Game of Thrones

Season 3 Episode 1

Valar Dohaeris

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 31, 2013 on HBO

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  • Valar Dohaeris

    A good ending, and a solid, fast-moving all-around episode to start the season. While there were some moments a little bit low on action, it set the stage for a number of good stories I expect to progress throughout the season.
  • FrozeN_Bee

    This is what I'm waiting for...
  • Hangover episode

    This is what I call a 'hangover episode'. Slow pisodes that happen after an awesome episode (or in this case, two awesome episodes like the last two of season 2). Basically everybody is just recovering, preparing, moving around. Nothing special happens just advancing the story. Nothing wrong with that.
  • confused!

    I'd be happy to leave a review if I could only figure out how to actually watch the episode...
  • Sir Barristan Selmy is Back Gotdammit!!!

    I bet you went into shock when you saw him, didn't chu? I knew he'd return as it was foretold in the book.

    So much for Aristan Whitebeard. I wonder if he'll leave ''The Andal'' exposed? Probably not. Too expensive..

    Beware: The Others are coming...... Can you hear them in the distance? Something evil this way comes...
  • Epic!

    The third season starts right where we left off; Sam only has one job, and he fails at it as epically as Jon succeeds at his. If being a Queen were the same thing as being a first lady, then Margaery Tyrell has my vote, astute at winning the orphans and the poor from King's Landing as she is to win the Joffreys and the Lannisters, she'll be "the" Queen in no time. Sadly for Davos, winning Melisandre is not his strongest suit, saved from Blackwater only to lie in a dungeon for heresy. For the night is dark and full of terrors, not one of them the dead and the wounded Robb discovers at Harrenhal. The fate of his siblings still a mystery, as well as the fate of the kingslayer and Brienne.
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    Episde 1 was really great. I loved how they executed it all. Season 3 will be amazing in my opinion but the only thing i wonder is.. how will they keep up with the books and the writer himself? He seems to be pretty slow.

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  • half the pieces get set...

    Every season of Game of Thrones is like a good game of chess and this episode set most of the pieces on the board. Was it a little slow at times? Sure. But it was great to see my old friends and even the slower parts were easy to tolerate because you know they are setting up great future moments.

    A very good solid first episode.
  • My god what a fantastic episode. 24/7 re-runs at www. television-series. net

    If you missed the episode i recommend you to go to television-series. net [My Review Below]

    First of all, what a great show this is. Im always amazed at the fantastic quality it gives us. Valar Dohaeris is a great start on season 3 and im afraid i will spoil if i continue writing too much. All i can say is that i recommend this episode, and the show as a whole! You dont wanna miss this!
  • After watching it twice... It's not half as good as it should and could have been.

    Game of Thrones two previous premieres were quite slow, and this episode continues that trend.

    It's not bad, definitely not. Such episodes are necessary to move the pieces for the action to take place, however, what isn't great is when action is skipped over and replaced with talky bits.

    We left last season on an exciting note, the White Walkers were attacking. But where did they go? We fast forward a few hours and the battle is done. TWD shows zombie killing on a much lower budget, so I hope HBO shows us a few walkers later on, because skipping the scene here was a big letdown.

    Tyrion's scenes here were brilliant as usual, especially Tyrion vs. Tywin. Dany also promises to have an interesting story. However, Robb's story is moving a big slow for my taste, and I have no idea what Jon is up to.

    The episode ended on a low note, but had a few cool moments in it. Nevertheless, if GoT was hoping to grab new viewers with this, it probably failed. For me, this was a bit disappointing, but maybe I was too excited.
  • Awesome setup!

    IMHO a definition of a great series is one in which each episode leaves you begging for more - the Season 3 opener did just that in 54 very short minutes. I think the stories in this episode were well-balanced for time, considering the amount of material that had to be covered in a short hour of last-season recap and exposition (this series could easily be two hours per episode!). It's nice to see King Joffrey with screen time that DOESN'T highlight (at least not yet) the sadism that predominated in Season 2 (though he's no less despicable a character). The most frustrating thing is I can't watch these back to back in one sitting like I did with Seasons 1 and 2!
  • A welcome return


    Valar Dohaeris picked up exactly where the season left off with Sam at the mercy of the the white walkers where he was saved by Ghost (Jons Direwolf) and later his Black brothers, He failed to do his job of releasing the ravens inorder to warn the seven kingdoms of the imminent threat posed by the white walkers. Jon is brought to Mance Rayder ( The king beyond the wall) to justify his decision to join the wildlings which he was able to convince the king, Davos survived the battle of Blackwater Bay & was rescued by Salladhor's crew. Davos hellbent to destroy Melisandre which backfired and led him to the dungeons. Tyrion is willing to receive the rewards for his efforts at battle by requesting the Lord of Casterly Rock but was rebuked by his father for being a disgrace to his family. Dany's sought to buy slaves for her army inorder to recapture Westeros.

