Game of Thrones

Season 2 Episode 1

The North Remembers

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 01, 2012 on HBO

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  • The most brutal and chilling conclusion for an episode ever seen on TV

    The season starts on a bloody tone that is as introductory as it is comprehensive, the reunion of Joffrey's siblings with uncle Tyrion serves as warm contrast to Joffrey's scene with Sansa & the Hound, both of them offering a common front as solid as the one of Robb and his mother in King of the North front, yet not as arid as Daenerys "Dragon" Princess on her way to the South.

    However, it's not Daenerys's dragons but the ravens carrying news of Lannister incest what provoke the most brutal massacre, as the last thing we hear are the screams of dozens of mothers watching Joffrey's men slay each and every single one of Robert's bastards (even the babies)...the surviving one, Gendry, still in the same wagon as Ned's bravest daughter Arya.
  • The North Remembers

    The Good:

    -"It must be hard for you to be the disappointing child."

    -Jon Snow puzzles as to what Craster does with his sons.

    -"I will not fail you..." "You never have." "Now is a bad time to start."

    -The killing of Robert's bastards is mentioned in the book, but no one is there to see any of it.

    It would seem that the second season of "Game of Thrones" is upping the excitement level of its literary predecessor, "A Clash of Kings."

    The Bad:

    -Melisandre seems less fearsome than she ought to seem. This red woman is bad news, but the show doesn't let anyone know it yet.

    -Cersei and Petyr do not really butt heads in the books. It's strange that he would not hold his tongue in the presence of the Queen; he usually knows better.
  • Not like the book, yet somewhat enjoyable

    Ok first things first, for those who do not like seeing the brutality and immorality that fills this show..too bad. This series is based upon a book series, therefore the producers do not have MUCH say as to creating the content.

    That being said, I had a large issue with this episode as a whole. In essence it misses the whole point of the first 300 pages of "A Clash of Kings." One of the beginning scenes is of Jon and lord Mormont beyond the Wall in a wildling's tavern. Ding! Big mistake guys...This doesn't occur until nearly 250 pages into the book. What happened to the critical scenes beforehand, and the dangers beyond the wall, explaining the White Walkers!!! Secondly, the relationships throughout the episode are severely altered from their counterparts in the novels. Rob and his mother have a strenuous relationship in the books as Rob's newfound power begins to somewhat cloud his judgement..this is not evident in the show. And what in the world is this awkward mother/son relationship between Cersei and Joffrey (especially Joffrey speaking down to her and questioning her sex life), this is a huge part to add to the show, nor is it accurate. If you read the books, Cersei is the Queen Reagent, meaning she rules until Joffrey becomes of age. What is all this crap about Joffrey ordering and threatening his mother, when in reality she is just as bad as him.

    As many disconnects from the books this episode showed than previous ones, it is still somewhat enjoyable as the storylines of Daenerys and Jon pose a great mystery and suspense to both viewers and readers alike. Stay tuned as the series progresses, but the producers certainly need to coordinate the storylines much more efficiently.
  • not as thrilling as I hoped for, still a good quality show

    I remember sitting on the edge of my seat while watching Game of Thrones, and for this first episode, well, I wasn't. Maybe it is because I need to immerse myself in the fantastic game of Thrones universe after its long absence, but it wasn't as thrilling as I hoped for, not enough going on. I keep in mind it is just the beginning, things will get interesting very soon I'm sure.

    Actors on this episode were brilliant as usual, nothing to say there, it's just the story that was a bit too much of an introduction for the next one.
  • 2x01 "The North Remembers"

    After a fantastic first season, Game of Thrones returns with a solid episode with outstanding directing (as always) and a well-crafted script. I don't know about you guys, but this show already feels like a classic to me.
  • The North Remembers

    The North Remembers was a superb episode and second season premiere of Game of Thrones. I really enjoyed watching because the recap at the beginning was helpful since things picked up right where they left off and there is a lot of significant character and plot development. Tyrion was hilarious and it was great to see him Handle his nephew and sister. Robb embraces his path and it was awesome to see his Dire Wolf at his side. Daenerys and her dragons continue their journey barely staying alive it seems. It was nice to finally really see more of Stannis Baratheon. There was just way to much that awesome about this episode and I really look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Great way to start things off, but not quite capturing the magic of the book chapters this episode is based on.

    Game of Thrones Season 1 ended pretty much how Book 1 ended after Ned's death. The only thing taken was the first Arya chapter, which left her on a greater cliffhanger at the end of Season 1. With this episode, especially how it ended, I feel like it would've been better if Arya's chapter had instead been included here, better in the beginning.

    Everyone else's fist chapter in the book was portrayed here (except Theon, who doesn't get his first POV chapter until a few hundred pages into the book) and followed pretty well. We get to see all of the old faces from season 1 and what they are doing, including Robb and Catelyn and all of those people. We also see a bit from Jon's third chapter in the book. They really skipped ahead in his story, so I have a feeling his story will be either very slow paced in season 2 or he just wont be featured as much as he was last year.

