publication and you are playing to a crowd with unusually delicate sensibilities. I think it's going to take some getting used to for the uninitiated, but I anticipate that by the end of the season the show will be crowned a success.
  • So far an amazing adaptation of what is in the Books.If you haven't read the books then you have no idea what you are watching.

    The set and art direction is splendid, as well as the music. The first episode starts the Daenerys story, Arya and her predisposition toward combat, John Snow and his outlook as an outcast, Bran's misfortune, and also the Dire wolves are introduced.

    Acting is strong and period specific. Each actor plays the stereotype as depicted in the novels well. This will be a series to show the Sword of Truth how it's done.

    I can't wait to see what's in store at kings landing. I wonder who plays the enuch, And if the show will show all of Arya's story, If the show will show all that happens up north. Will the battle scenes be as well done as the rest of the show. Will the mysticism that was present in the depictions of all the characters show on the screen?

    I can't wait to find out.
  • Simply Mindblowing

    The Scenery, The Lines, The Magic of Westeros, everything and more. This must be going through the minds of any fan of the Song of Ice and Fire series books. HBO have clearly done it again, they have researched this production and put their best efforts to ensure that the Magic is brought out in Video. Anybody who has not read the book will struggle to understand the many characters that spring out in the first episode. The words winter is coming may not make a lot of sense other than a change of weather. But my advice is hang on. keep watching. this is one of the stories that simply cannot be truly appreciated in one episode. or one season. heck the writer is still writing the series 20 years later. This is a world of stories woven and interwoven so intricately that HBO have taken the time to make sure it is well told. This is a true winner in my books. Yes there is a lot of sex scenes, blood and use of foul language. But that is the true depiction of the medieval times. I do hope that HBO maintain the same detail they have started with on the first two episodes all the way to the last season. I also pray that the last books may be written and published before HBO catches up with the writer.
  • Another Fine HBO Adaptation

    Very high production values, extremely convincing acting, superb costumes, exceptional set design, and a brilliant complex developing storyline.

    Maybe my only criticism is the need for TV series to make an instant impact. The scenes, therefore, do seem a little rushed and cut down when compared to the books, though all the key moments are there thus far. Obviously, reading a book one can set ones pace, whereas on screen you have to accept the director & editors decisions. However, it does mean that character development is skipped over a little and with so many characters to introduce some may never have the opportunity to shine. Also the 1st series is scheduled for 10 episodes, which means each episode must cover around 80 pages if it is to end in sync. This is a little too many in my view and 50 would have been better. Alternatively each episode should have been 90 minutes long.

    Having said all that the show is a very fine and faithful interpretation of what are very detailed and rich novels.
  • Epic

    After the disappointment of Legend of the Seeker and the more recent Camelot this feels like a relief. So it's possible to make a epic fantasy series that doesn't look like the muppets!?

    I'm not saying everything is perfect, but it's the best attempt i've seen so far. Ofcourse, time will tell if it keeps this up or can even improve.

    Casting is strong. Races finally aren't mixed but have their racial traits making their identities stronger. It's well made with solid SFX to improve the atmosphere, good camera work, continuity, character development, grim scenery and story telling. The leader itself already breaths quality. It must be one of the best i've seen. Everything just feels solid en believable and succeeds in giving it that epic feel it should have.
  • More equal time with all the clans is needed. There is just not enough back story given on Daenerys and the tribe. I am eager to see her brother be dealt with though, he is in my book the first I would love to see go.

    I think they need to give a more fair amount of time to each of the families. So far its mainly all about the clans from the north and not enough attention on Daenerys and what is going on in that story plot. Personally that is the story line that is drawing me in more. The hint at incest and children springing from it is a bit disturbing, funny I would rather sit through gore more than that and it seems to be fairly cut and dry where that storyline is leading. All around a decent show that I am curious to see how it turns out. Just please more time with Daenerys and the tribe.
  • I love the books, and the TV series do them justice!

    It's not often that you see such a good interpretation of the story in the books when converted to a TV series.
    The authors of the TV series has done a very good job in following the story line from the book.

    I was hesitant to start watching this series as I knew it couldn't capture my interest in the same way that George R.R. Martins books did, but boy, was i wrong...

    Even though I know what will happen I still look forward to every new episode, and I am just as excited as my wife, who hasn't read the books, is.

