Game of Thrones

Season 1 Episode 1

Winter Is Coming

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 17, 2011 on HBO

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  • Please read.

    There are a lot of new shows out there and a lot of period dramas. I had just a little bit of trouble following all these characters and knowing who was who.

    Now, I did not read the books, maybe that hurt my ability to understand, but I think they rushed into the storylines too quickly and did not properly introduce these characters. They have a huge following behind this show already, but for some of the viewers not familiar with the franchise through its literature form, I think they may have alienated us a tad.

    The ending was shocking. Definitely did not see them having the kid fall to his demise. Pleasantly surprised there, as cruel as that may seem.

    I'll give it another go. The production values were extraordinary, a lot of time clearly went into this. It was just a little bit hard to follow on my end.