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  • Season 1
    • Aryan Brotherhood
      Gangland takes a look at America's most feared White Supremacist gang The Aryan Brotherhood.
    • 11/1/07
      Gangland takes a look at New York's most notorious drug dealers Frank Lucas and Leroy "Nicky" Barnes.
    • You Rat,You Die
      Episode 2
      Gangland takes a look at one of America's most feared Hispanic street gangs MS-13.
    • Code of Conduct
      Episode 3
      Gangland takes a look at the Mexican Mafia who are a prison based gang that controls other Hispanic street gangs while in prison, and are currently waging a race war with black gangs in prison.
    • 12/6/07
      Gangland takes a look at the notorious biker gang The Hells Angels and their willingness to to whatever it takes or Take Care of Business (TCB) the gangs motto. This is despite the promotion of themselves as America's biggest motorcycle club and their participation in children's fund raisers and other altruistic activities. This episode also covers an undercover operation by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). The agents testify to the drug abuse and the violence they witnessed while undercover.moreless
    • Race Wars
      Episode 5
      Gangland takes a look at the gang capital of the world, Los Angeles, where more than 900 street gangs with some 40,000 members fight for domination. But a new dimension has been added, for where gang affiliation once determined your fate, now race itself is playing a leading role in gang-related killing. And innocent people are being targeted for having the wrong color skin.moreless
    • 11/8/07
      Gangland takes a look at New York's Puerto Rican street gang The Latin Kings. They originally formed in Chicago but a chapter was formed in New York. This episode covers the history of the gang covering its birth in prisons its spread to the streets and the spread throughout the country. Their leader king blood ordered the killing on dozens of other gang members. They exist in both prisons and on the street today.moreless
    • 12/20/07
      Gangland takes a looks at Chicago's Almighty Black P. Stone Nation street gang which is rumored to have over 23,000 gang members.
    • Hate Nation
      Episode 8
      Gangland takes a look at the White Power Skin Heads.
    • Gangster City
      Episode 9
      Gangland takes a look at Chicago's notorious street gang The Gangster Disciples.
    • 1/10/08
      Gangland takes a look at California's Nuestra Familia street gang.
    • Blood In, Blood Out
      Nuestra Familia. As the predominant Hispanic gang in Northern California, Nuestra Familia, or NF is primarily a prison gang. Compared to other prison gangs, NF's numbers on the inside are relatively small, yet they distinguish themselves through discipline and fear. They have adopted the battle cry "blood in, blood out," and made their rules official, scribing a 50-page constitution laying out their bylaws. Among them, "an automatic death sentence will be put on family member that turns traitor, coward or deserter. " NF also have tens of thousands of loyal followers on the streets known as Nortenos or Northerners. The main rival of NF has always been the Mexican Mafia, with their followers being the Surenos or Southerners.moreless
    • Basic Training
      Episode 11
      Gangland takes a look at the problem of gangs in the military.
    • Blood Oath
      Episode 12
      Gangland takes a look at the The United Blood Nation.
    • Root of All Evil
      Episode 13
      Gangland takes a look at the Drugs and Prostitution rackets run by MS-13.
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