    The actors are very good and the casting tremendous, I wouldn't want to change any of the characters.
    Especially "the gimp" and Aria are superb in their roles even though "the gimp" is somewhat more unpleasant in the TV series than in the books in my opinion...

    Please, please HBO, don't quit this series until the end of book 4. Promise?
  • An amazing adaptation, a tad rushed but cunningly faithful.

    For those that have read the books, this small screen adaptation follows them closely. The current season is based solely on the first book. 10 episodes for one book. The casting is excellent. Actually everything about this production is wonderful. The only weakness I find is the lack of connecting scenes at several important points of the plot. Time constraints, no doubt. Harder than it should be for those new to this universe. The first book is by far the simplest and easiest to follow. I truly hope the producers do not hold rigidly to 10 episodes per book formula. The next books are much more complex. The show will suffer greatly, I fear, if they do not increase the number of episodes to match. I really enjoyed this season thus far. I write this at episode 6. I know with certainty that the best is yet to come. If your hooked now, just wait until the real story begins... bravo!
  • Exciting and intense, went and bought all the books.

    Amazing high budget series.

    At first I was worried yet another tv series adaptation ruining the book series.
    But so far so good with any excellent adaption capturing the essences of the book.

    Every episode leaves me wanting more, the twist the cliff hangers nothing is predictable anything can happen in the world of "Game of thrones". With so much more to come.

    An series easy to love and get into with characters of all kinds. Both to love and hate. And for people who are new to the series of Game of thrones. Keep watching the show is filled with amazing turn of events.

    Only thing wrong with the series is that I have to wait a week for the next episode.

    With so much more to come I can't wait
  • A story of epic proportions, the series true to GRRM's books. This is a fantasy lover's perfect performance.

    After seeing LOTR my beliefs in filming great fantasy literature were crushed. Though LOTR has splendid sights and scenes, the director never captured the essence of the story as it was told. This series makes up for all of that and more. My faith has been restored and this series proves it can be done. It is by far one of the best I've ever seen. GRRM has been done proud. The actors are amazing. They feel, breathe and live the characters they are selling, they must be true fans. Scenes come literally from the book, with here and there minor adaptations. The young actors are also really talented and some of their roles cannot be easy. The scenes are breathtaking and the entire crew has managed to capture the darkness within, the feel of pending doom, the winter is coming. I can only hope the show was as succesful for everyone as it was for me, so I may enjoy seasons two and three as well.
  • Amazing Epic.!! Just when you think you figured it out..BOOM.!! you are in for a surprise..!!!

    This show has something that you have never seen before in this type of genre. It has got soo deep and intense emotion, you just get hooked to it. Amazing acting and superb cast selection, screenplay, direction, and breathtaking & spectacular landscapes. Trust me you'll get intrigued if you get invested in the characters and the storyline. My favorite part in this whole 1st season is when Daenerys Targaryen(Emilia Clarke) slowely rising from the ashes holding dragon in hand and another dragon on her leg and specially the red one slowely climbs up her back and sits on her shoulder flapping wings... thats soo elegant and beautiiful .... AWEOSME.. I think thats the first time i totally ignored bare boobs and focused on dragons....lolzzz

    This show is based on George R. R. Martin's book "A Game of Thrones", wait its not over yet its just first book in a series, the next is called "A Clash of Kings". I have read it already, its AWESOME and jaw-dropping. I dont want to spoil the mystery lies ahead, just watch, we are in for a hell of a ride in 2nd season.
  • If you are looking for a show that's not only entertaining and capturing but full of surprises, wonder cinematics, amazing characters and never ending plots. Here you go.

    Amazing show! I haven't found anything that captures my attention as much since Lost stop airing. But this is by no means even close to that kind of show.

    The cinematics are amazing and wonders to watch, the dialogs are entertaining and the characters colorful. You will hate some things and love others - but you'll enjoy all in between. In other words, the show will at the very least challenge your emotions about it.

    I like that the show doesn't rush through the stories - it takes it's time to build the tension between episodes and trusts it's audience to be clever, unexpecting and welcoming to surprises.

    If you are no stranger to fantasy, drama and adventure you'll love this show. I have colleagues that don't share my point of view, but none who criticizes the show completely. They are just not their audience. You need to enjoy escapism and it's way to take you away for a brief moment from your normal life to keep in touch with your fantasy. Because this show does just that. Really, really well!

