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CBS (ended 2006)


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  • A worthy effort, but in the end comes up short.

    I have always been a fan of some of the game shows that were part of the Marathon. When I first heard of this I thought it would just be some random summer replacement show or a show they would air on Saturday nights and was very surprised it was put in like a regular show that CBS had a lot of faith in. I came in thinking that this would be too much like an annoying celeb-reality show. And in some ways, I was right. Most of the celebrities seemed like what they were doing and daying were setup and looked like they wanted to be somewhere else, espically Lance Bass (who I already find very annoying). I\'ve never been a fan of celebrities on game shows and I\'ve dreaded the day that The Price is Right would have a celebrity version, and the Price is Right portion proved it cannot work. All of the celebrities seemed stuck up and others seemed totally disinterested. Ricki Lake wasn\'t that bad as the host but she needs improvement in quite a few ways. There were sometimes where she interacted way too much and seemed very nervous and other times she was too calm and didn\'t interact enough. Some of things she did like jump up and down and scream made me want to change the channel. She has to get out of obnoxious talk show mode and into game show mode if she is ever to host another game show. They also made these specials too much like current primetime game and reality shows. Too many stupid gimmicks and tweaks that didn\'t seem necessary. Kathy Griffin and Adrienne Curry were incredibly stuck-up and annoying on Match Game (not to mention Lance not wanting to be there at all), which I felt was the worst episode except for the Super Match round.

    If they do another Gameshow Marathon, I suggest two things. 1. Use regular civilian contestants instead of celebrities. 2. Have Todd Newton host, not Ricki Lake.
  • An entertaining walk down memory lane

    I first heard about the show through another message board and was instantly excited about May 31 arriving so I could see what the show was all about. It was an amazing trip through time, I wasn't born when "Beat The Clock" was on in the 1950s, so Gameshow Marathon was my first time experiencing this timeless classic. I grew up with shows like "The Price is Right", "Family Feud" and "Press Your Luck" (somehow I always cheered for the Whammies) and experienced "Card Sharks", "Match Game" and "Lets Make A Deal" through Game Show Network. I hope that the show returns with a fresh new set of classic games so I can re-live some of my all-time favorites all over again.
  • It was fun to see some of the old gameshows.

    At first I thought another stupid show I'll never watch. Then when I realized it was celebrities playing a lot of the old shows I watched it and loved it. It was fun to see some of those old game shows again. I really hope CBS will do this again, but I hope they don't over do it. This is very good in small doses but if they ran this every week or several times a week for a whole season, (I'm thinking of gameshows such as Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and Deal or No Deal) I would definitely watch this again. Way to go CBS with this one.
  • Nothing can get better than every ones favorite old classic game show getting revisted.

    I love it. It brings back so many great memories. The contest are great too. You win what they win on the tv show. Nothing can get better than that.. To me how will they do family fued as the season finale. Maybe they will bring their family. My favorite was press you luck. If CBS renews this show, i would be so happy.
  • I love gameshows, I love celebrities, and I love Paige Davis - so why don't I even like Gameshow Marathon on CBS?

    I love gameshows, I love celebrities, and I love Paige Davis - so why don't I even like Gameshow Marathon on CBS?

    I've thought about it and I think the excitement that "average people" give to the chances of winning is completely taken away when people with nothing to gain and nothing to lose take the spotlight!
  • All my favorite game shows packed into one show!

    Gameshow Marathon is just like the title says, a marathon of different game shows. Being a game show fanatic, I show this show is awesome! It has some of my favorite game shows ever on it like The Price is Right, Card Sharks, and Press Your Luck. Having celebrities on game shows is hilarious, so that makes the show even better. Ricki Lake is an average host, and I think they could have found someone better, but she doesn't take anything away from the game shows. Overall Gameshow Marathon is an excellant show, so I give it a perfect score, 10 out of 10.
  • A really great show!

    Ricki does a great job hosting the shows and the celebrities really look enthusiastic, I guess because they know that someone will actually win these prizes. Who needs another \"Celebrity *yawn* Edition\" of a gameshow when these guys are doing spectacular. I hope that this becomes at least a \"sweeps\" show!
  • Watch the Game Show Network, pass on this show.

    If you ask me, this I think this is Joke. The Purpose is for the star to win a spot on the last show, for me which can\'t come soon enough. If you ask me (and I know, no one is) after this show is over, CBS should burn all the copies and denigh it was ever happened.
  • One episode will make you want to switch to GSN and make you think 'why did I go back to the real world?'

    Honestly, watching 'Game Show Marathon' was like watching a children's birthday party with more lights. Ricki Lake hosts a simplified version of famous game shows created over the past sixty years. Certainly makes you think: "Why watch this when I can watch the game show network, and isn't 'The Price is Right' still on TV every weekday?"

    Sure, Leslie Nielsen is a funny guy, and Kathy Najimy is great, but the show is low on...pretty much everything. Except lights! There were plenty of lights overtop of the audience, and did you see that gross Bruce Vilanch lookalike?

    ...and who was Adam in the audience anyway?!
  • So far so good!!

    The shows that I grew up with now on one stage
    And that I am glad that it has been so far so good
    But will get only better if it keeps it up like this
    Like one viewer, reminds me also of the old Hollywood Squares days and thinks that it is like with washed-up celebrities trying to "reclaim their fame!"
    But it will only get better with time IMO!
  • The whole concept of the show looked interesting until I actually saw the beginning of this first show. The \\\"History of The Price Is Right\\\" segment was interesting, but after it ended, so did my viewship.

    Based on the ads I saw, I was actually looking forward to watching this show. Unfortunately, I couldn\\\'t watch much beyond the initial part of the show which was a \\\"History of The Price Is Right\\\" segment.

    First of all, why in the world did they pick Ricki Lake to be the host of the show? Nobody wants to look at her or hear her voice, especially for an hour. I would have rather watched some nobody off the street instead this junk...

    Second, the celebrity guests... The guests on this show remind me of the old days of Hollywood Squares. If a \\\"celebrity\\\" was on the show, they\\\'ve hit the point in their career of being washed up and unable to find work anywhere else.

    The only good things I saw were the two women demonstrating the first item up for bids, a \\\"NASA trampoline, just like the astronauts use in space\\\"... In their schoolgirl outfits, they definitely looked like some nice fallout from The Man Show. :D