    The episode established whats in store for the rest of the season with lots of mysteries and scheming ahead.
  • Valar Dohaeris

    Valar Dohaeris was a perfect start to the third season of Game of Thrones. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of action, drama and intrigue. It was great to see Tyrion ask for some better recognition and for Margery to stop at the orphanage. It was awesome to see the Dragons and how they have grown. Their fishing skills were excellent. I liked how everything played out and I can't wait for more. I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Valar Dohaeris *Full episode and third book spoilers ahead*

    First off, in King's Landing Tyrion deals with his scars following the Battle of the Blackwater. Cersei pays him a visit, no doubt to find out what he knows of Ser Mandon's attempt on his life during the battle, surely she was the one that put him up to it and he's worried what he'll say to Tywin. Tyrion gives off the impression he knows it was her but doesn't care enough to tell their father about it. Meanwhile, he sends for Bronn who asks for double his original payment since he's a knight following the battle and thus should cost more. Seeing Bronn in the whorehouse made me grunt in "here we go" mode but it served a purpose showing that he was celebrating and there was not so much sexposition as usual episodes have. Tyrion meets with Tywin who asks him what he wants and Tyrion says that since Jaime is of the Kingsguard he can not inherit Casterly Rock and that he wants it as the only remaining son left as a legacy. Tywin is outright cruel and says that he blames him for killing his mother and ruining the Lannister name with his whoring and how he made a mockery of the title of Lord Hand while he was fighting Robb Stark in the West. Tyrion had some depressing scenes and while in the book he does lose his nose (as voiced by Cersei as the writers are making us viewers conscious of the choice that he keeps his nose to avoid too much prosthetic makeup or CGI for the nose) I rather like the scar as it is even though he is supposed to be not as good looking as Peter Dinklage is and thus more deformed by the attack on his life by Ser Mandon. Less political plots this episode which always puts dampener on my parade as that's the most intriguing part of the series for me. Tywin's promise to hang the next whore he finds in Tyrion's bed and that he'd rather "be consumed by maggots than see you take Casterly Rock and that was just plain harsh. But Tyrion will surely have a very interesting year this season as the book gives him plenty to do. Joffrey is puzzled by the charitable behavior of Margery Tyrell, his betrothed, as she goes to an orphanage to console those who lost their fathers on the Blackwater. I really admire Margery's trying to get to know the impoverished and her saying that over 100 wagons a day arrive at King's Landing to feed to poor it's a lot like a stimulus package and something that Joffrey could learn a bit about as a ruler would be some humility and respect for those he rules over. But this is a different side of Joffrey when Cersei, Margery, Loras, and Joff are all eating dinner together discussing Margery's escapades. She is much more cunning than initially seen and Cersei seems to have a problem with it as she sees her as more dangerous to her beloved Joffrey than she had thought possible and she can't control her as much as Sansa was. Joffrey also can't force Margery into submission without Loras tearing him apart. But this creates an excellent dynamic for later episodes to play upon and takes Joffrey away from the "I'm just a sociopath with violent tendencies" bit that he so often inhabits. I can see poor Joffrey, who is indeed only thirteen, is so afraid of girls he can't even get laid right like when Tyrion sens him the prostitutes last season so seeing him need to overcome his fear of intimacy with a woman is a big change and obstacle. Sansa and Shae watch ships leaving King's Landing and make up stories about them but Shae is too pragmatic about it. They are approached by Littlefinger and Ross and Baelish asks for a moment alone with Sansa. He tells her of seeing Catelyn and how she longs to see her daughters again and how Arya is alive. He hypothetically posits that he can get her out of King's Landing but she would have to keep her mouth shut or else they would both be put to death but that he has to venture away from the city on a political errand for the time being. Sansa may finally have an out and a glimmer of hope of escaping Joffrey after all, good stuff. North of the Wall we hear noises of the battle with the white walkers from the climax of last season and we see Sam stumbling away from the battle and getting attacked by a white walker. Mormont and pals catch up with him and burn it. They agree to fall back, although he is chewed out for not sending he ravens to tell Castle Black and the rest of the Realm of the attack, and they speak of the impending destruction of the Realm if the White Walkers breech the wall and the Kingdoms don't help them. Jon meets Mance Rayder and sees his first ever giant which looks spectacular with the CGI they utilize. He mistakes a bloke named Tormund Giantsbane for Mance and he is quickly correct on the fact. He is said to have killed Quorin Halfhand to which Mance is intrigued and that anyone who kills the Halfhand is a friend of his. He asks Jon why he wants to join and Jon says that he wants to fight on the side of the living following Craster's sacrificing of his own baby sons to the White Walkers