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  • A mix of all class of society, being forced to kill in order to survive.

    the characters are all very dumb, they could have condensed the 26 episodes into 3 or 4 episodes...the action is so slow it gets me frustrated.
    I watched it in french and the translation was the worse I have ever heard...when Kishimoto talks it's like I was watching an anime for childrens under 5, I think they took about 2 or 3 people to translate the whole cast.
    I have not read the manga but it definately does not appeal me at all.

    On the positive side, the animation is great, the idea is also nice. You wont miss a lot if you skip that series
  • A perverted teenage boy and his heroic classmate die saving a homeless man, only to discover that they are in a mysterious room.

    Forced to face dangerous aliens by a black orb, the boys along with other dead people, fight to get back their lives.

    Despite a lot of uneccessary sexual content, I enjoyed this anime greatly. It was scary, absurd and down right disgusting at times but the suspense was incredible. So many times I thought Kei was done for and I yearned to know more about the mysterious Gantz. Apart from Kato, the characters weren't cliched as kind and admirable. At times, I detested Kei's selfishness, but his perverted and carefree attitude was realistic for a teenage boy. Many different characters kept the story fresh and their development lead to a range of themes.

    The ending was dissapointing. There was so much more I wanted to know. i couldn't handle a cliffhanger after seeing Kei struggle for so long. The manga has continued way past the anime plot and I am wishing the anime would carry on.
  • slow paced action.

    First and foremost the sex scenes caught me off guard. The main character loves girls (a little too much) and often fantasizes about sex. I really didn't see that one coming. So just a heads up for all ya youngsters. Gantz is a interesting concept, but it just wasn't there. The action was poor, and often i felt the show would actually be better off without it. The characters where interesting... the story sometimes wasn't clear. i was hoping for a face past sci fi, but i got a story about a kid who can't keep his eyes off a girl. This was a disappointment.
  • Extreme Hyperbole.

    Gantz centers around the Plot of Kei, a Heartless, Self centered, cynical Monster of a person. Who along with his friend in an effort to save a homeless man, Get run over by a train. But miraculously right before their deaths, They get sucked into another world filled with strangers by a Black Sphere known as Gantz.

    Right from the beginning you know that Kei is a jerk, he cares about no one, extremely cynical, Sadistic and Selfish. And you almost feel that he should've been killed right at the first episode. Kei watches on as a girl is being raped by men for his enjoyment. That's kei...

    The worst thing about gantz is, A girl is rescued by Masaru before she gets raped by a gang of men And soon after that you see The same Girl molested by a dog and she seems to enjoy it and makes little effort to get the dog off. that is just mind numbingly Dumb.This anime is of a whole new level of pervertedness.

    The plot of the anime is For kei and his friends to kill aliens in a set amount of time, and that's it... Infact there is no plot at all... Gantz is all about Nudity, more nudity, extreme exploitation, Violence and people getting Ripped Apart like chicken, sounds fun??, well if it does, i think you'll like this anime.

    is there anything good at all??

    The best part of The Anime is it's animation, this is top class, One of the best i've ever seen, The characters are animated Beautifully. The voice acting is the absolute best i've ever seen in an anime. it's Brilliant and in most cases perfect. The Intro and Ending Themes are Fantastic too, This has to be the Best Eng dub ever made... There's so much energy and Life in the Dub cast, they made a fantastic job.

    This is just an Pathetic excuse for Blant overexcessive Exploition of Gore Violence and Nudity.
    Gantz is about the Darker side of Human beings, It is almost sarcastic about it, sure, it can be fun, but This is utter crap compared to Elfen Lied, Elfen lied had a very good story, Great Characters and it actually had a plot. Unlike this thing.

    Sometimes i wonder why such Great animation and Voice Dub is wasted on such a pathetic anime. it makes me sad.

    Gantz takes the worst of Anime and manga, Exploits it and multiplies it by 10 times... You like Exploitation, and Anime's with no plot?, well this anime is for you..

    Gantz is glorification of the Perverted Dark and Evil side of Human beings, you Need to be eccentric to watch this. (Maybe perverted as well).
    This is certainly not for kids..... Apart from the Glorious Animation and the Best Eng voice acting i've seen, There is nothing good about Gantz... Cheap excuse for Exploition
  • The story about a teenage boy named Kei Kurono dies from a train accident and is forced to fight for a black ball named Gantz against aliens.

