Game of Thrones

Season 3 Episode 8

Second Sons

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 19, 2013 on HBO
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In King's Landing, a wedding takes place between an unlikely couple. In Dragonstone, Stannis releases Davos. In Yunkai. Daenerys meets the Titan's Bastard. And beyond the Wall, Sam and Gilly are attacked by White Walkers and receive help from an older gentleman.

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  • Second Sons

    Good to see the White Walkers make an appearance here. Solid episode, but it was lacking some key developments for some characters.
  • waaaaaaaaaaaw

  • Arya and the Hound, or Here comes the bride.

    It was one of those great stories, that you can't put down at night, but the reason Arya smiled is the reason she once sulked too. For her hero was the Hound and he was carrying her back home. One shot at killing him he gives, several reasons not to as well, his food to share and their despise for the Brotherhood and the Lannisters alike. Stranger things than a pack of two neither of them has seen, yet they remain one for the time being.

    Sansa's wedding is an entirely different matter. If there's one thing worse than being alone, is to be with someone who makes you feel lonely. For Tyrion failed attempt at intimacy with his wife contrasts the intimacy achieved by Jaime and Brienne, yet the effort is no lost on Shae, the groom's only victory the fact that he hasn't lost her.

    I wish it were that simple for Sam, but the night is dark and full of terrors. And no matter how powerful Gendry's blood may be, some of those terrors are coming for Gilly's baby tonight. Stannis is too preocupied, Daenerys is taking a bath, the King in the North and the one in King's Landing are too bussy with weddings and Sam is all there is to chase the shadows away.moreless
  • More focused episode

    Pretty solid episode. I have trouble ranking the episodes against each other so I'm not even going to try.

    This episode featured one of the three weddings from a Storm of Swords and even though it wasn't as I had imagined it when I read the book, this adaptation was amazing. Acting was great, especially on Peter Drunklage's (Stole that from a comment in IGN) behalf. Millions of viewers sighed with relief when Tyrion said that he wasn't going to sleep with the 14 year-old Sansa. When Tyrion passes out he doesn't have a blanket but when he wakes up he has. It is official, at least in my head, that Sansa covered Tyrion off-screen. Maybe as a "Thank you for not forcing me to have sex with you"-gesture. All the compliments to the God of Tits and Wine. And Sophie Turner's facial expressions when Tyrion is dringing are priceless.

    Davos and Stannis returned and we got a lot of Dragonstone plot. Davos is now a...... Capable reader... Gendry is a sacrificial lamb that isn't sacrificed because of Davos' commoner-psychiatric skills as he realizes that Stannis doesn't want to sacrifice an innocent boy for his cause. We also learned that sleeping with one woman = leech in penis, sleeping with two = castration.

    Sam and Gilly are still on their way to the Wall and are attacked by a White Walker. The White Walker destroys Sam's sword with its bare hands and doesn't stop until Sam stabs him with a dragonglass dagger. Sam's skills with a dagger doesn't leave the White Walker cold and he proceeds to crackle and melt on the ground.

    Pretty great episode. We had a quick scene with Daenerys as well. She gets more people for her army. But to be honest the scenes were a bit too dull for my taste. Her story didn't progress a bit, the variables just changed.moreless
  • Game of Thrones at it's best

    This episode only showed 5 of the 10 main storylines this season, and it was a better episode for it. Game of Thrones is at it's best when there is a sense of progression, when each episode tells a full story and progresses the tale. the drama at Dragonstone and Kings landing in particular is very interesting. And after all that drama, there was a nice little bit of action in the end. The acting, writing and directing of this episode was top notch.moreless

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