    Either way, the episode delivered well for what it was meant to do: remind the viewers who was who and set everything up for the nine weeks to come. The most interesting scene was perhaps the one not included in the books, and that was the exchange with Littlefinger/Cersei and then Cersei killing all of Robert's bastards. This was not in the book, but it was rather described after it had happened. I thought it was a great scene, even if out of character for Littlefinger.

    Davos and Stannis looked exactly like I pictured them in the books, with Davos looking awesome, and Stannis looking very plain, but still similar to how I pictured him.

    All in all it was great, and I can't wait to see how they continue to show book 2 of this excellent series on screen. If it's anything like the book, it will only get better and better.
  • Promising start

    Game of Thrones is one of the best shows out there, if you can look past the fantasy background, that is. The first episode of season 2 dives right in, showing where the old characters are now as well as introducing new ones. We're mostly just recapping, being introduced or seeing the consequences of previous actions and thus the plot doesn't move forward too much. (spoliers head)

    In fact, the only real plot developments are Stannis informing everyone of the incest, the night's watch arriving at a friendly wildlings hut and Jofrey ordering the death of Robert's bastards.

    Still, the episode is filled with many nice scenes (particularly the one's involving Jofrey and Tyrion) and ends promisingly. In addition, HBO is clearly investing much more money into the show this time around, and hence we see even better scenery and costumes. Overall, a very promising start for the best TV show out there.
  • The War Begins (Spoilers Ahead)

    I'll spare you a long freaking recap. Tyrion arriving at King's Landing right at the top of the episode during Joffrey's name-day was an excellent way to start the season and show Tyrion assuming the position of top dog as he appropriately should amongst the show's favorite and least favorite characters. Robb has been winning the war (Starks-3, Lannisters-0) in the west against the Lannisters and has a talking to with Jaime Lannister in his cage and the back and forth show how fierce and into his own as a warrior. My only gripe with the episode is that for a War of Five Kings and with Balon Greyjoy being next episode expectedly we got no time with Renly and so little time with Stannis that they kind of mushed his intro into about six minutes but his message about Joffrey's illegitimacy as King is good to find out especially since so many people bring it up later. Robb senting Catelyn to go seek peace with Renly is a good move that will surely win them favor against the Lannisters. Who remains like stone is Stannis who refuses to even ally with his brother to defeat the very people stopping his from his rule. The Night's Watch scout party reach Craster's Keep, a musty old man who marries all of his daughters and takes them as wives and agrees to harbor them only if they don't touch or talk to his wives. His comment, "You're prettier than half of my daughters" was cool to have somebody point out how good looking Jon Snow is. Cersei learns that she can't control Joffrey as much as she thought she could, and her attempted almost killing of Littlefinger was tense and also theatrical enough to show how much power she really has. In the end of the episode (spoiler alert for the episode to come) showing the killing of Robert's bastards on screen and not mentioning it later was a very effective and brutal way to wipe the illegitimate claims, even going so far as to break into Littlefinger's brothel and slitting the throat of a baby off camera. Also, Arya only appears in one scene in the end so that needs to change.
  • The North Remembers

    Please do not riot or threaten to hang me internet fans, but tonight's Game of Thrones season premiere was just...okay.

    Joffrey was at his best in tonight's episode, but I thought they phoned in a lot of the other storylines. It seemed more of an effort to welcome in new viewers and introduce these characters than really advance what they had going on in the final episodes of last season. Not much with the little girl when I thought that was one of the more interesting characters of the first year.

    Solid, I have a feeling it will improve, but we'll see.
  • Close encounter of the fantasy kind (Spoiler-free)

    It has traveled billion miles from the deepest corner of the cosmos and we have just experienced its calm impact on our screens. Welcome back GoT, we have missed you ! Who could possibly need a recap for such a show ? It's not like if we hadn't spent the last past months thinking and dreaming about it. Still seeing all the major events in such a short time was exciting and when the title sequence began its stellar dance I had already plunged into the forgotten realms.

    I feel calm and around my head gravitates dozens of captivating televisual ideas. I see her angelic figure lost like an oasis in the desert and a fragile dragon as real as it gets. I feel the cold breath of a golden axe and the bitter smell of blood that follows. I hear their atmospheric voices, laugh of his wit jokes and wonder if I'm not hallucinating. A pagan and charming confusion, then a whore above a rocky CG Babylon. Can such an overwhelming production be real or have all my neurons already been scattered by this close encounter ?

    A comet. What a majestic refrain to transition between the burning screams of the North and the cold ballads of the South. An irresistible Tyrion, a repelling tyrant. An educative tale. What an entertainment way to be a better leader, a better child, a better human. I have looked into the eye of the beholder. I saw a disgusting pig surrounded by young wives and ready to get slayed by thousands of flying knives. I drank sacred water to stimulate my senses and be as frightening as a dire wolf ready to cut your filthy throat. I have never been so lost in medieval times and still I can feel the ground beneath my feet. I'm at war. We're in love. I'm a dragon ! We're dungeon masters !

    Note : This review was first posted on Kritikenstein, my weblog.
  • Still on top

    I find Game of thrones superb. It still is one of the best productions on air right now. Really flowing and well acted. This eps. kept me tuned.