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  • Feedback on Game of Thrones

    At first it was good, but I should say I'm completely disappointed how dull the scenario is and people who created it. They have no sane imagination at all! Just to kill all characters in a cruel way, what's the point?? It only reminded me of a horror film. Frustrated and angry.
  • Storyline

    Can this series end with Jon Snow and the Mother of Dragons ruling the 7 kingdoms successfully and have many happy healthy children? These 2 are best suited with leadership, compassion and vision.
  • Stellar!

    HBO's Game of Thrones has the budget, actors, and setting to tell an intricate story with enthusiasm and prestige. Season 1 was fantastic and Season 2 ended masterfully.
  • Game of Thrones - Greatest Series of All Time

    For some people, they like to be bias and argue their favorite as the best of all. Personally, as a person that has seen over 10k movies and hundreds of shows to completion. It is clear which shows truly stand out from the rest.

    Friends, for example, is easily the greatest comedic television show ever. At one point, I really thought Modern Family was going to match it, and then even the Big Bang Theory makes a strong push. But, Friends, from start to finish S1 to S10 was solid. Very rarely was there an episode I did not enjoy. That can't be said for almost all shows. Breaking Bad, The Wire, Shameless. These are all concrete story lines within our own reality. Magnificent shows, well written, acted, directed and so forth. But.......

    Game of Thrones based of George . Martins ASOIAF has displayed to me a series unlike any other I have ever seen. Being a fantasy and sci fi geek, I know my fair share of top notch effects, sound, set design, and prop aspects. GOT transcends the word show. The reason I say that is because, every time I sit down to watch the 50+ min episode on Sunday night, I feel like I'm settling in to watch an epic film. I could break down every aspect, but let's be honest here, unbiasedly, because I have my own favorite shows, GOT makes its glory obvious. The characters. The special effects. The score. The costumes. The makeup. The lighting. The attention to detail in every single scene. The suspense. The humour. The drama. The terror.

    I will be blunt, GOT is not for the faint of heart, because some scenes will make even the manliest man squint. But the overall entertainment value attributed to GOT is unmatched and anyone that says otherwise, would need to provide a series with a very strong case that covers every aspect of what makes a series good. You may think the story and acting is all that matters, but it's not. Others watch the show for the color, the originality, the set design, the music. Others for the action and violence and DRAGONS!! Can't really beat Dragons. Especially when Game of Thrones goes above and beyond to make them as real as you could imagine.

    Game of Thrones is the past, present, and future of our reality whether you realize it or not. I just hope others can appreciate the majesty that is Game of Thrones and what it truly represents.
  • HBO's Star Wars! And George RR Martin's Crowning Achievement!

    I can't fault Game of Thrones on anything. The characters are fabulous, the world of Westeros has some truly gorgeous scenery here and there (The Wall, King's Landing, Winterfell) and the story has no equal in television world-building.

    Peter Dinklage, Kit Harington, Emilia Clarke, Aidan Gillen, Gwendoline Christie, Lena Headey; everyone in the show does a fantastic job with all their respective characters! Not a single principle or supporting cast member is wasted. They're ALL utilised in effective and necessary ways.

    The stories are 100% relevant to the world of the show and the direction is gorgeously-filmic. Episodes like The Red Wedding, The Children, Battle of the Bastards and The Winds of Winter stay with you long after sitting through them. Each episode is a chapter in an enormous story that has quickly become a modern classic. And What A Classic It Is!

    I can't wait for Season 7! The end game is finally in sight! But it's going to be painful seeing Game of Thrones finish its time on the air; after Season 8 that is.
  • Season 6

    90/100 points
  • 10 hrs Per Year Show. Best Binged

    A good show fighting so hard to fail. Game of the thrones is a 10 hours a Year show of Never Ending plot showcasing a group of characters heading to a destination they have no intention of reaching. Along the way, treat includes molesting female characters! killing the Good, celebrating the Bad, and coronating the Worst.
  • What more can I add?

    Nothing much needs to be said.

    You are either human and love this show or you need a full frontal lobotomy and isolated away from society.

  • Great Show! Constructive Criticism for Battle of the Bastards (SPOILER)

    I was really excited to see what tactical genius Jon Snow would have instituted. Instead the cliche of the cavalry arriving to save the day happened. That could have still happened in a way but I wanted the military aspect to be realistic instead of only the elementary "pincer".

    Could he have detached a element the previous day to conceal itself on the flanks? Then maybe conduct a feigned retreat towards a canalizing feature? A retreat broken up by picket lines of trenches and spikes and supplementary defensive positions to push Bolton troops towards the center. Picket lines manned by archers to bombard the chasing Bolton forces until they promptly pulled out and joined the rest of Snow's forces in the feigned retreat. Stand fast at the canalizing feature until Bolton's forces came into contact. Then unmask the hidden detachment and envelope from the flank.

