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  • 'You know nothin John Snow'

    Great show can't wait for season 5, but i really think they should extend the seasons, 10 episodes are not enough.
  • It's coming down the stairs even after promising a lot

    To say the truth, the directors are losing their concentration. The little details are rarely paid attention to. First two seasons were just great. But even if I wanted to, I couldn't have given it less then 8.5, it promises sooooo much. It could have been so much better. The good thing about a long series is, it's never too late.
  • Game of Killings

    Its one of the shows you really need to see before you die :)

    Waiting for Season 5 :) :D
  • Expert

    bad Tv Series
  • Great series

    It's really good as I am new to this and I really need to catch up and I like the kingdoms and people in it and I do enjoy a good tv series and I got season 1 on blue ray and I hope to get more as time goes on
  • Ntaks

    Best Tv Series Ever !!! - I am waiting Season 5 LIKE Crazy

  • Stellar

    HBO's Game of Thrones has the budget, actors, and setting to tell an intricate story with enthusiasm and prestige. Season 1 was fantastic and Season 2 ended masterfully.
  • Game Of Thrones.

    Game Of Thrones it's one of the best TV series of the last 3 years.
  • wonderful

    I like Game of thrones and House of cards very much!!! I watch these shows every month. I recommend to watch thhese shows at . Who can name other shows which are similar to Game of thrones and House of cards. Did you play game created on base of that show?
  • Soap Operas

    I cannot understand America's fascination with soap opera. Dune was made into a movie and more books followed but it did not continue as middle, middle, middle of a soap opera series. I guess that is better than America's fascination with death with the same story line that goes from program to program. One of the main characters has their life hanging by a hair. Tune in next week to see if they live. A child is always kidnapped. A love affair must develop between two characters, and on, and on. Nothing original. Just change the characters. Then TV had a plethora of vampires. Story lines were getting repetitive. Enter the zombies. Now TV can rehash the same story lines only with zombies. That almost being exhausted a new angle had to be tried to rehash the same old plots. Enter the mostly good zombies of Resurrection. Now another rehashing can be had. That too is wearing thing. Enter the evil aliens to rehash. That didn't last that long. Some brilliant writer took the Ebola outbreak as a plot for the next Armageddon. Be prepared. TV is due for a rehash. Of course watchers can always break out the Kleenex for the poor drug maker dying of cancer no matter how many lives are destroyed with his product, or pushing it. Thank God I got rid of my TV. I now read, listen to music, or watch DVDs. All have endings. Even the music has a coda. News I can get on-line. My entertainment time is just that now and not inundated with garbage.
  • Best show

    This is probably one of the best shows ever
  • The Viper

    I really liked Prince Obyern from the start,i really did not like how the fight ended with the mountain,he took his eyes away for 1 second & that was it!!I really liked this season,however i'm not at all happy that The Boltens are warden of the am glad that Tywin is dead!!I can't wait till season 5,it keeps getting better!!!
  • Sound Engineers Pay Heed

    Dialog soundtrack is difficult to understand. This is not an uncommon problem and being hearing-impaired it is EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING. I wish that the dialog portion of soundtracks in general were shown more care and attention. IS ANYBODY LISTENING ?
  • Classic finale

    Will we ever seen as epic a TV show again! Game of Thrones just gets better and better!
  • wooow

    Probably the most epic show episode ever in the history of TV. Very bloody. Very Red. Black as dark.
  • The Battle Red at Castle Black

    Probably the most epic show episode ever in the history of TV. Very bloody. Very Red. Black as dark.
  • love it

    Love the series, the tensions and unexpected deaths. I get pissed when someone like Oberyn dies :( but it's something new and I like it :D
  • those eyes!!! and the head splasching lol

    just amazing!!!!!!!!!!
  • didnt expect that, wow!

    i dont like vipers death but he took too long finsh the big dude, shame he had to .
  • An episode filled with surprises

    Sansa Stark finally learns to play the Game of Thrones. Talk about mastering the art of media spin. Just enough truth in her testimony to make the lie about her aunt's death plausible.

    The trial by combat. What a shame. Oberyn should have remembered Yogi Berra's insight. "It ain't over till it's I can understand his desire to savor his revenge. But he really should have chopped off The Mountain's arms before indulging in his tirade.
  • Newbie, love the humor, so many characters, plots, shocking/awesome deaths, understanding it more

    Season 1 & 2 (14)
  • Why would you do this to me..

