Game of Thrones

Season 1 Episode 2

The Kingsroad

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 24, 2011 on HBO

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  • The Fall

    As Bran lies in bed following his fall thanks to the hands of Jaime Lannister and Cersei as Eddard heads to King's Landing with the King and learns of the threat of the Targaryan's across the sea. Daenerys learns a trick or two to please her new husband in bed and to not be a subjective slave to him. Sansa's loyalty may come into jeopardy when an incident involving her crush Prince Jeoffrey, Arya a wolf and another boy begs her to make a choice regarding her sister or her love interest that really captures the teenage phase of a teenager. Jon Snow travels to Castle Black in hopes of becoming part of the Night's Watch and learns that the role may not be as prestigious as he previously thought it. This episode was predominantly about travelling and the characters finding their own paths. Extra thing, good on Catherine Stark for fighting like hell to stay alive, it takes guts to clench a knife like that for so long in defense of one's own life. This is shaping up to be an interesting series, and as the King said: a war is approaching but the fighting parties and the terrain of the event are as yet unknown.
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