Game of Thrones

Sunday 9:00 PM on HBO Premiered Apr 17, 2011 Between Seasons





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  • Great Show! Constructive Criticism for Battle of the Bastards (SPOILER)

    I was really excited to see what tactical genius Jon Snow would have instituted. Instead the cliche of the cavalry arriving to save the day happened. That could have still happened in a way but I wanted the military aspect to be realistic instead of only the elementary "pincer".

    Could he have detached a element the previous day to conceal itself on the flanks? Then maybe conduct a feigned retreat towards a canalizing feature? A retreat broken up by picket lines of trenches and spikes and supplementary defensive positions to push Bolton troops towards the center. Picket lines manned by archers to bombard the chasing Bolton forces until they promptly pulled out and joined the rest of Snow's forces in the feigned retreat. Stand fast at the canalizing feature until Bolton's forces came into contact. Then unmask the hidden detachment and envelope from the flank.

    Even if they still wanted the "saved by the cavalry" part they could of had least featured a little bit of tactical intelligence before that point.