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confusing ending (spoiler warning)

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    spoiler warning, dont read if you havnt seen the whole thing

    I'm a bit confused by the ending and some things not explained.  I'll put them in list form because thats easiest.

    First, it never truely explains what gantz is.  more info might be nice

    When everyone but Kishimodo died, their bodies were transmited and the origional disappeared, even if they would have been able to be revived their bodies disappeared leaving only one.  but in kishimodo's case, her origional was revived from near death and not deleted like the others.  I know nishi discussed this a bit in ep 4 but thats about the extent of what I know.

    in the last episode, when he's in front of the train..... whats up with that? does he die? does he escape?

    what was that whole kurono alien thing?  kurono was a person.  does gantz just not want him to get the 100 points to escape?  or is gantz just mean?

    why is it that as the series goes on, the gun's destructive power goes down with the delay time?  if you look at the first time they are shot and in the kurono alien assignmnent they are completely different (as kurono stated).

    as the golden statue alien (dont know what to call it really) brought up, why are they actually after these aliens?  all it does is cause people to die (though they would have died anyhow if gantz didnt bring them there).

    I'm sure I have other questions but I cant think of them at the moment but I'll come back if I do.

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    *takes a deep breath* Ok, first you should know that after the third anime arc, the anime takes a different path than the manga. The manga is still going on, and reading it will answer some of your questions. Plus, the last anime arc (episodes 22+) was bad and left a lot of questions that no one can answer.

    1.) As I said, the manga is still going on, and even in the manga we don’t know what Gantz is yet. This is still a mystery.

    2.) The answer is simple and stupid – Gantz made a mistake. He left Kishimoto’s real body alive, and thus there became two.

    3.) Like I said, the last arc you’re talking about here was not in the manga, and is pretty bad. It’s unknown if he lives or dies. Some say he does die, others say he lives and beats Gantz. I say just forget about the last arc and start reading the manga from around chapter 90. It’ll pick up from the Buddhist Statue Arc and keep going on in a way less confusing and with a better story.

    4.) After the Buddhist Statue Arc, Kurono is pissed that he’s the only one left alive, and thus points the gun at Gantz. Gantz doesn’t like this, and it punishes Kurono. In the anime he makes Kurono the alien and has the others try to kill him. His punishment in the manga is to complete a mission all by himself with hundreds of little aliens. Once again, the manga is better. Also, he does get 100 points later on in the manga.

    5.) I don’t really know for sure here. All I can say is that the guns in the first arc, and the ones later on are different. The person gets better and the guns are upgraded.

    6.) They are called Buddhist statues, as it was at a Buddhist temple. Thus, the arc is called the Buddhist Statue Arc. Gantz (the anime and manga) is full of mysteries yet to be solved. As I stated, the manga is still going on, so Oku-sensei (the creator) has more unknowns to reveal. This is one of them. No one knows why Gantz has people kill aliens for him. What we do know is that Gantz has enemies out to kill him. So, there might be a connection there.

    7.) If you have more questions, ask away.

    I hope I helped a little. As I said, Gantz is filled with mysteries and many have yet to be answered. My suggestion, if you want to make better sense out of it all, is to read the manga starting with Chapter 90 or so and forget about episodes 22-26 of the anime.
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    u asked what i hadn't yet had a chance to ask
    i only got the last 3 eps aweekish ago and ive watched it over and over
    one answer to the anime a friends of mine suggested, mind u he read heavily into anything and everything, he suggested that the anime (the only thing weve seen) the reason he apears in front of the train is because gantz was only a figments of his subconceous and a way for his life to flash before his eyes... sort of, and that he we never still alive but as he was ripped apart his mind created the whole universe from cing people on the platform (last group) and others from elsewhere before.
    that also explains how all of the victims relate like a ripple effect to each other
    anyway, i think my friend is sort of right if u have only cn the anime, but if the manga(is it in english, cause i cant read japaneese) goes on then i cant explain it and its just an easy way of making the anime end
    which i was disapointed at
    i have watched each ep atleast a dozen time to the point of saying fing A all the time lol
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    Ok now the ending drove me mad i can't help it i mean so many different possibility's for it. 

    1. It could have been all in his head

    2. Lets say he live's where did he pop up in front of a train then dies

    3 He die's end of story

    But if you ask me one of those things i really want to know is not what is gantz but more where did it go at the end, and well it Sempt the the Buddhist statue's aliens (gold one) is woundering who they are and why the where there and how they were there so does that mean that theyve been killing these (aliens) for no reason i mean them statues had to have been there at the temple for years without any problems and one more thing is there like a prison on the moon for these aliens ??? or something  

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    Overall ending wasn't very good.
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    KingofIPirates wrote:
    Overall ending wasn't very good.

    the whole series was not good, to me at least. I was very disturbed by the explicit scenes. They should have warn me that this is a hentai and I would have stay clear of it immediately instead of getting the rudest shock of my life.
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    about the Kishimoto thing... She wasn't "near" death... she was dead... in the brief amount of time her heart stopped, she was dead, in that time Gantz "took" her. Then the original was revived.

    as for the train, who knows if he dies... its the anime, never trust the anime over the manga... the manga continues MUUUUUUCH further.


    he does eventually reach 100 points, a few ppl do actually.
    You are given 3 options upon reaching 100, but thats all i'll say for now.

    The old guns still exists, but they get new ones, one of the 3options that i mentioned is that you can get a better weapon. Those are prolly the ones ur seeing if you read... unless i misread ur question. ???

    delay time and "why are we here" thing, idk... read the manga.

    Seenoong, its no bible black or la blue girl... those are hentai. Gantz is just grafic, in more than one way. lol. And if you can't take Gantz, stop watching it?

    you can't say the ending was bad, well ok the anime ending was bad, very inconclusive and different than the manga. But the manga has yet to end, there's hope yet!!

    have a nice day
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    I just finished watching Gantz this very hour. Got to say, it was very disturbing...

    My thought on Gantz and the whole thing was that Gantz was actually the alien, hes probably the most evil out of all the characters, this is pointed out too by the 2 killers at the end that kept singing that morning song that Gantz always played at the beginning.

    All of the aliens have been rather passive and defensive, they paid for what they bought, he even stopped for a while during the red light! They even begged for mercy. They never killed anyone of the black suits except for in self defense after being continously hunted.

    I also hated seeing those gorgeous hot chicks die or get beaten... that REALLY pissed me off.

    Anyways, I'd really appreciate it if someone who has read up till the current manga of Gantz to write a quick rundown of what has happend if someone would , please? I love watching anime, but for some reason I just can't get into manga
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    gantz sort of in a twisted kind of way saw...
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