Game of Thrones

Season 3 Episode 9

The Rains of Castamere

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 02, 2013 on HBO

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  • The Rains

    Definitely some shocking deaths in this episode. I did not love it or revere it as an instant classic in TV history as some did, but this surely stood out in Season 3.
  • I Hate that rob died....

    well, thats life. It was a huge hole in my heart that Robb dead. The writer wants to leave the Stark family with just infants. Is he want to make the story of a vengeance of the cripple orphan? But i remember a lady say "when one important thing taken away, and you just weep?"

    Sad, but thats what life is, that just drama. this episodes has the best drama for me.
  • Another classic GoT episode

    What is Game of Thrones without heartbreak, blood and tears? This episode delivers EXACTLY that. Well more like slams you with it. And you wont even see it coming. Only GRRM could possibly make a wedding into a bloody affair.
  • The Rains of Castamere

    It will leave forever an indelible mark
  • Robb Stark

    It's really sad to see Robb Stark go. I didn't read the books and I really did not see that coming. I could have guessed his wife to go, or his mother or even his wolf but not him. Very sad and totally shocked. He will be missed.
  • Historical TV

  • the shock near the finally

    I gasp , I was WHAT with full open mouth, since that slow dramatic music I felt so worried , I think the boring-ness of that season finally come to an end, with shocking news
  • Rumor has it....

    In Season 4, GoT will start killing off viewers....
  • Robb's bad judgement.

    Robb made 2 bad judgement errors which could only lead to his downfall. It was inevitable.

    1) The execution of Karstark, he should have come to a settlement on their differences.

    Find some common ground (like killing more Lanisters in Castely Rock?) Why be so rightious in the middle of a war?

    Pass judgement after the war is over! He could have sweet talked Karstark.

    Instead he cut off his head leaving him crippled in the middle of a war.

    2) Jumping into a marriage.

    Why marry so quickly? He could have fooled around with her a long time and still (at least pretend to) keep his vow.

    Or have a talk after the war is over alter the agreement and come to a different settlement that both can live with.

    Now he disrespected Walder Frey and payed the price.

    Robb and Catelynn will be missed in the show as well as some loyal watchers that will tune off due to this event. It was brave for the writers to follow the book, I just hope they are not punished for it.
  • Score is way too low for this one!

    8.8??? seriously?

    By far the best episode of the season gets an 8.8 because some people cant handle the shit, the best thing about this series is nobodys safe, unlike anything else on tv the main characters dont have magical armour on. Probably the best episode of the series!

    IMDBs score for this is right on the money

  • they kill the most important persons of the serie

    After the last episode I was really disappointed.

    I dont want to see more of this. I dont liked anymor
  • Awemazing!

    I read the books and I still didn't see it coming! It was simply amazing! In the books you read about it but it's another thing when you actually watch the blade being hacked in and out of Robb's wife Talisa Maegyr and watching them slit Catelyn Starks throat. It was a very saddening thing to behold, yet we all knew that the day would come when The Starks had to fall either by The Lannisters, Daenerys and her army of unsullied warriors and dragons, or by unloyal frenemies as it were. Although it saddens me to see Robb and Catelyn killed so savagely I am still on Dany's side and if it came down to her or Robb I would choose Dany every single time. DAENERYS TARGARYEN is the true and rightful heir to the iron throne! Hear ye! Hear ye!
  • Shocked! heartbroken

    It was horrible.... Poor Baby Eddard :(

    It's just good that Dany, Jon, Arya and Jorah are fine.

    I was just shocked and at the moment when Catelyn recognized that he will kill thema all and she shouted.

    My heart is broken and I am not able to get this horrible pictures out of my head. Seems like Jon is the new lord of Winterfell... But it was necesary because when Dany is coming to Westores, there can't be another King of the north.
  • Very Mythological

    It was cool how that guy turned into an eagle after getting killed by an arrow. North American indians believed the same thing that ones spirit becomes an animal once their dead. Maybe that was George R R Martins inspiration when he wrote A Storm of Swords. I was guttered after Robb, Cat and his pregnant wife, Talisa got killed off by Waldor Fray and Rose Bolton. And Robb and Talisa were going to start a family together. It sucks when your dreams come to a crashing holt. But it was in the book so you can't blame the Producers of the show.
  • Great job!!

