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Game of Thrones

Season 4 Episode 2

The Lion and the Rose

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 13, 2014 on HBO
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Episode Summary

A who's who of honored guests turns out for Joffrey and Margaery's wedding in King's Landing, but the king's taste in entertainment rubs many of them the wrong way. Meanwhile, Bronn gives a lesson to an unlikely pupil; Bran's vision helps map out his journey; Stannis loses patience with Davos; and Ramsay takes a perverse delight in his new pet.moreless

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  • bom de mais

    Muito bom
  • The Lion and the Rose

    The wedding may not have been action-packed, but it was definitely very entertaining. Nice shocking ending too. Unexpected, but a good payoff for the long-time villain.
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  • I need more words!

    I am not sure if there are enough adjectives to exactly describe my thoughts and feelings during this episode, so I'll just focus on the major ones.

    Starting with: Oh my God, what a creep, nasty, evil, disturbing bastard! Cruel, oh so cruel, he should die, but he is entertaining, maybe I want to see more of him and what he is willing to do to punish others... he is skilled in that...

    To: Is this it? The wine? Yeah, drink more, is he starting to cough? Poison? I think this is it... f*ck yeah, it is... can't believe it... he is dying.. who did that... the Granny? No, not Tyrion... he is dead... party time... but wait... he was so fun to despise... who is going to replace that void?

    And I feel sorry for all the actors whose characters have died. They must be like: "What? No, not in this episode... not now... can't I stay a little bit longer? I will also play another person... anyone... pleeeeaaaseeee!"moreless
  • The Tunnel of Love (Show and Books Spoilers Ahead)

    Game of Thrones continued this week and gave us a whiz-bang eventful chapter that will please many people. I'm sure the internet at large ate this up as we saw that yet more characters can be dispatched at the will of the show. Let's get down to it. No Jon, Arya, or Daenerys this week.

    The Dreadfort

    We get our first glimpse at Theon/Reek this season as we catch up with him and Ramsay the Psychopath and his girlfriend Miranda hunting an innocent girl through the woods before killing her sadistically. Because violence against women is basically the cornerstone for this show at this point. Lord Bolton arrives back at the Dreadfort and chastises Ramsay for having done what he did to Theon as he would've been a valuable tool in pushing the Ironborn out of Moat Cailin (which separates the North from the South and was something that Robb was going to try to retake to go back to Winterfell before his murder last season). Bolton reminds Ramsay that he is still a bastard and that he will ride out with many soldiers and take Theon with him in the hopes of reclaiming Moat Cailin so that they can push the Ironborn out. Also present there is Locke (the guy who cut off Jaime's hand last season) who is basically Ramsay's crazy-buddy only older and with more beard. After a tense shaving scene in which Reek learns that Bolton killed Robb Stark at the Red Wedding Reek decides to merely clean shave his new master and obey. Bolton says that if Ramsay retakes Moat Cailin he will name him legitimate as a Bolton since he is the new Warden of the North. Interesting seeing as this actually doesn't take place until Book 5. Wonder how much more of the timeline will be incorporated into this season that isn't directly based on Books 4-5?


    Melisandre and Stannis decide to burn heretics (because why not?) as a sacrifice to the Lord of Light for refusing to tear down the idols of the Seven Gods on Dragonstone. In the book the man that they burn, Florent by last name, was trying to negotiate peace with the Lannisters which Stannis would have nothing of. Davos is still reluctantly following his King of course. Melisandre, Selyse (who doesn't seem to have a problem with burning her father at the stake in honor of her hubby's new religion), and Stannis all share a dinner. Stannis gave us a glimpse at his honorable side as Selyse openly spoke about how much a disappointment their daughter is, having been marked by grayscale as a baby and how she must be hardly disciplined into accepting the Lord of Light. Stannis invokes his rights as King and orders her not to lay a hand in his daughter, good to see he holds some things dear. They both agree to have Melisandre speak to Shireen about the Lord of Light and for her to accept him as her new God. Melisandre visits Shireen's chambers and tells her that the Seven are a lie and that there is only two Gods, one of Light and one of Dark, which Shireen seems hesitant to believe.

    Beyond the Wall

    Bran is told by his companions that spending too much time in Summer's body will deteriorate his own if he relies on it too much as a warg and will disconnect him from his human body. The group find a weirwood and after touching it Bran has a vision of the 3 eyed crow that tells him to continue going North to find what he seeks. Bran says he knows where to go from there.

