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On the Spot is a weekly show on about the videogame industry and GameSpot specific features. Broadcast live at 4pm PST every Thursday, it is the only game specific live program on the Internet.

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  • A great show for videogame lovers!!!

    Gamespot's On the Spot show is a great source for videogame information and content. Rich Gallup does an excellent job as the shows host and is very exciting and engaging on all levels. Jeff, Ryan, Brad, Aaron and the remaining supporting cast adds their own flavor to the mix as they review and preview exisiting and upcoming titles on consoles and pcs. If you would like to know anything within the gaming industry, the On the Spot crew provides more than a plentiful amount of information to leave gamers of all level satisfied...not bad for a web-based television show. This is truly a great show and the only reason why I have a account.moreless
  • "On the Spot!" is a step above all other gaming shows, because of its interactive approach with its audience, comedic presenting style and informativity of the ever changing gaming world.

    When you think of shows that are shown online, you would probablly think something along the lines of \'Man, this is gonna suck...\' or \'Its probablly just a bunch of kids messing around with a camera.\" If you think this way then one show could change your view of this. ON THE SPOT.

    On the Spot is a Gaming show produced by a CNET networks website It is a weekly programme aired at 4pm. PDT. (Midnight GMT.)

    Each week the show looks at 3/4 games recently releases, or game demo's that will be coming out in the near future, and gives the viewer an overview of whether or not the game will appeal to them.

    During each section questions that have been sent in are answered about the games. Using this method, the show manages to reach more people, and tell the audience what they want to do. Also, as the programme is online, it makes the communication easier and faster. Competitions are also held after each show, with prizes being handed out weekly.

    On the Spot also takes us to places the public would not usually see. Places like the E3 gaming event a few weeks ago. During this week, the On the Spot crew kept the videos coming, letting viewers know all of the news moments after it being released. The special shows are really fun and informative, and keeps viewing simple.

    The shows Host is Rich Gallup, and he is joined each week by many of the Gamespot Editors. Gallup and the Editors all seem to have a really good bond going, and this really helps the show to blossom. As any comdey duo, the ammount of time spent together means they have a chemistry on screen that is very entertaining for the viewers.

    The Hosts also don\'t mind talking to the shows fans, every week before, during, and after the show a chatroom is open, where not only can the audience communicate with others, but with the Editors as well. Through this system and the Viewers reactions from each segment show, this helps the show develop more and more each week to what the audience wants to see. Games!

    One of the bad things with the show, as with any that is live week in week out, is that i can suffer from some technical difficulties. During live shows things like the sound quality can sometimes slip, and some of the vidoes that were pre-taped can go a bit messed up. But these problems don't really spoil the show, and during re-runs the problems are all gone.

    On the Spot is a really great show, but it won't appeal to everyone. You will need to be interested in Games or the Gaming industry to really get into it. The show is really solid, and will keep on improving in the future.moreless
  • The show keeps getting better, and the guys are great! It's fun, fast, and usually very informative.

    Each show is a review of everything that is happening around the world in the genre of gaming, and these guys do it in such a fun way. They're funny, interesting, and informative. You can really have a good time watching the show every week. I personally think that they've done a great job with the show in the past, and I love to see them progress and get better and better. Gamespot rocks!moreless
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