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FOX (ended 2014)

Those who had read my posts at TV.com before would know I am a fan of mob/gang genre. There aren't that many shows on TV of this genre so I am excited about Gang Related.

This is not a review, more like a short preview so only LIGHT SPOILERS ahead. If you liked this post, do give it a heart at the top right hand corner.

I have watched the pilot and I think you should too.

1) What is it about?

The premise is it follows members of the Los Angeles Police Department's elite Gang Task Force as they take on three of the area's most dangerous gangs, including one gang that a task member has ties to.

This is the official premise. It is NOT a procedural cop show or I will not continue to watch.

After watching the pilot, this is what I liked about it

1) Judging from the first episode, The action scenes are quite good and the stories does have good pacing. The show is written by Chris Morgan who wrote The Fast and Furious series.

2) The cast is above average. The main lead Ramon Rodriguez is quite good. It is always nice to see Terry O'Quinn back on TV. Cliff Curtis is another nice veteran to watch. After watching the first episode, I liked Inbar Lavi very much. She plays the only female task force member.

3) Fans of The Shield, Sons Of Anarchy may like this show. Jay Karnes who appears in both series also appears here again.

What you might not liked

1) So far, the premise might be a little cliche. I would say the show has nothing new or fresh to offer. You probably have seen the characters and stories somewhere before.

2) I felt the story is borrowed in part from The Departed which in turn was based on a Hong Kong Movie internal affairs.

In conclusion, the pilot had given me enough to continue to watch the show. It does need more twist and turns to keep viewers coming back.

I do not think ratings would be high so I hope Fox would keep it till at least end of season one and show all 12 episodes. Since it is a summer series, the lower expectation might lead to a season two renewal. Bad news is even if it does get a renewal we probably have to wait one year for it.

Those who have watched it, do give me your opinions but try to keep it spoilers free.

For those who do not know, the show premieres May 20th on Fox.


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