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  • A show that wasn't even given a chance.

    The concept was unique. A family that lives in the world of video games. The mother was a lara croft type and the father was a driver from any racing game. And their two children Billy and Alice. I felt with just a bit of retooling this show could have been gold. First off it needed what made the simpsons famous. Guest stars but instead of real famous people it should have been video game personalities like Sonic,Mario,and Lara Croft. The world of video games wasn't explored enough. Platforms, First Person shooter and role playing games. This is a world where nuclear war can be declared and the world will reset itself once the game is done. Two parents trying to raise their children in such a world would be a challenge and very funny. Like maybe Billy is hanging with those Rated M for mature guys. Or Alice is upset about the lack of variety for girls. Either your a squeaky clean barbie/olsen twins game or your a scantly clad gun toting killer with Size D bra. Jokes could have been made about E3 as if it were the State of the Union address. Running gags like the presidents daughter has been kidnapped again! or Mom brings home a lost little girl like Dora the explorer. However everyone thinks she's crazy cause she keeps talking to open space. "I'm making pancakes? would you like to help? .....that's great" Alice "who are you talking to!?

    The video game industry is no longer considered a fad and is a billion dollar baby. So hopefully someone will revisit this concept again with a bigger budget and give it a season to find its audience. Its a shame that nowadays a show isn't given enough time to become a hit. its either succeed from the start or your canceled.