Game of Thrones

Season 2 Episode 8

The Prince of Winterfell

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 20, 2012 on HBO

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  • Betrayal (Show and Book Spoilers Ahead)

    This week Theon has all of the ravens in Winterfell killed so that word of Bran and Rickon's death won't reach any of the Northerners. Tyrion continues to look for a way to defeat Stannis Baratheon's massive numbers by going through the histories of Westeros with wit accompanied by Varys and Bronn. Robb and Talisa continue their relationship and finally admit their feelings for one another and have sex in his tent. Robb has also hit a low point since returning from the Crag with the Kingslayer being let go by Catelyn and Robb orders her arrested for her betrayal. Jon is presented to Rattleshirt (the Lord of Bones) by Ygritte and it turns out that Quorhin Halfhand has also been captured by them but Quorhin protects Jon by projecting his worth to Mance Rayder alive rather than dead as a son of Ned Stark. Quorhin plays a dangerous game with Jon pretending and committing fully to making the wildling captors believe that he hates Jon and he's turning his cloak on the Night's Watch. The two have a scuffle and Jon goes with it. Clearly it's the only way that they will be able to get information on the full capabilities of the Wildling army Mance has assembled and their discreet discussion on how it must be done is great to show how cunning the Halfhand really is. Tyrion is given a scare when Cersei, while having dinner with him, accuses him of wanting to have Joffrey killed during the defense of King's Landing. She says she has his whore but it's not Shae it turns out to be Ross. Clearly Varys fed her wrongful information on the subject or something but Tyrion having to cover it up by pretending that it hurts him, and he truly does not like seeing an innocent woman hurt. But the near scrape leaves his desperate for Shae and he tells her that he would kill for her and that he will probably have to. Cersei remains ever cold despite her touching moment with Tyrion last week when she disclosed how she could not control Joffrey anymore. But Tyrion's line about revenge will I hope come back to haunt Cersei dearly. Tywin Lannister leaves Harrenhal to fight Robb he says but he leaves before Arya can get to Jaqen to give him Tywin's name for killing. Instead of a name she asks for help escaping Harrenhal and Jaqen complies by killing the guards on duty but making it look like they are still on watch. Arya, Hot Pie, and Gendry escape from Harrenhal and onto greener pastures. We get a great brief scene between Jaime and Brienne where she's putting him into a boat and her taunts her about her ugliness and makes himself a hassle on purpose. Jorah advises Dany not to go to the House of the Undying following last week's reveal from Pyat Pree the sorcerer. But she says that a mother must never leave her children and he complies. The reveal at the end of the episode was a weak reconciliation for people who thought that Bran and Rickon were dead for only a whole week. In the book it wasn't revealed until the last chapter that Bran was even still alive in book 2 as a surprise now they just want us to see "hey guys we didn't kill children or anything that would be too hardcore even for us." Theon is also visited by Yara who rather than bringing the 500 men he was promised is given twenty instead and they bond while she tells him to come home with her and abandon Winterfell but he refuses for fear of shame from his father. She tells him not to die far from the sea but he sends her away. At the Fist of the First Men Sam Grenn and Pyp uncover dragonglass daggers hidden in a worn out old black Night's Watch cloak that has to be there for something. But last but not least we see Stannis and Davos about to land in King's Landing on the Eve of what is presumed to be the battle for his winning of the kingdom. Stannis is by far my favorite new character and he is much more fleshed out in the series with a face to see his human beyond being guilty of fratricide. As a younger brother I understand his reasoning behind living in Robert's shadow and how he and Davos got forgotten in Robert's Rebellion and Robert and Ned Stark took all of the credit for it in the histories. The scene brings a lot of pull to Stannis's need to rule not because he wants to but because it is his right by all the laws of Westeros. He may be hard to like and rough around the edges but since he gives the Lannisters such a wedgie I love him all the more (but I don't want Tyrion to die obviously). But from the promo next episode will focus on the Battle of the Blackwater I presume which is what I've been waiting for all season. Yeah epic battle sequences! But now we have a smooth landing strip to pave the way for the last two episodes of the season as the War of the Five Kings rages on.