    Even if they still wanted the "saved by the cavalry" part they could of had least featured a little bit of tactical intelligence before that point.
  • Winter is coming

    Impending extinction level event takes us to the medieval land of Westeros, where Ned Stark's 6 children are scattered through the realm, before the mother of 5 of them could say goodbye and the father'd become the first casualty in a war that's only starting.

    Rival family Lannister loses a key member, not to the King in the North, but to Brienne of Tarth. The mother's sworn knight and, perhaps, the only woman capable to unravel the Ser within a Kingslayer. A Lannister is the only person who knows the true madness that aflicted Daenerys's father. And also a Lannister is the one married to the King set to destroy Daenery, long before she starts her path to the throne. It's also a Lannister the one who ultimately helps her get there.

    Pretenders come and go as winter closes around them. Distracted by war, the tragedy that befalls in every corner and the unbearable loss of one another, the remaining Starks can't see the real danger quite like their bastard brother across the Wall: the creatures known as White Walkers.
  • So many fan theories

    This is one show which has captured the attention of masses like no other. The characters make sure that there is always something more to offer I was amazed at the buzz this show is creating in terms of fan theories .
  • The show lives its own life

    I really, really hope that the books follow its own line not the tv show one!!!!!! I enjoy so much the books, but the show seems become ....
  • Martin what are you doing

    Martin what the f*** are you doing?! You will keep Ramsy Bolton (a character who we don't like), but Hodor?Hodor?! You killed one of our favorite heroes. Who you will kill next, perhaps Jon Snow again or you will say: "Daenerys invented a nuke bomb filled with Wildfire and she decided to dropit on King's Landing". When i saw the death of Ned Stark i said:"This is OK. It had to be some plot twist for the series", but every single season you kill at least 3 characters that we like, for example: Catelyn Stark, Rob Stark, Tywin Lannister, Oberin, the whore with the red hair (don't remember the name), Roose Bolton (i think that he was very strategic and cool character, despite beying on the other side), Igrid, Mans Raider and basically almost everyone who has that "Stark" thing at the en of his name.
  • Jon Snow

    Jon Snow is Daenerys Targaryen nephew. I think the Stark and Targaryen will enjoy soldiers and will win the the war in the 7 Kingdom...
  • Young Jon discovered in castle by Ned

    So who thinks we are going to see young Ned discover Lyanna's young son Jon by Rhaegar, in the castle probably this coming week?

    That's my easy prediction for the coming week, unless they delay this outcome a few weeks more.

  • What a blooper!!!!

    What happened to the vicious hounds when Brienne appears and the hounds disappear?
  • untitled box message.

    who here likes this show I do. I am Jeffrey scott berry.
  • Many Thanks.

    One of the best. Thank you for killing everyone. Please kill Varys, Bronn, the sand girls, all the Greyjoys (plague is preferable), and the SHAME lady-nun-wench. More boobs are welcomed.
  • Arguably the greatest show of all time

    I really hope would stop with all these fools who review shows without reasoning and discredit their review ratings. Anyways, onto the review...

    Let me preface this review with one thing: I have not read the books. This is a good thing though because I am judging the show purely on its individual merit so my review is not biased with a perception of how it should be compared to the books. So let's get right to it.

    I binge watched Game of Thrones quite recently and I was simply amazed. The world that the show manages to encapsulate in 50-55 minutes of time is remarkable. Everything from the soundtrack to the costumes to the scenery to the set pieces oozes money. And luckily HBO is spending it right with this show. You will be blown away by the Hollywood blockbuster-like war battles.

    Aside from the world, the plot is very rich and complex with many layers. There are three different plots. Yes I said plots as in main storylines because that is what they are. I won't go into too much detail but there are three main ones that we get into: the fight for the Iron Throne, the men of the Night's Watch in the North, and the story of Danerys Targaryen in the east set on reclaimning the throne as well. Each of these plots are well-focused and you are invested in each one of them. However, there is one caveat with these plots. Sometimes some characters are not seen for a time which can prove frustrating but ultimately you are interested in who is on screen enough to forgive this gripe. This show will keep you interested guaranteed with these many storylines. Hopefully they begin to intertwine more to make things even more interesting. That the show can be this good with its expansive plot is testament to the great writing staff aboard as well as the help as the writers of the books no doubt.

    The acting in this series is some of the best our eyes may ever see. Standouts include Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister and Kit Harington as Jon Snow. But every single character is well-acted and each character is distinct, which is telling of not only the actors but also George . Martin himself. I truly think that this is a must-watch for television and a game changer. This will be a TV show that will last for ages.

    The most often argument for best shows of all time are Breaking Bad and The Wire (which I have not seen) but I truly believe Game of Thrones needs to be up there as well. Its 9.5 imdb score, tied with Breaking Bad does not lie.

    For anyone looking for something interesting, this is a must-see. It is like a movie before your eyes and it's truly something spectacular.

    Now onto season 6
  • excellent

    season 5 might be the beginning of the end, we might end up with another Dexter.
  • ' The King of all shows----My lord''

    I love watching movies of the kings and their wars for all time i wish the time may exceed beyond 3 with 'Game of thrones' finally my wish comes i dont have to stop to Ser Nolan
  • Nice Show

    Very nice show. i just love it
  • Excellent show!

