Game of Thrones

Season 3 Episode 3

Walk of Punishment

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 14, 2013 on HBO

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  • Game of thrones

    Game of thrones 3x03

  • Walk Of Punishment

    Some good parts with Tyrion in tonight's episode, but I also found some parts to be a little bit tiring and boring.
  • The rites of Winter[hell]

    Rites of passage are an important part in the life of any person, it doesn't matter if its Hot Pie's first job away from Arya and Gendry, Arya's first bread in the shape of a wolf, Podrick's first time ever, the first cry of Gilly's baby or Jon's first sight of what the White Walkers consider "art".

    Rites of passage are not to take lightly, it define the person you grow up to be, whether that is a screw up like Robb's uncle, a Queen like Daenerys or a prisoner afraid of wolves like Martyn Lannister. Rites of passage can make you weaker or stronger, can make you a man or a woman, but they can't change who you really are, it can only reveal what was underneath: whether its a woman willing to die to keep her virtue or the man who unwillingly loses his hand trying to protect her.
  • Mixed feelings

    This episode continues the trend of season 3 to serve a mixture of good and bad scenes in hundreds of different places, with the end result leaving any non-reader rather confused. I can't see where most of the storylines are going as of yet, and Jamie and Dany seem to be the only very interesting characters of the season. Rob and Jon as well, but we see far too little of them. The rest of this episode was a collection of uninteresting scenes, mixed with a bit of comedy. There was a real WTF moment at the end, but overall I think this could have been much better.
  • Gary Lightbody - Snow Patrol

    Loved the episode, loved it even more because the lead singer for Snow Patrol was in it touch!!
  • Best episode yet.

    But bet the next episode would be even greater! Can't wait.

  • Walk of Punishment


    We start off the week with a boat holding Catelyn's father Hoster Tully going down a river. Catelyn's sister Edmure can't seem to get a fire arrow to hit the boat until his uncle Brynden "Blackfish" takes it from him and does it in one motion. While at Riverrun Edmure tells Robb how he manages to track down the Mountain to a small village close to their coast and attacked and won the town but the Mountain escaped, but they managed to capture two young Lannisters. Robb's rebuttal makes absolute sense, him wanting to lure the Mountain into the Riverlands and then getting him with a sure fire assault is what he needs. Even the loss of two hundred men is too much since the Lannisters have joined the Tyrells the Starks have the chips stacked against them now in a major way like never before. Catelyn's musings about her childhood in Riverrun led to her apologizing and dealing with the grief of Bran and Rickon's demise. The Blackfish helps her. Now I know that many fans have a problem with Catelyn but I personally don't, she as fully fleshed out character who has so much to deal with as a person seeing her husband having gone off to die and then reigniting a war that her sons die in is almost too much to think of if I was a mother especially of the Starks. But we finally got more introductions to these characters, who had shown up in Book 1 previously when Robb had attacked Jaime Lannister's force and cut them to ribbons before taking him hostage and getting the River-men as his own allies. But I like where this is going, especially the rumors of Robb flying around that he is a werewolf who feeds on his enemies flesh that his wife admits to while attending to the young Lannister boys.

    Arya bids goodbye to Hot Pie travelling with the Brotherhood Without Banners as Gendry tags along too. Hot Pie stays to bake since the wife of the innkeep loved his cooking so much. His gift of the wolf loaf of bread was cute and I could tell what it was even if Arya couldn't. But seeing the Hound get tied up and trash talk Anguy for using a bow instead of a sword was funny, even when a prisoner he's still grim and talkative as ever.

    Jaime and Brienne get carried by Roose Bolton's key thug to a campsite and Brienne is almost raped but Jaime convinces the main guy that Brienne's father, Lord of Tarth, would pay for her weight in sapphires if she was returned "unscathed" and she is not. But Jaime gets into some serious trouble when he gets released from his chains and when the guy is fed up with Jaime's smart-talking decides to cut him down a notch and takes off his right hand with a carving knife.


    We get to see Dany again, this time with Barristan in tow giving her advice on how to win the Iron Throne. They see the Long Walk of Punishment which is a row by the sea where misbehaving slaves are bled and left to die. She wishes to go forth with the Unsullied purchase to stop Jorah's advice that the Unsullied will never rape or kill anyone she doesn't want them to. When speaking to Kraznys she wants all 8,000 on Astapor and Kraznys' translator tells her that her ship and Dothraki will only buy her about 130 Unsullied. She offers them the biggest dragon of her three to them as payment for the rest which Kraznys agrees to, and Dany demands the translator, Missandei, as her own now to sweeten the deal. Much to Jorah and Barristan's chagrin she is right to do as she likes since her dragons are far from grown and an army is most certainly what she needs at the moment. Missandei will surely offer great future advice to Dany on many occasions by joining her Khalasar.


    Poor Stannis. Melisandre is leaving and taking a boat and some soldiers with her and Stannis asks her not to leave him and to make him another son, just as he did with Renly. But Melisandre says that, "your fires run low, my king" and hints at something of a ritual involving someone with Baratheon blood to help their cause. But Stannis is now at a low point, and without his Red Woman or Davos behind him his meager force of just under 1,500 men (in the books anyway) leave him very much vulnerable to attack even if he has a great stronghold.

    In the North

    Theon gets let out of his contraptions by the kind man who promised to get him out of there. He cuts Theon's restraints and gives him a horse and a direction to go, although Theon still has no idea where he is or where he's going. A bunch of horsemen manage to catch up with him and knock him off his horse and hold him down to the forest floor. Just when he is about to be punished by being "raped into the ground" the kind man who had let him go fills the posse of guys assaulted Theon with arrows before being called, "a ruddy bastard" or something.

