Gameshow Marathon

Season 1 Episode 6

Match Game

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jun 22, 2006 on CBS

Episode Recap

Tonight's episode started off with the usual clips of the original Match Game, then went into tonight's altered episode. We of course saw Kathy Najimy and Lance Bass as the two contestants in tonight's episode, with a celebrity panel of only one panel member from the original Match Game, Betty White. Kathy won the coin toss before the episode, so she got to choose either A or B for the first round, and she chose A. Her sentence was: "Dumb Dora was so dumb, she showed up for a baby shower wearing nothing but a blank." Kathy's answer was "a towel" and she didn't match anyone. George Foreman guessed "hat," Kathy Griffin guessed "diaper," Bruce Vilanch guessed "cap," Adrianne Curry guessed "g-string," Adam Carolla guessed "shower cap," and Betty White guessed "shower cap." Lance's sentence was "I heard Paris Hilton wants to be a contestant on the next 'Survivor,' but I can't imagine her going 39 days without blanking." Lance didn't match anyone with his answer of "bathing." George and Kathy guessed "shopping," Bruce guessed "shaving," Adrianne guessed "sex taping," Adam guessed "text messaging," and Betty guessed "reading." For the next round Lance went first with sentence A: "Lorain said, 'It's weird being married to a dentist. Right before we make love, he says blank.'" Lance's answer of "brush" gave him a match with George. Kathy guessed "open wide," Bruce guessed "where's the cavity," Adrianne guessed "get rid of the floss," Adam guessed "open wide," and Betty guessed "rinse." Kathy's question for the second round was: "This year Hollywood is hosting the first plastic surgery awards. They're planning on giving the lifetime achievement award to blank." Kathy got five matches with her answer of "Joan Rivers." Only Betty White didn't match with her guess of "Phyllis Diller." For the third round Kathy chose B, with the question: "Guess what? I went to a wedding where an exotic dancer got married. The ceremony was a lotta fun because all the brides' maids were wearing blank." Unfortunately Kathy's answer of "tassels" didn't match Betty's guess of "belly studs." Lance's third round question was: "Snoop Dogg is hosting a new MTV wedding show. It's called Pimp My Blank." Lance answered "bride," matching Kathy and Bruce, but Adrianne guessed "broad" and Adam guessed "ho" so he didn't have enough matches to beat Kathy. Kathy moved on to the Super-Match, with her first phrase being "blank market." Kathy chose the other Kathy, who guessed "super," Bruce who guessed "bull," and Betty who guessed "flea." Kathy went with Kathy's answer of "super" which turned out to be the number one answer. "Stock" was the number two answer and "black" was the number three answer. For the second Super-Match, the phrase was "purple blank." Kathy picked Adrianne who guessed "haze," Adam who guessed "rose of Cairo," and Betty who guessed "rain." Kathy went with Betty's number one guess of "rain." "Haze" was the number two answer, followed by "heart." For the final jackpot round, Kathy chose George as her celebrity to match, with the phrase being "blank kong." Kathy got a match with "king," winning a total of $50,000 for a home viewer.