    Ive been waiting for a week for the next episode only to realize that I have to wait another week, why did you do this, its not like you are shooting the episodes in real time?
  • Fantastic....

    GoT has to be one of the best shows on television, ever produced.

    It pulls people in instantly, it has to have some of the most wonderfully written episodes (seriously witty/hilarious/devastating at times) and ALL of the cast have an amazing amount of chemistry - every actor on this show totally owns their character and their piece in the puzzle.

    This show is exceptionally confronting - it paints a picture that unfortunately is not that dis-similar to our own past (dragons/white walkers not withstanding) - whilst also creating an immense amount of edge of your seat viewing. We connect with these people and we want to see the good succeed and the horrible people get their comeuppance (Go Arya), but we also become devastated and at times blind sided by the narrative and visual spectacles that take out our favorite characters like lemmings.

    Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister) and Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) are my 2 favorite characters overall.. These two totally act their arses off every time they appear on the screen. Both characters have been put through the wringer and yet they continue to fight.

    The chemistry between all the different pairings is amazingly perfect. Each actor has been chosen for their character with amazing foresight. So many of these characters end up in some very odd pairings and the chemistry that is created is consistent and refreshing that they all work so well together.

    As viewers, we expect a certain level from the things we watch. I watch and read a vast array of genres and have to place Game of Thrones as the best of ALL television shows i have watched.

    I am a huge fan of a number of shows - Haven, Once Upon a Time, Eureka, Warehouse 13, Supernatural, Reign, etc, etc, etc - but GoT definitely tops my list... I highly recommend this insane roller coaster of a show.
  • Gr8 all episode

    I am really happy ... see this next episode... well done .. mother of dragons ...
  • perfect medieval fantasy

    this show is the best tv series and i give 10 for what it is.
  • perfect

    I just love this show and I cant wait till next week for new episode. also it was a great start for this season. and im so happy that joffery death was on his wedding.
  • Great reintroduction of the show.

    The focus on "Two Swords" was not to further the plot, and that with a good reason.

    The main purpose of this episode was to remember the viewers of what they've forgotten over the last year since season 3, so they have to reintroduce the characters (at least as much as fit into one episode - see you next week Bran, Theon and Stanis), throw the new ones in the mix and show us the current state of Westeros.

    And that they did in an excellent way: the opening scene established that the Starks are beaten and the Lannisters are in power now, the introduction of Oberyn worked well, etc etc.

    So this could have been a pretty good episode - until the last 10 minutes.

    Probably the show creators thought, "pretty good" isn't good enough! We also have to remember the people why they love the show, why they waited so hard for a year and are so excited that it's back. So they ended the episode with a scene that made a "pretty good episode" into an excellent one. :-)

    Imho the whole Arya & the Hound sequence is a masterpiece: from the rather funny and lighthearted start to the thrilling entrance into the barn, to the right-paced escalation of scene to the Hounds fight to the chilling showdown with Arya.

    The whole thing could have been from a Sergio Leone-western (I'm a huge fan of the "Dollar"-trilogy) and would be considered a classic now.

    (Actually Arya's revenge looks like a homage to the climax of Leone's classic "Once upon a time in the West" -> a man takes revenge many years later in a similar way on the guy who killed his father when said man was still a boy and saw his father die: youtu . be / Lp_5dCfUp4s?t=2m40s

    BTW: while future Emmy winner Maisie Williams gets lots of (very well-deserved) praise for her performance as badass Arya, let's not forget Rory McCann's amazing performance as the Hound!

    Very well done, David Benioff & . Weiss, reintroducing us with the show, before the sh*t 's going to hit the fan and the whole thing escalates in the next 9 episodes (believe me! It will... ^^)
  • Amazing story and execution

    I think this series overall is amazing. I feel like i am reading 5 books at the same while watching this series, not to mention all those ''books'' are connected and they are a part of a big world.

    ''When you play Game of Thrones you win or you

    I love how this series follows this line. It's shocking. It's amazing. This show is very interesting!
  • Everything I Think about This Show SPOILERS!

    Okay, I am finally all caught up on Game of Thrones, just finished the season premiere a little while breath and go!


    Seriously, there are about to be SPOILERS, stop now.