    Beyond the Wall

    Sam and the rest of the surviving Night's Watch take shelter at Craster's Keep once again and he reluctantly agrees to feed them. The men don't seem to be too concerned now that there's only one fighting man between Craster's wives and them. Sam sees Gilly give birth, signifying that a lot of time has indeed passed since they came through headed to the Fist of the First Men, and she gives birth to a boy. This is alarming since White Walkers take the baby boys as we saw last season when Jon took a look at what Craster did to them in the woods. This will surely brew some conflict next week among the Night's Watch and Craster.

    Speaking of the First Men Mance Rayder, Tormund, Orell, Jon, and Ygritte find the Fist of the First Men littered with a bizarre abstract portrait of horses heads even though Orell had seen "dead crows" there last week. That probably means that they had gotten up and walked away, being afflicted with whatever the White Walkers have. But Mance tells Tormund to take Jon, Ygritte, and the others and to climb the Wall and attack Castle Black from the South. His line telling Tormund how he'll know when to attack is one of my favorites, "I'm going to light the biggest fire the North has ever seen" which definitely that he has a weapon or magic or something up his sleeve in terms of getting his army past the Wall and killing off the Night's Watch there. This will be exhilarating to see them climb the Wall since it's so very massive.

    King's Landing

    Tyrion attends a small council meeting without an official title this time. We learn where Littlefinger is going, which is as the newly appointed Lord of Harrenhal that he is to court Lysa Arryn (who wanted to throw Tyrion through the Moon Door in the Eyrie in Season 1 let's remember) who Baelish claims "has always had eyes for me" or something along those lines which leaves Tyrion as the new master of coin. Varys lives up to his title and tells Tywin of the Starks taking over Harrenhal and Robb Stark's garrison in Riverrun for Hoster's funeral as well. But seeing a book-learned person such as Tyrion explain the way that credit works when going over Littlefinger's ledgers of money to Bronn was very funny. And to pay back Podrick for saving his life on the Blackwater he gives him three whores and pays with a bag of gold which is returned to him by Pod. I thought at first it was Baelish paying Tyrion back for getting Ros out of danger last season like he had mentioned he was enbedted to him for earlier in the episode but it turned out that Pod is just really good at sex it seems, even though he's a first timer. But Bronn and Tyrion wanting to hear all of the dirty details was quite fun too. Paying attention to future hints Tyrion mentioning how the Crown is indebted to Tywin Lannister for millions as well as to the Iron Bank of Braavos (which might fund other Kings/contenders for the Iron Throne) could come up later.

    Overall this was a very solid episode for Thrones keeping the ball rolling although there still wasn't any big battles or anything but still Jaime's hand was brutal. Also kudos for using the rock version of the Bear and the Maiden Fair by the Hold Steady for the end credits rather than the typical music it was a nice change.

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  • WTF !!

    I don't know what other tittle would be suitable here.

    Jamie losses an arm, Arya met a bunch of friends, Theon almost got raped by a man and Danerys is giving up a dragon. Its amazing how surprising things are and its just the third episode. Keep the great episodes coming. !
  • Walk of Punishment

    Walk of Punishment was a great character building episode of Game of Thrones. I enjoyed watching because it was awesome. There was minimal action and maximum suspense. Many of the main characters are set upon varying paths. There was tons of drama along with intrigue and even humor. It was great to get a better sense of the various situations. I liked how Robb made his Uncle understand him and how Lady Catelyn remembered the past comparing it to her present situation. Jaime and Brienne go through many life changing situations. There is much more to the episode and its definitely good but perhaps slow for some people's taste. It was all I wanted to see Daenerys and she was spectacular. I suspect she has a plan but it was fun watching her put the men in their place. The ending was shocking for anyone who didn't read the book at this point like myself. I certainly look forward bto watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!

  • Mother of dragons is a witch

    This episode was crap. Last season all she cared about was her baby dragons, now she sells them like cattle. How could she just give away one of her babies like that? I hope the dragon she throws away, grows up and bites her head off.
  • Great episode

    Superb episode, it brilliantly carried out many different story lines at the same time, and the final was astonishing. I haven't read the books yet, but Ive never thought that would happen to Jamie.
  • Hilariously painful

    I haven't read the book, but I was really stunned when Locke chopped off Jamie's hand. Lol Jamie was like "unchain me and give me some food and my daddy will pay you all" and Locke trolls him into thinking his improvised plan would somehow work out. But I think after his right hand gone, the majority of his "jamie-ness" is... well what's the word... "chopped"? By the way, perfect song in the ending haha!
  • Jamies hand was CUT so SAD watch this Replay

    WATCH THIS EPISODE HERE--> www " short " ie/oybwwa


    this season and the next. Storm of Swords is where A Song of Ice and Fire starts to go from amazing to awesome.

    Plus, Meera Reed is the love of my damn life. One of my favorite characters and she was cast perfectly. Jojen as well. Thoros is also played flawlessly.

  • Jaime unhanded?

    Damn. This is one place I thought they'd definitely depart from the book. The dragon looked incredible. Remember the days of ''giant iguanas'' and stop motion photography? My have things changed.

    That Missandei sure is HOT! I should've known Gillie would have a son. I guess Podrick Payne is gay or something. He didn't get the booty.