Game of Thrones

Season 2 Episode 10

Valar Morghulis

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 03, 2012 on HBO

Episode Recap

Tyrion awakens after the battle in new, smaller quarters. With the arrival of Tywin, Tyrion will no longer be Hand of the King. He sports a nasty scar across his nose from the battle, but luckily Shae is there to kiss him and make him better.
Robb marries Talissa, against the wishes of Catelyn. Robb throws Catelyn's treachery back in her face as his response.
Jaime and Brienne meet some trouble on their way, but finally Brienne is able to put her sword where her mouth is; when Jaime remarks that she has killed two Stark men, Brienne reiterates that she serves Lady Catelyn, not the Starks.
Joffrey's pending nuptials to Sansa make an unexpected change. As a reward for Loras Tyrell's service, Loras asks that Joffrey marry his sister, Margaery, whom he explains is still intact despite her brief marriage to Renly. Joffrey, at the urging of his counsel, accepts the offer. Petyr corners Sansa later and explains that all of the inhabitants of King's Landing are liars.
Outraged by his Blackwater defeat, Stannis faces some interesting flames, thanks to the prodding of Melisandre and her Lord of Light.
When Theon comes out of Winterfell to face the North bannermen, his own men attack him so that they may go home in peace; the Northmen burn Winterfell to the ground. Maester Luwin tells Osha to look after the boys as he dies, and so the foursome takes their leave of Bran's home.
Arya, Gendry and their accompaniment meet Jaqen H'ghar as they make their way far from Harrenhal. He gives Arya a coin, and some magic words, "Valar Morghulis," to speak to any Braavosi should she have need of him again.
Daenerys navigates through the House of the Undying; after an emotional encounter with Khal Drogo, she finds her dragons in chains. When the warlock chains Daenerys, she burns him and his House of the Undying to the ground. Upon her return to Qarth, Dany finds Doreah in bed with Xaro. Acting swiftly, Dany locks the both of them in the vault that holds "all the riches in Qarth," which turns out to be empty. Dany, Jorah, and her followers gather as much as they can carry from her lodgings so that she might buy a ship.
In the North, Jon slays the Halfhand when he is provoked, finally understanding that it is the way to earn the trust of his wildling captors.
Elsewhere, Sam and the rest of the Watch are disturbed when the horn blows three times, signaling White Walkers. Tripping as he runs, Sam finds himself staring into the cold, blue eyes of a Wight.