    Why I gave it 9.5 and not 10? I'm waiting for the second season =)
  • Whether your into fantasy or not, you owe yourself to check out this series.

    Fantasy shows don't often do well on television. The series are usually expensive, have to much to explain, and anyways suffer from numerous cliches and trends. It is really hard for a fantasy show to distinguish itself from lord of the rings and garner a significant audience. People who were worrying that Game of Thrones would just be another one of those fantasy series can but their worries to rest - Game of Thrones is an epic which transcends the usual trends of common shows. It is a breath of fresh air which, although it has quite a few problems, may just be one of the best shows playing on television now.

    Game of Thrones is based on the Song of Ice and FIre books by George RR Martin, but the series doesn't seem like it is aimed towards the book readers only. Much of the time spent on the first couple of episodes is spend on giving us new viewers information on whats going on and the background of the world of Westeros. The series is set in that land, where numerous houses are competing for the iron throne. There are numerous slightly detached stories here, but the main focus is on Eddard Stark, who is called by the king to serve as the new hand, after the previous one, Jon Aryn, died under mysterious circumstances. At the south, Ned is quickly caught in a pit of snakes, and finds out that Robert, the king, is not looking after the kingdom he had gained 17 years ago when he had led a rebellion against the previous kings. Instead, the cunning Queen is taking advantage of the situation in giving her own house, the Lannisters, more power. The story also follows Jon Snow, Neds bastard who decides to go to the wall with his uncle benjen. At the Wall ( a giant wall constructed to keep out the things that lie beyond), ancient threats are stirring, and Benjen quickly goes missing up here. Meanwhile, across the narrow sea, the last survivors of the house of the previous kings, the Targaryens, are plotting their return to Westeros. At Westeros, things quickly go wrong when the lannisters attempt to murder one of the stark children after he saw their incestuous relationship.

    This, we find out all in the first episode. A lot of story is packed into this series, and because of all they have to put in, the series sometimes seems rushed. Strangely, they could of put much more time into these more important scenes if there had not been so many pointless scenes. This is one problem I had with the show. There are many sex scenes, and half of them were pointless. Game of Thrones continuosly tries to give us information about the characters during sex scenes, as if we would be bored otherwise. Of course, knowing the character backgrounds are important, but I sometimes wished they had flashbacks like in lost, rather then the question and answer scenes.

    Despite that, all the characters in the Game of Thrones are superb and well acted. Its hard to name a single protaganist, but Ned Stark probably stands out, with his dutiful and honourable nature. Despite that, he is cold towards those not his friends or family, and is honourable to a fault. Sean Bean is the perfect casting for Ned. Tyrion Lannister is another character that stands out, partly because he's just a fantastic character who relies on his wit to get out of trouble, but also because of Peter Dinklage's wonderful performance which deserves an emmy no doubt. Besides those two, there are many other good characters. Arya Stark, Daneris Targaryen, Cersi, Jamie, Robert, Jon... list goes on. But don't get attached to any of them, no one is safe in the Game of Thrones.

    Another problem I had was the lack of big scenes. The Dothraki horde seemed to small, and their were no large battles. HBO claimed the budget was over 50 million, but even the Borgias (less than half the budget) had a couple large battles. Instead HBO chose to skip on the battles completely, which was sad as they would have been great to see.

    The fantasy element in Game of Thrones is quite toned down, which is good. This isn't your typical fantasy show, it focuses more on politics and mystery. We start with a big intro to the white walkers and their threat to the kingdoms, but we, unfortunately, don't get a look at them afterwards. None of the characters in the seven kingdoms believe in magic or dragons, but by the end, we get glimpses of both. So in the end, whether your a fantasy fan or not, you have to give Game of Thrones a try. It appeals to quite a large audience, and if your, like me, bored of all the crime dramas then you should give this a try. The pilot was, for me, quite boring and muddled, but the series improved around the 5th episode (more action, and the plotlines finally coming together), and took off at the end of that episode and never stopped. The ending of the last two episodes was truly great and one of the best scenes of television. Overall I'd give it a 9.
  • I never read the book but i think the show needs even more excitement. what i didn't like was ned stark was killed that was very bad for me. i hope they put more in the second season.

    I never read the book but i think the show needs even more excitement. what i didn't like was ned stark was killed that was very bad for me. i hope they put more in the second season. i wish that they would bring the second season fast because am staring to think about the series alot.
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