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GamesMaster was more of a games show than a game show involving two or three challenges per show. These challenges saw people come on the programme and playing a game (usually arcade or console). It was the first video games programme. One challenge per show involved a celebrity taking part and these challenges involved commentary by a non-entity from the video games press e.g. Dave "Games Animal" Perry.

Anyone who completed a challenge or got a better score than his or her opponent was presented with a Golden GamesMaster Joystick.

The series was presented by Scottish stand up comedian Dominik Diamond (who now is currently a reporter for the newspaper The Daily Star). However, Dexter Fletcher presented Series 3. (Dominik left the series because of its two-year sponsorship deal with McDonalds, but eventually returned in Series 4.)

The show also feature reviews of the latest games. Most episodes during the first four series saw kids come on the show and ask the Games Master: an animated floating head of astronomer Patrick Moore for tips and cheats on console games. The Games Master also introduced each challenge.

Series Settings

Each series had a different setting. These were:

Series 1 (early 1992) – Church Series 2 (1992/3) – Oil rig Series 3 (1993/4) – Prison Series 4 (1994/5) – Hell Series 5 (1995/6) – Heaven Series 6 (1996/7) – Atlantis Series 7 (1997/8) – Desert island

Interesting Facts

Each series also featured a different servant who brought people in, out, brought the GamesMaster Golden Joystick etc. These were:

Series 1 – Monk Series 2 – Diver Series 3 – Caretaker Series 4 – Goblins Series 5 – Angels Series 6 – Mermaids Series 7 – Girl Fridays

A GamesMaster computer magazine was launched. It is still published today despite the fact that the series is no longer on air anymore.

Diane Youdale Mayhew

Diane Youdale Mayhew


Patrick Moore

Patrick Moore

The Gamesmaster

Dexter Fletcher

Dexter Fletcher


Dominik Diamond

Dominik Diamond

Presenter (Series 1-2,4-7)

Brad Burton

Brad Burton

Himself - Co-commentator (1994-1995)

David Perry

David Perry

Himself - Co-commentator (1992-1997)

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  • Gamesmaster series was one of the first, if not the first tv program to cater for computer / console game fans.

    With the surge in popularity of video games in the mid-late 1990's a daring new game show was created to cater for the hungry kids that were completely starved of video game related tv. Each episode contained a number of challenges taking place on an up-to-date video game sometimes with celebrities taking place. Also there was a tips / help section where real members of the public could ask the gamesmaster (patrick moore) for advice. For the best part of the challenges they had semi-famous editors from video game magazines to voice over the challenges, this added a sport type feel and excitment. Winners in the challenges were awarded with a golden joystick award. The joystick was a quickshot joystick covered in gold paint with a perspex box surrounding it on its plynth. It paved the way for mass market socially accepted video game shows. Great classic TV for video game fans.moreless