    King's Landing

    The vast majority of the episode takes place here so I wanted to save it for last. It was nice to see Tyrion and Jaime share a scene together, the first since Season 1 I might add, and bonding over how their family is made up of the "the cripple, the dwarf, and the Mother of Tyrion tells Jaime to practice with his new sword hand with someone discreet (in the books it's the tongueless Ilyn Payne) but I like that they changed it to Bronn who begins using sparring swords with Jaime in a private place next to the Sea. I like that Jaime is trying to make the best of his new situation and Bronn is the perfect swordsman to help him sharpen his skill (pun sort of intended) and I hope to see much more of their great back-and-forth. Joffrey's wedding occurs and like the turd that he is, Tyrion gave him a great book about the Lives of Four of the Great Kings, which Joffrey cuts to shreds with his new Valyrian steel blade given him by Tywin. Lots happens character interaction wise here, Olenna and Tywin mention how much debt the capital owes the Iron Bank of Braavos, Prince Oberyn threatens Cersei and Tywin in a not so veiled way, Cersei threatens Maester Pycelle to go against Margaery "bleeding heart" opinion that the leftovers of the feast should go to the poor and Cersei says that they should be fed to the dogs instead otherwise Pycelle will be eaten by them too. Pycelle, of course still hitting on a much younger woman I might add, is playing his usual bumbling self. I like that he is basically being replaced by Qyburn, someone whom Cersei seems to be quite fond of for his "alternative During the feast Tyrion is forced to become Joffrey's cupbearer after seeing a tasteless re-enacting of the War of the Five Kings by dwarves which Joffrey finds hilarious. Jaime tries to threaten Loras who threatens Jaime right back. Tyrion tries to excuse himself but Joffrey orders him to stay as his cupbearer. After taking a another sip Joffrey begins to choke and gasps out and dies, but not before pointing at Tyrion in his final breath as Tyrion looks dumbfounded at the empty glass. Theories abound as to the logistics of what happened. The only sure thing is that Ser Dontos knows something. Isn't it convenient that he gave Sansa a necklace, Lady Olenna goes to Sansa and could've easily taken one of the jewels off it, and then put it into Joffrey's wine cup when it was placed in front of her, so that she could protect her daughter from the wrath of Joffrey as she was told by Sansa? That's just my theory but it was great to see Mr. Congeniality get whacked when so many "good characters" have been killed. This also completes the cycle of three that Stannis and Melisandre put in motion that ordered the killings of Joffrey, Robb, and Balon Greyjoy (in case you buy into that whole magic thing). But it looks like we've reached a great part here, Shae at least got out (or so it would seem) before things went sideways and Tyrion's got some S'plainin to do! This was a marvellously enjoyable episode, written by the man himself George . Martin, giving us every bit of satisfaction out of the "Purple Wedding" as there was in the book. Things will surely become darker from here on out for Tyrion (everyone's favorite character it would seem). Can't wait to see what happens next and it will be nice to see Daenerys, Arya, and Jon next week too continue their adventures.

Roger Ashton Griffiths

Roger Ashton Griffiths

Mace Tyrell

Guest Star

Charlotte Hope

Charlotte Hope


Guest Star

Paul Bentley

Paul Bentley

High Septon

Guest Star

Diana Rigg

Diana Rigg

Olenna Redwyne

Recurring Role

Pedro Pascal

Pedro Pascal

Oberyn Martell

Recurring Role

Indira Varma

Indira Varma

Ellaria Sand

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (3)

    • Oberyn Martell: Your Grace. Lord Tywin.
      Tywin Lannister: Prince Oberyn.
      Oberyn Martell: I don't believe you have met Ellaria. This is the Lord Hand, Tywin Lannister, and Cersei Lannister, the Queen Regent. I suppose it is former Queen Regent now. Lord Hand and Lady Cersei, Ellaria Sand.
      Ellaria Sand: My Lord. My Lady.
      Tywin Lannister: Charmed.
      Cersei Lannister: Can't say I've ever met a Sand before.
      Ellaria Sand: We are everywhere in Dorne. I have ten thousand brothers and sisters.
      Oberyn Martell: Bastards are born of passion, aren't they? We don't despise them in Dorne.
      Cersei Lannister: No? How tolerant of you.
      Oberyn Martell: I expect it is a relief, Lady Cersei, giving up your regal responsibilities. Wearing the crown for so many years must have left your neck a bit crooked.
      Cersei Lannister: I suppose you'll never know, Prince Oberyn. It's a shame your older brother couldn't attend the wedding.
      Tywin Lannister: Please give him my regards. With any luck, the gout will abate with time and he will be able to walk again.
      Oberyn Martell: They call it the rich man's disease. A wonder you don't have it.
      Tywin Lannister: Noblemen in my part of the country don't enjoy the same lifestyle as our counterparts in Dorne.
      Oberyn Martell: People everywhere have their differences. In some places, the highborn frown upon those of low birth. In other places, the rape and murder of women and children is considered distasteful. What a fortunate thing for you, former Queen Regent, that your daughter Myrcella has been sent to live in the latter sort of place.

    • Jaime Lannister: So, are you looking forward to your wedding?
      Loras Tyrell: Yes, very much.
      Jaime Lannister: Our fathers are both rather keen of the prospect.
      Loras Tyrell: They certainly are.
      Jaime Lannister: Perhaps they should get married. (both laugh, pause) If you were to marry Cersei, she'd murder you in your sleep. If you somehow manage to put a child in her first, she'd murder him too, long before he drew his first breath. Luckily for you, none of this would happen because you'll never marry her.
      Loras Tyrell: And neither will you.

    • Olenna Tyrell: (to Sansa Stark) I haven't had the opportunity to tell you how sorry I was to hear about your brother. War is war, but killing a man at a wedding, horrid. What sort of monster would do such a thing? As if men need more reasons to fear marriage.

  • NOTES (3)

    • The episode won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Costumes for a Series.

    • Dean-Charles Chapman replaces Callum Wharry in the role of Tommen Baratheon. Wharry appeared in the role in eight episodes in seasons 1 and 2. Chapman previously portrayed Martyn Lannister in the season 3 episodes, Walk of Punishment and Kissed by Fire.

    • Icelandic band Sigur Ros makes a cameo as musicians performing "The Rains of Castamere" in Joffrey and Margaery's wedding feast.