Game of Thrones

Season 2 Episode 5

The Ghost of Harrenhal

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 29, 2012 on HBO

Episode Recap

Renly Baratheon discusses his rivalry with Robb Stark with Robb's mother, Catelyn. She promises to Renly that Robb has no interest in the Iron Throne, so Renly deems them natural allies. He demands that Robb sign a peace agreement--the same type that Eddard Stark once signed for Robert Baratheon. Upon suiting himself for battle, Renly is then murdered by a shadowy creature. Brienne of Tarth collapses next to her dead King, and kills the men who enter the tent. Catelyn pulls Brienne away from the scene, knowing that they both are in serious danger now.
Later, Margaery and Loras Tyrell mourn the loss of their loved one. Loras flees, gathering his bannermen together to fight Stannis, whom Loras is certain took part in the murder. Margaery lingers in the tent with Petyr Baelish. In spite of herself, she reveals her greatest wish--to be the Queen.
Cersei and Tyrion hear the news in King's Landing. Though Cersei is pleased by Renly's death, Tyrion worries; he tells her that Stannis now commands all of Renly's former bannermen, minus the Tyrells. They now must prepare for an attack by Stannis's much larger fleet. Cersei, however, drunkenly rages about shipping Myrcella off to Dorne, and refuses to tell Tyrion Joffrey's plans for the battle, seeing as the King has taken control of battle preparations.
Later, Tyrion meets with Lancel, who informs his little cousin that Cersei is making wildfire--which would ensure that the Lannisters win the fight with Stannis, but cause plenty of devastation too. Tyrion then traipses through Flea Bottom with Bronn. They come upon a man preaching that the King is rotten and listens to the guidance of a "demon monkey". Bronn regretfully tells Tyrion that HE is the demon monkey; Tyrion is distraught that though the commonfolk hate Joffrey, they also hate Tyrion. Tyrion later visits the pyromancer to confirm what has been revealed about Cersei's plans. He is taken to a room packed to the brim with pots of wildfire, which the pyromancer says can be flung with catapults into the enemy's territory. Knowing the potency of the product, Tyrion tells the pyromancer that he will be making Tyrion wildfire from then on, not for Cersei.
The brother of late King Renly handles a hard truth from Ser Davos: that taking King's Landing with the help of Lady Melisandre will lose him the respect of his followers. Stannis refuses to discuss the events in the cave, but sadly agrees to take King's Landing without the red priestess. He also asks that Davos command a fleet of ships during the battle to take King's Landing.
On Pike, Theon cannot take control of his small crew. Yara is one of many who chides him, of course. Theon's first mate, however, tells him that he must prove himself to win the respect of his crew; Theon protests that he cannot prove himself by pillaging fishing villages. They discuss taking over a part of the north, but Theon realizes that the Starks would soon take it right back over--which gives him a new idea entirely.
In Harrenhal, Tywin questions his new cupbearer, Arya, about the north. She tells him that there are rumors Robb can change into a wolf and that he cannot be killed. When Tywin asks whether Arya believes the rumors, she tells him no, emphasizing that "anyone can be killed."
While fetching water for the councilors, Arya bumps into Jaqen H'ghar. He tells her that since she saved him and two other men, she owes the Red God three deaths. Jaqen tells Arya to speak three names--of anyone--and he will kill them. She gives him the nickname "The Tickler", the man who tortures everyone, and then runs off with the water in tow.
In her new lodgings at Qarth, Daenerys shows Doreah how the dragons can burn meat to feed themselves. She must meet with Xaro and wear a dress he has had made for her, but wonders whether Xaro would make a good husband. Doreah encourages Dany in her efforts, but Irri is annoyed by Doreah's attitude toward Qarth and the abandonment of the Dothraki customs. At Xaro's party, Dany is confronted by a strange warlock, who makes himself double with the help of an enchanting jewel. He tells her that he would be honored to host the Mother of Dragons at the House of the Undying. Xaro then finds his guest and scoffs at the so-called magic with Dany. She departs on his arm. At that moment, a masked woman tells Jorah that anyone who sees Dany shall lust for her, knowing that she bears dragons--for fire, says the woman, "is power".
On the run, Brienne swears an oath to Lady Catelyn that she will protect her and stand by her side as long as Catelyn gives her leave to go and kill Stannis when the time arrives. Catelyn in turn swears that Brienne will always have a place in her home and that she will never ask Brienne to do anything that might cause her dishonor.
In Winterfell, Ser Rodrik interrupts Bran in the middle of hearing from the commonfolk. He informs Bran that Torren's Square is under siege, so Bran sends men to go and fight. As he prepares to leave, he tells Osha that he dreamed of a three-eyed crow; she seems to know the significance, but refuses to share it with Bran. He then tells her that he dreamed the sea came to Winterfell--and that Ser Rodrik, among others, lay drowning.
On the Fist of the First Men, Qhorin Halfhand commissions some of the Watch to go with him to scout the wildlings. He explains that they have joined Mance Rayder--a Watch member turned wildling--and that taking out Mance will mean taking the wildlings as part of the Watch. When Qhorin names a few rangers to come along, Jon asks the Lord Commander if he may join them. Mormont hesitates, but agrees to allow Jon to leave when Sam graciously offers to take up Jon's steward duties while he is away.
In Qarth, Xaro offers Dany all the wealth within a vault if she agrees to be his wife. Of course, the prospect of purchasing ships to take back Westeros appeals to Daenerys, but when she takes the news to Jorah, he argues with her. He believes that doing such a thing would make it so that Dany would have to do everything according to her husband's rules and desires, so she would not be a leader anymore. It is while Jorah makes his diatribe that Dany seems to understand that he is in love with her.
Back in Harrenhal, while Arya tells Gendry how to swordfight properly, a commotion ensues. She runs into the yard to find The Tickler lying dead. She looks up, and sees Jaqen H'ghar lurking in the shadows; he holds up one finger.