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  • Great show!!!

    Probably the nbest ongoing documentary on gangs, and the impending explosion we will have with them in this country as they increase in numbers which they are doing...rapidly! This show is so scary and realistic because on certain shows, Federal Officers have their voice changed and their faces blocked out for fear of retribution. So those who think this show is sensationalized, think again. Personally I think the gang problem is DOWNPLAYED, by both this show and all the media.

    They crime is that this show is on The History Channel. This is not history. It is current events. This show should be used to steer people especially younger people into loving history thru documentaries. It makes no attempt to do so. Did you get tired of History, Hiostory Channel? I miss it very much. They had great shows. But still, Gangland is a winner. Not for kids under 13 or those not socially responsible. Parents should watch a few episodes with their kids and talk to them about this problem.