    One of the best shows on tv right now. If you don't have HBO, you can watch it here:
  • The Hound season 6 spoiler

    There is a rumor that the Hound is alive because the actor who plays him, Rory, has been spotted at the season 6 shooting location but since Arya has started worshipping the no face God maybe she will use his face for some unforeseen plot a then again he could still be alive!
  • The beginning of the end?

    season 5 might be the beginning of the end, we might end up with another dexter, because the story arc seems to be collapsing, and dragons won't be able to save it . Unforturtanely this is too long a story and where every character we love seems to lose their lives what can we expect but disappointment ?
  • Movie Facts

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  • Flawed logic

    I've never seen such a good show stoop down to such a low level in the next season. The length of the series is becoming too short, there are far to many characters and stories to fit in ten episodes. Sometimes the story drags on, and then it speeds up. More episodes need to be added for more sufficient character development. Some major characters need more screen time (Littlefinger, Olena).

    Speaking of character development, there was very little to none with the sand snakes in the Dorne segments, which made up a pretty big part of season 5. The motives are not made clear with them,, and their form of "revenge" goes against common sense. The whole Dorne story was rushed, nonsensical, and slow.

    Stannis has also made foolish decisions, that also appear to go against common sense. I am curious as to why the writers would make such him such flawed character in season 5, they also venture off the books so the poor story telling and direction makes no sense.

    Only scenes I enjoyed were with Tyrion Lannister and Cersei Lannister.
  • Game of Moans :(

    GoT used to be the show I couldnt wait for but now i find it stale, repetitive and the story just isnt moving forward since the end of season three. Gratuitous violence doesnt bother me if the violence portrayed is integral to the story or helping to move it forward but now its just shock and awe meant to appeal to the simple minded. Season 5 droned on for 7 damn episodes of nothing really happening other than rape, attempted rape, watching a small girl scrub a floor till she goes blind, barbequing another small girl, more small girls get tortured by a pedophile in a brothel and the queen is forced to walk naked through the streets (wow, martin and/or the show writers must really hate women). I get that the writers want to have intrigue and develop the political story but they squeezed all the action into the last three episodes and then it was so predictable, Stanis dies, Jon snow dies (everybody likes him so of course he has to die), Jamies daughter would die, Kalesi's flying fire chicken would save her and despite it all the story has barely moved anywhere in five seasons.

    GoT is one of the highest production value shows ever made without a doubt but if HBO seems intent on relying way too much on a set recipe of shock and awe, naked people, over the top violent situations (not necessarily violent scenes) and making the audience guess which key characters are going to die instead of an actual progressive story that people can remember from season to season I'm gonna tune out just from pure boredom.

    Actually I think I'm done with this shit show, I won't support shows written by pedophiles. Seriously anybody who writes that much sadistic sex and bad shit on women into a story should be checked up on by the police. Red flag anybody? Ramsey Bolton should peel the skin of the parents of the child actors for their greed to allow their kids to participate in such scenes. I know they're actors and it's a tv show but they are also children! For fuck sake HBO pushing the envelope doesn't mean abandoning the last vestiges of human morality for the sake of ratings.

  • 10 chapters and back to sleep

    These people at HBO work less than government employees!

    When you finally recall who was who and who did what, you enter another 9 month "pause" and there you go again wondering what was this all about.

    I understand that the reason for this short seasons is money and greed (the american way) but shouldn't someone be caring about what we, the suckers who pay the cable bills, think?
  • Epic, highly polished,very well acted, top notch produced copypasta of things that draw attention of the masses

    Just a look at the opening intro font makes you realize how much polished is this show in every aspect of production. Every visible detail gets enough attention to achieve great quality. Except the most important one, the story.

    Starting with the most obvious one, the story moves too slow. Sure GoT world is huge, there are many different worlds/cities/character/stories which enable to always show something "interesting" while taking a very small step in storylines that matter. But in the end it is still the choice to sacrifice storytelling quality for more screen time. In some cases the tempo of main storylines could be easily improved and some selfserving side stories completly cut off.

    The main issue however is how GoT world is constructed. Martin just copypasted various stuff from historical/fantasy books and made minor or no changes at all. Everything you see you saw/read somewhere else because well he just took the things he liked from actually creative people and made this vast, epic world. For me in comparison to Carnivale (even if its a different fantasy genre) his world seems empty, disconnected between it parts. The links between characters seems rushed, have very little depth and are sometimes prematurly cut off just to make a shocking scene.

    This whole show/books feel more like a reverse engineering product of what people are drawn to than a piece of art with some vision it should be. Even when you see reactions of people to some disgusting scenes, sure at first they're mad at the detail of the sadism shown but after a while they are glad they felt strong emotions just by watching a show. And GoT has far more of these simple psychological attention methods.

    In the end its a pretty good show but it cares far more about the skin (that gives immediate attention) than about the soul (that will make you love the show even after everything is said and done)