and how Mormont did nothing about it to stop him. He is welcomed to the community and given a new cloak. Robb and his lieutenant Lord Bolton come upon Harrenhal and take it for the North and find scores of dead bodies but unearth a man named Qyburn who is among the wreckage and survived whatever befell those dead there. Robb commands that Catelyn be put into a cell following her treachery for releasing the Kingslayer (Jaime). This is of course because she completely undermined his authority by doing so and she deserves to be punished for thinking that a Lannister would keep his word (even though the proverb of that being true would say otherwise). Across the sea Daenerys appears to have boarded a ship at Qarth and is sailing to Astapor with the Dothraki crossing the poisonous sea for the first time. Astapor is a slave city where legendary warriors called the Unsullied are, mindless brutes who have no agency of their own after training it would seem. They are all castrated, as she is told in the introduction to the Unsullied by their slave master Crassos or whatever and that their final test is to go into Astapor and kill a newborn and give a silver coin to the baby's owner. Jorah raises a good point about the Unsullied that they, all 8000 available for purchase by Astapor, are better meant serving her as Queen than doing the bidding of slave drivers like Crassos. Dany doubting her legitmacy as a ruler to use elite soldiers makes sense but she needs an army and can't get by with only her khalasar anymore since her dragons are still growing and aren't even close to full size yet. She agrees to buy all of them from Crassos but is pursued through the marketplace by a shrouded figure. A young girl throws her a ball and gestures for her to twist it and she does. The shrouded figure is grabbed by Jorah while out of the ball falls a little poisonous looking scorpion which the shrouded figure jabs a dagger through speedily. The young girl shows that she has blue teeth and jumps into the water to only appear behind them on the deck of a ship. The blue teeth of course mean that blue stuff that the warlocks drank back at Qarth. Dany even says so, guess when you scorch people to death you make a few enemies along the way. But they'll surely be back. The shrouded figure is revealed by Jorah to be Barristan Selmy, whom he haven't laid eyes upon since Season 1 and thus thoroughly connecting Essos and Westeros together in two worlds that often seem so very separate. But he begs Dany's pardon for serving King Robert and asks to serve the rest of his days as part of her Queensguard to serve the last remaining Targaryen. Gotta say his rescue was way bad ass. Also seeing Davos stranded on land was my favorite yarn of the episode seeing him tell the boatsman who comes to save him by under Stannis also. The ship belongs to Sallador Saan who we get a great reprisal from Davos begs him to return him to Dragonstone to stop Melisandre from ruining Stannis's chance at the Iron Throne. Upon arrival he greets Stannis and Stannis admits that he thought that he was dead. Davos is my favorite character simply because he is so indebted to Stannis and will serve him well. But when Davos accuses Melisandre of being the enemy and pulls a knife on her he is taken to a cell at Stannis' command. Stannis is really awesome and Stephen Dillane really captures the wounded masculinity he must be going through by losing the battle at sea. But Davos and Melisandre's back and forth really sold it and how she is corrupting Stannis' mind. Her blaming their loss in battle to the fact that Stannis left her behind I don't buy from the religious standpoint it was simply because the other side has Wildfire and Stannis couldn't breach the wall, that's it, at least as far as I can tell. But Stannis isn't defeated yet he still has some bannermen but no longer any pirate allegiance from Salladhor and his band of other pirates. Scene stealer of the week: Bronn threatening the Kingsguard outside of Tyrion's chamber naming "Ser whats-is-name from who cares" and him almost drawing his trusty dagger was awesome as Bronn always is. Hopefully his bromance with Tyrion can stay prominent this season as well. In closing, a question (spoilers for the third book) for fans, does Littlefinger outright promising to deliver Sansa from King's Landing eliminate Ser Dontos' involvement in her escape because in the book he saves and only when she's on the ship does she learn it was Littlefinger after Joffrey's wedding? This confuses me even though they introduced Ser Dontos last year in the season opener in which he becomes Joffrey's jester it just seems like a waste of screen time to introduce him and not use him for the device that he played in the book.
  • All men must serve

    A solid premiere that dealed with the aftermath of the last two episodes of the second season. Would have beneftted from giving the new characters a bit more screen time. Jon Snow's story arc is important and the King Beyond the Wall is one of my favourite wildlings from the books and I felt like there was too little of him in the episode.

    Pumped for season 3... Especially for Theon's story arc.
  • HELP!!

    where can i find it to watch it ??? please help!!

  • 3x01 "Valar Dohaeris"

    The GoT everyone knows and loves.
  • Game of Thrones

    This is the best drama ever produced. It has it all!!!
  • Can't wait for this series to be on air!

    The wait is killing me!

  • Puddin

    Fantasic series cannot wait for series 3 ( March is a hellva wait) Have watched all of series one and two love it !!!!.