    Weakling better keep off from that episode because honestly it is gruesome to a point and might not satisfy everyone. As a book-reader, i knew what was coming but the difference between reading and watching on tv is big, especially when portraying such a brutal turn of event scenario. I remember being shocked when i first read it and even though i knew what was going to come out of this wedding i still found myself staring at the screen, mouth open and shocked. Why? Because even though it is brutal, it's marvelously done, the actors (especially Catelyn's) are remarkable in their acting and all the signs adding up along the episode made me shivers at the thoughts of what was yet to come. I say, truly well done HBO and everyone in the cast!
  • Not gonna forget that in a hurry! But...

    First I'd like to acknowledge how we'll done this episode was. Direction, editing and acting all top notch and that's the reason for the high score as it should be. However I must defend some of those who gave it a lower score and have gotten marked down so heavily for it. I understand that the story is driven by the book and so it's not appropriate to criticise the makers of the program for the story. That said, I can anticipate loosing interest it GoT as they do away with so many of the key protagonists. It's not that I'm not itching to watch the next episode, but over the next season or two they have their work cut out for them to get the watchers invented in a different set of characters. The 'love to hate' characters in GoT are second to none, but they are at risk of loosing balance here. I don't care much for Sansa and the age of the remaining Starks is such that they cannot take the baton in the way that Rob did from Ned. One of the strengths of this series is that it has you wanting/hoping/wishing things to happen so much, and denying the watcher this makes it all the more tantalising. However when it gets to the point that you can't dream up a scenario that you'd like to see, then it becomes more difficult to care what happens.

    I must however reiterate how awesome this episode was. For better or for worse that will be burned into my memory for a very long time. Very powerful drama that effected me more than anything I think I've ever seen on TV and perhaps even on the big screen. Completely blew me away!

    . plus one vote for Arya's Commando style spin off. Arnie could take on the role of Clegane now he's out of politics.
  • The Hound and his pup or There goes the groom...

    From a distance, Arya could almost see the Twins, the Hound's fears as clearly as he could see her own, and her family, so close that she could touch them. Her older brother was begging forgivenes to the brides that he dismissed, his would be father in law insisted to check over Talisa's pretty face & Edmure was ready to marry what he thought'd be the ugliest of the lot.

    Across the Wall, Brandon and Jon get as close as they could get without risking each other's safety. Using the full strenght of his power, the younger brother protects the older one and, then, proceeds to protect the youngest, thus Bran & Rickon reenact what must've been Benjen and Eddard's last goodbye before their older siblings died.

    Within the Twins, Tyrion Lannister's mother-in-law watches what would be her son's final moments with his son. Talisa settles on the name of Eddard and they dream the day Robb would teach him how to ride. Alas, the bedding, the song and the doors closes on them. Bolton's hiden armor reveal the hiden intentions behind it, the uncles spared only by the bedding ceremony and a bathroom run. Arya, from outside the Castle, watches yet another parent die on her, powerless to save anyone before Death comes for them.

    Catelyn is begging now, not for her life, but for her son's. Her first born, who's watching his own first son die along with Talisa. A death as serene as Robb's himself when his mother watches him drift away. Her death as serene as Arya's would have been, should the Hound have not gone back for his pup.
  • you win or......

    Well here we are, the episode based off of probably the most shocking moment of the books to-date. Before watching I thought it had the potential to be the best episode of GoT so far, it possibly was possibly wasn't but was certainly impactful.

    The opening scene set us up with Robb and Cat discussing (now fruitless) plans for an attack on Casterly Rock, a nice notion for those still thinking the Starks as the "good" guys would justly stride to victory over the "evil" Lannisters, unfortunately in Westeros justice is in short supply.

    Next came the re-introduction of the Freys, who later would secure their eternal place as the most hated house in the seven kingdoms by all us fans (and many of the local residents). Bread and salt was offered upon arrival so as to put Robb and co. under guest rights where they should be protected by the Freys, anyone who breaks these guest rights is accursed in eyes of gods and men. I did worry whether this was all done a bit too 'on the nose' and non-book readers might get suspicious.