    I did not read the books, btw, so I'm just going off what I see on HBO.

    This show has so many characters (almost too many, almost), so I would like to layout those I do like & those I despise. We are gonna be here awhile :/

    My favorite character is a tie between Tyrion Lannester and Arya Stark. They are awesome and a constant entertainment. I think these two are probably the two most relatable characters on the whole show. I just want Tyrion to be happy above everything else (and yes I am totally shipping him and Shae). Arya is just such an incredible girl, I think she handled everything as well as can be expected so far, but more than that I see so much potential for her as a character. I just want her to stop trying to get back to a family that is mostly dead now anyway, and become the female "Robin Hood" of Westeros instead. I do fear (and look forward to) our little Stark girl going very dark in season 4; the Hound will have an interesting influence on her.

    Next, we have Dany (Mother of Dragons) who I adore! Sorry, can't help it. I love almost everything about her storyline so far. Except that her story feels very far away from everything and everyone else. The naked girl with baby dragons thing is too great to be denied. I wish that she'd stop freeing slaves and get on a boat already. I mean, sure slavery is bad, but when we finally get to the coast are we gonna have enough boats for all these newly freed Dany-worshipers? I don't think so. One thing I would like to know, is if Dany has the ability to defend herself? Like actual combat training? Because, sorry Dany, but any Warrior Dragon Queen worth cheering for can handle a sword or bow (just saying).

    I have begun to warm up to Jamie (big time!). I mean, yes, the guy is a gross sister-loving king-slaying Lannester who shoved Bran Stark out a window. However, the guy was kept prisoner in a mud pit for like a year, he was dragged around by a self-righteous warrior-woman, and then he had his sword hand cropped off (not cool). The time he spent on the road with Brienne of Tarth (who I enjoy btw) did alot for his character development. It changed the way I looked at him, and let us know that maybe not everything about this guy is puke-worthy.

    I still hate Cersei (because of no fault on the part of Lena Headey), Tywin, Joffery, Theon, Margaery, & Stannis (his red witch too). Joffery is just a little snot-nose brat with way too much power. I think a little time-out may do him as much good as it did his real Dad/Uncle (Eww, btw, just Eww). Margaery is a little weaselly manipulative gold-drigger. Her plan seems to be to go from wannabe King to wannabe King until one makes it stick. Theon Greyjoy is such a Killjoy. I no longer see the purpose or relevance of his storyline. I mean, some of his most amusing moments happened when he was hitting on women and can we let his character go gently into the night and maybe focus on his sister instead. With Catelyn Stark gone we may need another strong womon around (because there aren't enough already, not that I'm complaining).

    Speaking of Starks, I wasn't Robb, Catelyn, and Talisa Stark's biggest fan. I didn't directly dislike any of them, and I am definitely on Team Stark, I just didn't really connect with any of them. So the Red Wedding (while fantastically red), had little emotional effect on me. The whole time I was just thinking about Arya and how alone she is now, because she is the coolest Stark. And how lame it was that the Lannesters got their way. And how annoying Walder Frey is! Get over it, man! No one wants to marry your daughters!

    Where are Bran and Rickon? Oh, and why should I care? Such a boring storyline, in my opinion. Seeing through wolf's eyes is cool, but making poor Hodor carry him all the way into the North is cruel and boring. A disabled boy in the most dangerous region on this I don't even care.

    As for the poor bastard Jon a long strange trip its been for him. I love Yrgitte, by the way, She is a very cool chick. Why did you have to piss her off again? Kinda just wish they had run off to live happily ever after with little red headed wildling babies (but whatever). I am so sick of all this talk of Castle Black and the Night's Watch. Get a new cause, Jon, one where you can have an awesome archer girlfriend!

    In short (even though its a little late for that),

    Go Tyrion, Arya, Dany, and (maybe) Jamie, good luck in season 4, I hope you don't die (or lose anymore limbs).

    Boo! Almost everyone else! Be better people! You all suck and should no longer reproduce (especially Cersei! Sorry once again Lena Headey, no disrespect).

    That is now)
  • Disturbing and stupid

    This show is disgusting and contains so much nudity it makes everyone feel uncomfortable and it's inappropriate and unnecessary def lost a bunch of viewers

    This show would otherwise be good without it but I cannot watch it feeling uneasy and uncomfortable again
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