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    I hadn't realized this show had a guide here at I'm gonna go ahead and repost my thoughts I posted at the Press Your Luck board:

    - Probably the most noteable thing is that apparently nobody versed the
    celebrities in the fact that you're supposed to yell STOP!!!
    when hitting the button. Not one of them said it. They did at least get
    in a few "big bucks no whammies" though.

    - Some of the tiles on the Big Board were clearly out of alignment and
    in a couple cases, part of them was cut off. It looked terrible! Also,
    this cracked me up, you could see the Big Board reflected in Tim
    Meadow's glasses.

    - Leslie Nielsen made a really boneheaded decision. With two spins left
    and two whammies, but $4,000, he has a pretty good opportunity to put
    himself a good position for the final round by passing to Tim Meadows
    and hoping that he whammies. This would put in him first place for the
    final round. Instead, he decides to spin and whammies, putting him up
    to three (just as Ricki Lake warned against --- and I was glad that she
    did this, since Peter Tomarken always did.)

    - Wasn't so impressed with one thing Ricki said in the final round,
    though. Kathi decides she wants to pass her spins to Tim and is told
    that he'll have to take all those spins. Wrong! He only is
    required to take the spins up until the point at which he whammies. If
    that would have happened (which it didn't) he wouldn't have been
    required to take any of those spins. Personally, I think she passed way
    too soon.

    - While they did use the theme music from the show, I was disappointed
    that during the announcement of the prizes, they played the standard
    Gameshow Marathon music. The music played during this bit was my
    favorite of the show, but I guess they either wouldn't or couldn't use

    - Boy, Todd Newton's star has really fallen. He's relegated to hosting
    their "prize van" segments. No mention of the fact, of course, that
    he's a game-show host in his right --- and once hosted
    the Press Your Luck re-make, Whammy! on GSN (back when
    it was still Game Show Network), I believe.

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    At least they had those same whammies you remember seeing on the classic PYR show.
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