    However I was reassured by the scenes of Walder verbally undressing Talissa and toying with his newly humble King, hopefully it served to divert suspicion from the Freys and instead paint them as seedy and jealous but not treacherous.

    Quickly we snapped away from this Twins-centric episode to check in with Dany and her slave freeing adventures. It was established that Daario, Jorah and Grey Worm would lead a skirmish into Yunkai to open the gates and strike the chains from the slaves. However it was all played out with an underlying suspicion on Daario as the writers played with a general theme of betrayal throughout the episode. Later we would be treated to a three way throwdown of skill as her espionage group encountered some Yunkai guards, a fight scenes which I thought was done rather well, especially the methodical trained rigid moves of Grey Worm. Dany's story would wrap up later as any suspicions of Darrio were quenched with the news of their success.

    Sam and Gilly got a quick scene in, most of which was quite inferior to how his story plays out in the books. Sam talked about a secret Night's Watch-only passage beneath the Nightfort, in the books this is shown to him by someone and has been forgotten by the Watch. Hopefully they will rectify most of this in the next episode.

    Arya and The Hound had an enjoyable disagreement over the morality of murdering a pig farmer, with Arya actually winning out and saving the life of one innocent. And off they trundled towards the Twins. Later The Hound laid some of his customary taunting down on the little wolf girl before she appropriately called him out on his fear of fire and ended with a firm "One day I'll stick a sword through your eye and out the back of your skull". My only grievance with this storyline is Arya should have been abducted one or two episodes earlier so we could have more of the book dialogue between them.

    Bran and his entourage had their most interesting time yet as they staked out in a small building to avoid the rain, however Hodor didn't take too kindly to the thunder and wouldn't stop Hodoring, leading to a character defining moment as Bran takes control of Hodor, albeit briefly. This brings the realisation that Bran is more than a Warg.

    Speaking of Wargs, he wasn't the only one in the area as Jon and his wildling faux-friends had turned up at the same location as they ran down a fleeing innocent horse breeder. And finally the Wildlings had a way to gauge Jon's true loyalties, of course he baulked at the task as only an honourable sort-of-Stark could. However seeing Ygritte's reaction and resulting action was fascinating as she struggled with the internal dilemma of whether to defend him or not.

    Of course Bran's involvement in events wasn't over as Summer came to Jon's rescue to allow him to escape, however not before Orell had his original suspicions confirmed via a taunting comment coupled with Longclaw being eased between his ribs. Ygritte's face as Jon galloped away ahorse spoke volumes for the relationship that has grown between this original odd-couple.

    And then we came to THE wedding, The Red Wedding as it comes to be known. Edmure's ceremony with the shock that his wife-to-be is actually attractive was well handled and helped (along with the Blackfish's assertion) to reinforce Edmure as a bit of a fool, albeit a good hearted fool. Eventually the bedding ceremony took place and the party winded down in numbers, Talisa and Robb exchanged some words as Catelyn noticed black Walder closing the doors, and then a tune started up, of course that tune was "The Rains of Castamere", a song all about not messing with the Lannisters and the repercussions of taking on Tywin.

    Catelyn's slow realisation along with that melodic tune were brilliantly done, inter-cut with a shot of Greywind, outside, locked up and unable to help his master helped to rise the tone of foreboding.

    I can only imagine that many viewers were panicking internally as the reassured themselves that Robb can't be killed, after all he's the King in the North. Arya and the Hound arrived, but too late as usual for poor Arya.

    And as the music was halted by Walder Frey we had one moment of brilliance, Lord Bolton turned leeringly towards Catelyn and with his cold-hearted eyes encouraged her to investigate his arm sleeve, only to find it armoured. And then came the Red and plenty of it too, Talissa was quickly and brutally murdered as the whole Northern party was set upon, quickly all the men were left dying along with an arrow strewn King in the North. Whilst this was all handled well I am not sure why the Great-Jon Umber was left out, in the books a particular Frey with a penchant for drinking is tasked with one job, to get the Great-Jon incredibly drunk so he can't retaliate, something which he still manages to do despite the enormous amounts he's drunk and small-Jon Umber throw a small table over Robb to protect him from further arrows.

