Gangland - Season 6

Spike TV (ended 2010)


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Episode Guide

  • Army of Hate
    Episode 82
    In Columbus, Ohio, a white supremacist gang obsessed with firearms and explosives terrorizes the public. The goal of the Aryan Republican Army, also known as the ARA, is to overthrow the federal government by any means necessary. In order to fund their racist revolution, ARA members have robbed dozens of banks, netting thousands of dollars in cash, and taunting authorities with their brazen crimes.moreless
  • Clash of the Crips
    Episode 81
    The East Coast Crips are on a mission to prove they're tougher than their West Coast counterparts by terrorizing the streets of NYC. Crips on the East Coast employ brutal, in-your-face violence, decimating anyone who stands in their way. Their unique brand of violence includes slashing the faces of their victims, leaving them permanently disfigured. The East Coast Crips will stop at nothing to conquer the "Big Apple.moreless
  • Capitol Killers
    Episode 80
    MS-13, one of the largest and deadliest gangs in the United States is terrorizing Washington D.C. By decimating rivals and slashing victims with machetes, these brutal gangsters have taken our nation's capital by storm. Their violent tactics and rising body counts continue to send shockwaves of fear through the whole DC metro area.moreless
  • Better Off Dead
    Episode 79
    Born and bred in Puerto Rico's roughest prisons, the Association Netas have spread to the mean streets of Trenton, New Jersey with one goal in mind: complete domination. The Netas recruit warriors from both inside the prisons and on the streets of Jersey, making them a double threat. In July 2004, a Neta deserter sparked an all out war between the gang and the Latin Kings, leaving one woman dead and the city of Trenton crippled with fear.moreless
  • Wild Boyz
    Episode 78
    The Wild Boyz are the most feared gang on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. They ward off enemies by flashing a bear-claw tattoo, a nod to their Oglala Sioux heritage. The Wild Boyz are the largest of forty Native gangs that wreak havoc on Pine Ridge. While other gangs are transplants from outside cities the Wild Boyz take pride in being 100% homegrown -- true products of the gritty, poverty-stricken reservation.moreless
  • A Killer's Revenge
    Episode 77
    Just outside of LA, there is an ultra-secret war taking place between Asian street gangs. At the forefront is the vicious Asian Boyz gang, or ABZ. Formed in Southern California by Cambodian and Vietnamese immigrants, this murderous group has turned SoCal into a killing field. After the murder of one of its own, ABZ launched a vengeful killing spree, leaving a trail of carnage in its wake.moreless
  • Vendetta of Blood
    Episode 76
    In San Diego, one notorious street gang reigns supreme- the Lincoln Park Bloods. Also known as "LPB", the crime syndicate will rob, kill, and terrorize all who stand in their way...even police. Through secret messages in the gang's rap music, San Diego PD has tried to bring the gang down, but LPB continues to plague the city they call the "Salty D".moreless
  • The Assassins
    Episode 70
    Logan Heights is the most notorious Hispanic street gang in San Diego. With over 400 soldiers, the gang outnumbers all of their enemies combined. Logan Heights makes its money selling marijuana, cocaine, and methamphetamines on the streets of the city. The gang has a storied history as the hit squad for one of the most feared drug organizations in the world - The Tijuana Cartel. Beginning in the early 90's, Logan Heights gang members began working as assassins for the Cartel. The deadly pairing is responsible for one of the most shocking murders in Mexican history.moreless
  • Devils Diciples
    Episode 7
    In this episode, the viewers get a look at one of the Outlaw biker gangs, the Devils Diciples Motorcycle Club.
  • Bloody South
    Episode 6
    In this episode, viewers are given a firsthand look into the Gangsta Killer Bloods located in South Carolina.
  • Crazy Killers
    Episode 5
    In this episode, the viewers are given a look at the South Side Locos located in Oklahoma City.
  • Skinhead Assault
    Episode 4
    This episode gives the audience a look into the Volksfront Neo-Nazi Gang.
  • Street Law
    Episode 3
    In this episode, the viewers get a look into the Sur 13 Gang.
  • Trinity of Blood
    Episode 2

    In the Trinity of Blood episode of Gangland, the show explores the impact upon southern Texas by the Tri-City Bombers gang. Numbering more than 1000 members, this vicious Hispanic gang runs both drugs and weapons between Texas and Mexico, making it one of the most feared gangs in the state. They also battle their arch-enemy, the Texas Chicano Brotherhood, for supremacy.

  • Snitch Slaughter
    Episode 1

    The Snitch Slaughter episode follows a gang of California bikers known as the Vagos Motorcycle Club. The expansive gang claims around six hundred members and are often spotted wearing green and bearing an insignia with the Norse god, Loki. Here they deal with would-be betrayers who threaten to turn them in.