Game of Thrones

Season 3 Episode 6

The Climb

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 05, 2013 on HBO

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  • If you think this has a happy ending, then you have not been paying attention.

    And if there's justice, Littlefinger has a special place in Hell waiting for mysogistic scumbags such as him, maybe one in which he'll be the taget practice instead of the late Ros.

    After a moment of silence for the smartest woman ever killed by a coward, a moment on to the smartest woman who almost got killed by one: Ygrite has figured out Jon remains loyal to the Watch. But she also figured out something else: they are just soldiers for their respective sides, neither Mance nor the Watch care much whether they live or die, they have hundreds to replace them with. Something else she has figured out? She is Jon's woman now, him and her the only thing that matters to her and him. And the only thing it did, once that Jon saves her from Orell cutting the rope that held them as they climb the Wall.

    Seems only natural for a smart woman to notice the man by her side, no more so than the man himself whether what he has lost is his pride or the hand, Jaime Lannister refuses to leave Brienne with Bolton's men as fiercely as Arya refuses to leave Gendry with Melisandre despite the orders of Thoros's men. In case we have not been paying attention, there's no happy ending in sight, not with a long and heartbreaking separation ahead of them.

    For it takes a smart man to size a happy ending whenever he finds one, Jon claims his in the name of the Jaimes, the Gendrys, the Aryas and the Briennes of the episode, in the name of Lord Varys and Ros, in the name of Tyrion & Shae, on top of the Wall Jon kisses Ygritte, for all the smart men & women who may never see each other again.