Channel 4 (ended 1998)




  • Season 7 Episode 10: Series 7: Show 10

  • Prior to cancellation, because Series 7 scored very high in the ratings, Hewland International were considering bringing back GamesMaster for an eighth series in late 1998, which would have been an adult-oriented programme that would air on a late night timeslot, and the setting would have been a pirate ship with buxom wenches as the Golden Joystick assistants.

    However, Channel 4, which was run by Michael Jackson at the time, just wanted to wash their hands clean of both Hewland and GamesMaster, which was taken off the air for good.

  • Season 6 Episode 9: Series 6: Show 9

  • According to an interview he conducted with Casually Hardcore on 9th August 2010, Dave Perry was told by Hewland International that if he, Rik Henderson, Derrick Lynch, and Kirk Ewing all participated in the Christmas Quiz, there would be a play-off on Wipeout 2097.

    However, on the day the four co-commentators showed up at St. Paul's Church to film the special, the game was changed suspiciously to Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64. Prior to filming, Dave had spoken to the gaming press, telling them that he would not play the game until it was officially released in the UK in 1997, since the massive amount of attention centered around the N64 was hurting the video-games market during the holiday season of 1996.

    When Dave asked the other three commentators if any of them had played the game, it was revealed that only one did - Kirk, who was real-life best friends with the show's host Dominik Diamond. Not only had he played Mario 64 thanks to Dominik buying him both an N64 and a copy of the game on import, but Kirk had been playing it for three months in advance and beaten it a couple of times while helping VIS Entertainment develop Earthworm Jim 3D.

    Dave did complain to director Steve Wright, who told him not to worry since Kirk would not make it to the play-off. If he did, then the game would be changed.

    Eventually, Dave played well, winning every round. But when they got to the fourth and final round, Dominik asks Kirk two Earthworm Jim-related questions, which he answers correctly, securing a place in the Mario 64 play-off against Dave.

    When Dave went to tell Wright about his promise that this was not supposed to happen, Wright told Dave that there was no time to change the game because the play-off had to commence immediately. Even worse, Wright told Dave that if he walked out on the challenge, Dave wouldn't be allowed to use Hewland's hire car that brought him to the church anymore, and he would have to walk home on his own, since the church was in the middle of an industrial estate.

    Dave tried to play his way out of the Mario 64 challenge by finding a sneaky shortcut on the Cool Cool Mountain slide, only to mess up and lose in under thirteen seconds, after Kirk survived for only twenty seconds.

    After being defeated by Kirk and taunted by Dominik, Dave felt betrayed that the TV show he helped create and served so much loyalty to did this to him. Dave admitted that he could have reacted better at the time, but he just wanted out, proving his inability to "go with the flow".

    From that point, after appearing in three more episodes, Dave quit GamesMaster and sat out the seventh and final series to go appear on the fourth and final series of Games World.

    Since then, Dave never did play Super Mario 64 when it finally arrived in Britain, claiming that he has "always hated those cutesy Nintendo games".