    Catelyn having received an arrow in the back and now facing the true and final devastation of everything she once held dear clutches at straws as she tries to bargain for Robb's life. Something that Michelle Fairley handled to perfection, the emotion wrought on her face was incredibly powerful. Of course with Walder Frey wives are somewhat disposable and so with two more throat openings even more red was added to the wedding and as the silent credits rolled out you could imagine the audible gasps of GoT fans around the world as the Red Wedding took its place in TV's history of shocking events.

    All around an incredibly powerful episode which has re-written the landscape of Westeros, which I thought was handled very well in general with perhaps a few minor missing elements.
  • Not a soul to hear

    It was brilliantly painful. I remember first reading the chapter two years ago (I am sort of a newbie when it comes to ASOIAF, read only Game of Thrones before the show), being devastated and then imagining how the scene would play out on TV. I can honestly say they did the Red Wedding in justice.

    Michelle Fairley did an amazing job of portraying the most tragic and flawed mother, completely dead inside seeing the madness unravel in front of her. Bolton, Walder, Robb and even the added Talisa made the show be the hottest Internet story for three days. Good thing TV can shock in this digital era.

    Other parts of the episode were also great. Arya at the door, being so close, yet forever away. Bran and Jon just ten meters apart caught in different storms. Jorah, Dario and Grey Worm kicking some serious power of three style asses.

    Epic is the weakest attribute for this episode. Larger than life, heart breaking, nerve stretching, coma inducing. Welcome to the reality of Game of Thrones. It's the most difficult game to play.
  • Badly done, HBO. Badly done.

    There's shocking. There's appalling. Then there's just tacky. Anyone who found this in any way entertaining is less than human.

    Forget the intense brutality of the scene. Portraying a woman and her unborn child simultaneously stabbed to death can in no way be classified as entertainment.
  • Pure nicety!

    I was about to say the wedding was slow...
  • Writers gone mad

    Well I never saw that coming. The writers must have dropped some acid. I can't even begin to express what I just witnessed, I'm in shock!!!!! I guess I have to root for the Mother of Dragon's. At least she has everything going her way so far. I just can't believe they killed off 3 main characters in one episode. I need to ponder on this one or just forget about this show all together. After pondering I have come to the conclusion that the writers are on crack. They are more worried about running out than writing a great story. What would be great is if all the writers ran out of crack. Went to the bad side of town to buy more crack and got their throats cut. That would be great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or just eat sh@t and die. Done with this show
  • I'm so over this

    Why do I even watch this show.... all the characters just keep getting dropped.... useless!
  • How does this show manage to get better each episode.

    It may be brutal, but that is the show, just fantastic!!, I need more!
  • Close Encounters of the Stark Kind...

    Did that just... and did he just... and did she just... WHAT THE FUCK.

    Coming into this episode, my expectations were at a standard that made The Wall look like my garden fence. The show is now synonymous with spectacle for its 9th episode of each season being the jaw-dropping, game-changer of the year. In the first season we had Ned Stark's shocking demise, and with season Two, we had the incredible Battle of Blackwater. Here, in season 3, they've ripped out my spine and bashed it over my head until I've become so numb that, quite literally, I was walking around like a zombie in work all day today, still in shock. (If you're wondering at what stage of loss I am at now -- it's denial. )

    I just can't believe it.

    The last ten minutes of this episode made me feel as though I had been a party to something genuinely horrific, in real-life. When Talisa is brutally murdered (seriously it was just so insanely intense that I don't think it quite registered that Rob and Catlyn had been hit with arrows at this stage), I suddenly remembered Arya's chilling words from season two that anyone can be killed. It was at this moment that I wished for this episode to have some kind of interactive component because I just wanted to yell at Caitlyn to GET THE FUCK OUT OF THERE.

