Gang Busters

NBC (ended 1952)


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  • The father of all cop shows!

    Gang Busters was on radio long before television even came along. It spent a few years on TV in the early 50’s, but was on radio from the 30’s through the 50’s. A true sign of its impact is that the phrasing “coming on like Gang Busters” is still used to this day to describe a boisterous opening or entrance, reminiscent of the blaring sirens, tire screeches and gunshots that opened both the radio and TV versions of the show.

    The show’s stories were based on actual FBI and police files. It has been said that show creator Phillips Lord had a good relationship with J. Edgar Hoover and was able to get access to many closed FBI files.

    By today’s standards, the acting and editing may seem poor, but viewed for its historical value and in perspective, these are quite interesting shows.