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  • I know people did not care about the show that much, but I like it a lot. I was surprised that my family liked it. I do not like that nobody give this show a chance. I rather that this show be given a second chance, seriously.

    I acuatually really loved the concept about a video game family. I think it was really a great idea and I think it can still be a great idea to reair this show. I have not idea why anybody would not like this show. If anyone loves videogames or anime or something like that would enjoy this show a lot. I know I love videogames and like to see 3D animation. Please, please,please, please, please people give this show another chance. I think the show would have gotten a lot better if you gave it more time. And I want this show to be given more time then last time. As the other reviewer I liked the "last" episode the best as well. Personally I wish the boy and the Anime girl to get back toghether when this show comes back on air. I hope to hear some good and maybe thoughtful response to this idea.
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