    Could they not have sent that message from the Lannisters through text? Did it have to be in cold-blood?! Did this episode have to end with the death of one of my favourite characters on the show? So many emotions right now, you guys. That image of a mentally and physically defeated Cat Stark casually having her throat slit will be burned into my memory for a long time.

    I absolutely LOVE this show to pieces.

    What made the final few minutes so special was everything leading up to it beforehand. Because, by Game of Thrones' own standards, this was a relatively light affair, wasn't it? The pre-wedding and wedding ceremony were filled with visual gags and jokes that I very much welcomed, because I figured the season could use a sort of happy wedding after the shambles in King's Landing. But, oh yeah, I remembered I'm watching Game of Thrones and there is NO SUCH THING AS HAPPINESS here. (Seriously so. Many. Emotions. )

    The thing that propelled me into the numbing emotional state of a walking fig was that the hour was filled with a cruel sense of optimism. Misdirection at its finest, Arya's adventures had finally brought her the closest she had ever been to reuniting with her family again. I was naive enough to think that by acknowledging her fear in this hour, nothing of harm would come to her. She may have been spared physically, but the girl is going to be an emotional time-bomb. She now has another name for the Red God. I really just want Arya to kill everyone on this show that has ever mistreated her. I would happily watch that spin-off.

    This is one hell of a Stark episode. In one foul swoop, Game of Thrones has taken out one of the strongest families in contention for the throne. So much other stuff happens in this episode, but honestly, I just can't deal with that right now. I need to run a bath. I need a massage. I also need to watch a few Pixar films and totally skip the start of UP because I seriously cannot take any more loss right now.

    Oh, and how does that saying go? It's good to be king?

    Right now it's lookin' even sweeter to be Mother of Dragons.

  • The Rains of Castamere (Major Spoilers Ahead for book and this episode)

    Now that's one hell of a brutal episode but before we get into specific it looks like the ninth episode of each season of GOT is becoming the go to puncher of an episode. Last season it was "Blackwater," then Season 1 had "Baelor," and this season has the operatically tragic snidely named "Rains of

    The North

    Sam gives a bunch of details on the history of the Wall and Gilly calls him a wizard for having learned all of that by simply reading. He says that only 3 of the 19 castles are manned and they should be able to enter to go through the other side if they're lucky.

    Jon and the rest of the Wildlings come upon a horse breeder for the Night's Watch. They insist on killing him but Jon says that they shouldn't as it would draw too much attention from the Night's Watch being this close to the Wall. He gets Ygritte to fire wide with an arrow that allows that breeder to escape on horseback and the Wildlings give chase. Orell continues to doubt Jon's dedication suspecting him of still being a crow and tries at every turn to expose Jon as not a real turncloak.

    Bran and pals reach a tower of a ruined castle on the GIft (land close to the Wall that was a Targaryen gift when a queen saw the noble work they did and gave it to them). While in the tower Osha refuses to go North of the Wall and Bran insists that he has to to meet the Three Eyed Crow and fulfill his "destiny" as it were. By chance the horse breeder is stopped by the Wildlings outside of their fortress hideout and Orell says to Tormund that Jon should be the one to kill the breeder to prove he is one of them. Jon draws his sword but refuses to kill him. Hodor freaks out and Bran wargs into him to quiet him and then into Summer to help Jon tear the Wildlings to bits. Orell yells that Jon has been working against them the whole time and a sword fight ensues. Tormund tackles Ygritte so that she is not slain by the other Wildlings as an accessory to Jon's betrayal and holds her down. Jon and Summer and Shaggydog all kick some Wildling butt. Orell gets gutted by Jon who says that he was right all along but not before Orell slips his consciousness into his eagle and attacks Jon with it in the face. Jon rides off before he can get killed and Ygritte looks on all sad. Osha agrees to take Rickon to the Umbers (in the books it is left ambiguous where she takes him) to avoid the perils of what lies beyond the Wall where Bran and pals are going. Rickon and Osha leave to be protected under the great Umbers. This is probably the last we'll see of Jon and Bran and pals this year seeing as there's so much left to cover in their respective stories this would be a great cut-off point until next year's premiere episode to get back to them. Also yay, no more Theon.


