Game Over - Season 1

UPN (ended 2004)


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  • Monkey Dearest
    Monkey Dearest
    Episode 6
    Raquel's mom is released from prison, and visits the family along with her new boxing boyfriend. There are some flashbacks to when Mom was arrested. Alice bonds with her grandma, leading Raquel to kick her out. However, her mother still finds a way to worm her way into a family visit to the carnival, where Rip fights with a hot dog vendor. Elsewhere, Turbo fights dirty in order to win a wrestling match and enlists Raquel's mom's boyfriend for help.moreless
  • Alice and the C.A.T.'s
    Alice's aptitude test results arrive, and she discovers that she is best suited to work at a ski resort. Unfortunately, not as an instructor. Elsewhere, Billy falls in love with Suki Sato, a Japanese anime exchange student and Rip helps him out by teaching him some of his moves. His moves fail.moreless
  • Into the Woods
    Into the Woods
    Episode 4
    Turbo tries to break up with his girlfriend but she feels if his love dies then so does he. Elsewhere, father-son bonding time between Rip and Billy is a result of Billy's obsession with modern destructions. And Raquel tries to convince Alice not to eat some Magic Elf Cookies.
  • All Work and All Play
    There is help that is open to volunteers at Billy's school. Raquel takes up the work, but an overload of it, hoping to feel like a wonder mother. She finds that being "supermom" isn't really for her. Elsewhere, Rip sets Alice up on a date with a man from his pit crew and then he decides that he must undo it and Turbo develops a drinking problem.moreless
  • Basic Win-Stincts
    Basic Win-Stincts
    Episode 2
    Alice starts to be more popular at school after she wins a game of extreme beach volley ball. Billy also took part and wants a trophy for merely being a participant. As a result, he starts becoming obsessed with meaning less jobs and Turbo decides to take full advantage of the situation.moreless
  • Meet the Smashenburns
    Rip Smashenburn’s (Patrick Warburton) driving in a grand prix video game.