Game of Thrones

Season 1 Episode 2

The Kingsroad

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 24, 2011 on HBO

Episode Recap

As the Dothraki cover the countryside on horseback, Viserys continues to plan his invasion of King's Landing. We learn that Ser Jorah Mormont fled Westeros because he sold poachers to slavers and Ned Stark wanted his head for that. Viserys assures Mormont that he'll grant a pardon when he becomes king.

In Winterfell, Tyrion is woken from a fitful night's rest among the dogs by his nephew, Joffrey. Tyrion then reminds him to pay his respects to Bran, and that it's disrespectful to have waited so long to do so in the first place. When Joffrey objects, Tyrion slaps him hard across the face. Tyrion then joins his siblings Cersei and Jaime for breakfast, where he tells them that Bran is expected to live. The news, naturally, doesn't sit well with the twins.

Cersei goes to Bran's bedside, where Catelyn has stood vigil since the accident. Cersei speaks to Cat, telling her that she'd once lost a son, and that Robert took the death very hard. Jaime finds Jon at the blacksmith's, and Jaime begins to rib Jon about the honors of serving as a part of the Night's Watch at the Wall.

Later Jon goes to speak with Arya, who is packing to accompany her father down to King's Landing. She is proud of teaching her direwolf, Nymeria, how to fetch her things, but when she tries to show this to Jon, the wolf doesn't seem to understand. Jon reveals that the sword he'd gotten from the blacksmith is for Arya. Jon says that all good swords have names, so Arya's sword will be named Needle, a dig at Sansa, who is better at sewing than her.

Jon goes to say goodbye to Bran, but Cat can barely tolerate his presence and tells him to leave right when Ned arrives in the room. Cat then chastises Ned for abandoning her again. He'd once ridden off with Robert and returned a year later with baby Jon, and now he's set to do the same thing. When Ned says that the circumstances can't be helped, Cat calls him out on it. He could have refused, but he didn't.

Before Ned and Jon part ways, Jon asks about his mother. Ned replies that he'll tell him about her when they meet again. Later, Ned and Robert reminisce about their days together during the war, where they both had their pick of women. But Ned just had one woman: Jon's mother. Robert discovers that Daenerys has married Khal Drogo, which means that the siblings have an army. Ned tries to ease Robert's concerns, reminding him that the Dothraki don't have ships.

Daenerys requests that one of her handmaidens, who was trained in a pleasure palace, teach her how to satisfy Drogo, and the woman agrees. Daenerys uses what she learns on Drogo that night, and he seems to enjoy her new-found fire. Dany suddenly finds that she is now enjoying herself as well.

Jon and Tyrion are both traveling to the Wall, Jon because he's going to join the Night's Watch, and Tyrion because he just wants to see the Wall. Jon asks Tyrion why he reads so much, and Tyrion responds that as a dwarf of royal blood, all he has to offer his family is his mind. Jon discovers that Tyrion's father was the Hand of the previous king, and that Jaime slayed this man later.

As Robb reluctantly takes over the planning of the finances of Winterfell in his father's place, a fire breaks out in one of the buildings. Robb rushes out of Bran's room, leaving Cat and Bran alone. A hooded man appears in the room, and is surprised to find Cat there. He attempts to kill Cat to get to Bran. Cat tries to fight him off, and then Bran's direwolf arrives to finish the job. It goes straight for the jugular and tears the assassin's throat out.

Catelyn later explores the tower where Bran fell and discovers a single long blond hair, pointing the way to suggest that the Lannisters had something to do with Bran's accident. He didn't fall, he was pushed because he saw something he wasn't supposed to see. And then an assassin was sent to finish the job because he didn't die from the fall. The assassin's knife seems too ornate to be used by a lowly commoner, it had to have come from someone in the aristocracy. Cat resolves to head to King's Landing to solve the mystery, Ser Rodrik will accompany her.

Joffrey and Sansa are speaking and Joffrey attempts to charm her. They walk along the river, where they run into Arya sparring with a boy. Joffrey tries to punish the boy (the butcher's son) for trying to attack a member of House Stark, but the boy (and Arya) insist that Arya was the one who asked to play-fight. Joffrey takes his real sword and asks the boy to fight, but he has nothing but a stick. Joffrey then cuts into the boy's cheek with his sword. Arya whacks Joffrey along his back, Joffrey tries to kill Arya, and then Nymeria bites Joffrey's wrist. Arya runs away.

Ned and other men set out in the woods to find Arya. Arya forces Nymeria to leave her, going as far as chucking a rock at the direwolf's head. Arya is found and immediately brought in front of the king and queen. Joffrey lies about what happened, saying that the boy attacked him first. Sansa claims she doesn't remember what happened. When the men cannot find Nymeria, Cersei reminds them that there is still a direwolf in the camp. As Ned walks through the yard to do the queen's command, the Hound rides in with the butcher's boy's body slung along his horse's back. Sansa's Lady has her throat slit by a grim Ned, and at that moment, Bran awakes in Winterfell.