    Daenerys and her entourage all plan on how to take Yunkai in the best possible way. Daario says that the best way is for him to be let into the back gate, which he always is allowed to go through, and then sneak through the back alleys of Yunkai to open the main gate for Dany's army to take the city. Jorah, Grey Worm, and Daario all volunteer to go although Barristan tries to get his sword into contention for the good fight and he is suitably told by Jorah to stay by the Queen's side. Daario proves his battle chops by doing away with the guards as he, Jorah, and Grey Worm all infiltrate the back gates. When Daario assures them that there will be no more trouble a slew of slave soldiers are opon them and they all show off their sword skills as a team to fight them off. Daario is also beautiful as you may not have already noticed and a hell of a fighter too, is there nothing he can't do? No wonder Dany is crazy about him (you can so tell in how she melts when he walks in the room). While Dany worries in her tent after hours of waiting Jorah, Grey Worm, and Daario return all blooded to inform her that the city if hers. While this differs from the books I liked the bit where Jorah got to show off his combat skills in the first instance since Season 1 as well as getting Daario and Grey Worm in action too. But now she's won two slave cities and is becoming quite the Emancipator it would seem. Hope we get to see more of her in the finale but this would also be a sufficient ending to her arc leading into Season 4.

    The Twins

    The Hound and Arya continue towards the Twins for Edmure's wedding to an unknown Frey girl to secure another alliance between Frey and Stark. The Hound tries to kill a farmer on his way to the Feast but Arya talks him out of it much as Jon had with the Wildlings, him telling her that her niceness will get her killed one day. They get closer and Arya is told that she is totally afraid that her family will leave the Twins without her and that the Hound recognizes this as fear and Arya responds that the Hound himself is afraid of fire and that one day she will put a sword through his eye.

    Robb apologizes to the daughters of Walder Frey for his slight and Walder looks at Talisa and says that Robb is the victim of "a pretty Edmure and his wife, who revealed to be the beauty Roslin Frey (who Walder gestures to Robb that he could've had instead of his own Queen) who is charming and assuages all of Edmure's doubt of having a homely Frey wife. Also the scene where Lord Walder is listing all of his daughters and kin is funny as well. The festivities begin in the main hall and the bedding ceremony is performed and Roslin and Edmure are carried off to consummate their marriage. Lord Bolton refuses wine, saying that it "clouds Brynden Blackfish, not present at the Wedding in the books, excuses himself to take a leak. A Frey closes the hall doors and the Rains of Castamere begins playing. Walder Frey addresses Robb that he has not given him "the proper hospitality he Lord Bolton comes back to the table and Catelyn notices something odd about him, he's wearing chainmail. She slaps him and tries to warn Robb just when Lothar Frey draws a blade and stabs Talisa several times in the stomach killing her and her unborn child. The musicians above open fire with crossbows and the Freys around the hall begin slaughtering the Stark bannerman. Catelyn gets hit as well and Lord Walder drinks while this happens. Arya sneaks past the gate and sees Freys kill other Northmen as well and also kill Grey Wind with crossbows as well. The Hound knocks her out and carries her away saying, "It's too late This was good of the Hound, now not able to get any gold for Arya's ransom with the Stark's being murdered all around him. Catelyn grabs Walder's bride at knifepoint and threatens to cut her throat unless Robb is allowed to walk out of there. Walder refuses as Robb looks upon his dead wife and unborn child and as he feebly says "Mother" Roose Bolton approaches him, says, "The Lannisters send their regards," and stabs him heart and Robb falls dead to the ground. Catelyn cuts the throat of Frey's bride and then gets her own throat cut as well. End.

