Game of Thrones

Season 3 Episode 7

The Bear and the Maiden Fair

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 12, 2013 on HBO



  • Trivia

    • The title of this episode is the name of a popular, bawdy song in Westeros, "The Bear and the Maiden Fair", which tells the story of a bear seducing a fair maiden.

  • Quotes

    • Jon Snow: If you attack the Wall, you'll die. All of you.
      Ygritte: All of us. You're mine as I'm yours. If we die, we die. But first, we'll live.
      Jon Snow: Yes, first we'll live.

    • Tywin Lannister: Curiosities on the far side of the world are no threat to us.
      Joffrey Baratheon: But how do we know that these dragons are just curiosities and not the beasts that brought the whole world to heel?
      Tywin Lannister: Because we have been told as much by the many experts who serve the realm by counseling the King on matters about which he knows nothing.
      Joffrey Baratheon: But I haven't been counseled.
      Tywin Lannister: You are being counseled at this very moment.
      Joffrey Baratheon: I should be consulted about such things.
      Tywin Lannister: From now on I will see to it that you are appropriately consulted on important matters. Whenever necessary.

  • Notes

    • Bart the Bear required country music blasting from the back of a pickup nearby to keep calm and happy during shooting.

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