    In closing the Blackfish will no doubt run back to Riverrun having hopefully been outside of the kill zone when it took place, bearing in mind the fact that Stannis has cursed Robb, Joffrey, and Balon Greyjoy to meet horrible ends through the Lord of Light's magic, does this human plan play into that at all or is it magic? Do you think Edmure's dead or was he getting it on with his new bride while the rest of his family was being shamelessly slaughtered downstairs? I really hope we get to see more of Stannis next week as he is now the only just king IMO left to give the Lannisters no less than what they deserve. Of course with Lord Bolton now revealing himself as a traitor the rest of the North will no doubt show their anger and shout for Lannister blood hopefully. Tywin and Walder Frey now lie at the top of the Most Hated List even above Joffrey since Tywin no doubt had a hand in this, and I hope Lothar Frey pays oh so dearly for killing Talisa (in the books Robb's bride is not at the affair and is instead still in Riverrun and is still pregnant after the We'll of course see quite a bit of King's Landing next week and the fallout of the Red Wedding in spades but the show's righteous characters just got a whole lot less numerous. Still as shocking to watch on screen as it is when I read it in the books but there is still oh so much to tell through Season 4 and the latter half of the books such as the Dornish arrival in King's Landing, the Wildling attack on Castle Black, more Stannis, more Dany and her conquering slave cities, and Sam and Bran heading in opposite directions with their respective posses. I can only imagine what Arya and Sansa will be like next week with the news of the Red Wedding reaching their ears. Just to think that Robb was about to try to take Tywin's Casterly Rock (perhaps when in the book he was going to try to retake the North) and Tywin didn't even have to send an army to decimate him he only had to promise Frey power and a spot at the table and he jumped at the chance. Guess Ned Stark was right to always keep your word. Also, how heartbreaking was it that Talisa's son (if it was a son) would've been named Eddard if it had been born. Curse you Frey I want your head on a spike. Also in the book the Hound and Arya never reach that far and we get to see the Hound kills three or so Freys. Hopefully we get to see some of that next week as they leave the Twins. I want Frey blood dangit. Anyway, what a powerful episode and by far one of the best episodes of Thrones and that's saying something. Can't wait for next week to close things up with the aftermath of this truly horrific and tragic event. For those that no longer wish to watch the show I understand btw.
  • Wow! Just wow!

    I have read the books so I know what happens but still didn't prepare me for the horror that I have witnessed! Such great, great direction. Exceeded my expectations! Kudos!
  • We're running out of Starks!

    What's next? How the hell are we even supposed to resume normal life after this? I'm speechless! Winter has come!

  • NO!! Not watching this show anymore.

    Normally I love the twists, this is a bad bad bad twist. I don't care what happens after this, I don't. You've seriously turned me completely off of this if it did happen in the books I don't care.
  • Possibly the Best Episode of the Series

    Well, it's finally here. The Red Wedding is the biggest event in the series so far. It's the kind of brutal twist that has you throwing the book against the room, or now, staring catatonic at the screen as the credits roll. I don't think it could've been executed any better than it was. The episode walks a very careful line tonally. There is some great humor here (Frey not knowing the last granddaughter's name) and genuinely sweet touches as well (Edmure's wife turning out to be pretty, and the looks the Tully family shares during the nuptuals).

    They successfully create lingering unease throughout the wedding scenes, but when the doors close and "The Rains of Castamere" begins to play, the look Catelyn gets in chill-inducing. Having read the books, I thought I was prepared for the carnage. I was wrong. Having Robb and Talisa discuss their future, and even the name of their baby if it's a boy, was an incredibly moving scene, especially if you knew what was coming next. But the attack on Talisa was jaw-dropping and incredibly brutal. The violence all around was heartbreaking, and the performances, especially Michelle Farley, were amazing. Farley showed utter desperation in her meager attempts to save her son, and her wail of complete misery as she watches Robb die is soul-crushing. The direction, acting, and orchestration of all the extras was handled perfectly, coming together to create what is probably the most brutal sequence in TV history.

    And a whole bunch of other stuff went down in this episode as well! Bran finally harnessing his powers, and saying goodbye to Osha and Rickon (who finally gets lines). Arya and the Hound having wonderful interactions with eachother. The Hound knocking out Arya and carrying her to safety was beautiful in its way, and deeply sad. As well, Dany takes the city of Yunkai, and that comes along with a totally awesome fight sequence.

    This episode was absolutely packed to the brim with events, and that it came together so well is a testament to the talents involved. One thing to remember is that all of this happens roughly HALFWAY through book 3. There is so much more awesome to come.
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