    This is one of my favorite animated series, though the comic book is better, it gets very good especially towards the middle end. The beginning is a bit slow, but it picks up and at first the protagonist Kei is annoying and constantly whining about his pervertedness he becomes very likable. The characters are pretty good, though the one character I found irritating until she died was Kei Kishimoto. The action can get pretty good and very gory, which is okay if you can handle it. There are a lot of sexual situations, which again if you care about it happens frequently (but what can you expect from a teenage boys mind :P). The story gets very good as the characters are developed because you start to care, especially when death is common. It shows the degradation of society or the way we humans are as a species. The series also touches on some survivalist themes as all the characters just want to survive and live through each mission. The only criticism I find is that the end was too vague, but thats because the comics were still being produced (and still are) so the end had to be mad up. I just wish they could continue the series since its possible the way it ended.
  • Kei plays and insignificant role in life, in death however.....

    What happens after death? heaven? hell? reincarnation? NOPE! try, re-spawn! lol. Would you want a second shot at life if you died and felt that you have not yet completed your mission in life, or whatever? Would you want the second chance if it meant being the toy of a deranged maniac that would revive you from death just for his amusement? After you die, Gantz teleports your soul and a copy of your original body to a room with several people that are in the same boat as you. Every one in the room had just been in an accident where they died for one reason or another and are either confused or angery because of the current situation. Well once you get done arguing with them, the black sphere in the middle of the room that no one seemed to notice starts playing music. Text appears giving orders to kill an alien or 2 (ha!). Then the sphere pops oppen revealing weapons and suits that enhance physical performance, you "gear up" and prepare for a fight for survival. If you die, "game over" if you live, you can fight again another day, literally.
  • Kei is your typical perverted teenager with an insignificant purpose in everyones lives, until he dies.

    Where do you go when you die? Heaven or hell? WRONG! Would you want a second chance at life? Would you want it if that meant you were the toy of a twisted mainiac that could bring you back to life simply for his amusement? When you die, a copy of your body and soul are made and sent to a room with several other people in it that have just went through a similar experience as you. After you get over your death and finish arguing with the complete strangers in the room with you, all of a sudden the black sphere in the middle of the room that no one has seemed to notice, starts playing music. Text appears on the sphere giving instructions to the new arrivals, then it pops open revealing weapons, suits and a man inside the sphere. This man, came to be known as Gantz, sends you back to the city where you died to fight what ever creatures or aliens he created. If you die, game over, if you kill the monster, you live to fight another day.
  • The best Anime I've seen

    The Anime is about a boy from Toyko, Japan. He walks with his best friend to the subway, were both of them get killed by the train while tring to help a homeless man off the subway track. They get transported to an alien dimention, were they meet a person that is in the same world as they are the black orb, called Gantz gives the players weapons and black leathery suits for protecting their bodies. A few hours after the two friends transported to the alien dimention they saw a strange laser starting to glow, someone else was trasporting to the world, when the laser unraveled the body seem to take shape. As the naked women fell to the floor, one of them put a jacket over her.
  • a kid dies but finds himself in a room with other people in it and a black sphere.the black sphere sends them all out into the streets with weapons to kill aliens.

    At first glance, Gantz seems like it’s made out of two pieces. The first piece is a discordant dissection of the human mind, examining the private thoughts and emotions that run through the heads of society. The second piece is an alien-hunting game, Men in Black style. Combine the two and you get a series that leaves you in awe the entire time. Each individual scene seems disjointed and bizarre, but like the pieces of a jigsaw scattered across the floor, everything eventually comes together in an all too fascinating show.

    Right from the start, viewers know that they’re in line for a whole new ride. Kei is introduced as a disdainful high schooler who has a bad habit of getting an erection every time his mind wanders onto girls. As we follow him into the subway station, we see for the first time the aspect of this show that will snare viewers from the beginning. Instead of being told in the third person like most stories, Gantz is told from an omnipresent point of view. The thoughts in the heads of everyone on the screen are voiced so the focus of the story is split between that of the main character, and society as a whole. Already, this provides the perfect opportunity to take a snapshot of society and show how the creator views humanity. Humans are portrayed as selfish and judgmental pricks, living only for sensationalism and cheap thrills. This sets the stage for the events to come.

    When a drunkard falls onto the subway tracks, no one is willing to help him except a high schooler name Katou. With the help of Kei, who was a childhood friend, they save the old man but get crushed by the train in the process. Mysteriously, they find themselves still alive, but transported to a room in Tokyo along with a few other people who also recently died. Just when things start settling down, the audience’s attention is drawn to a large black ball in the middle of the room. Words appear on it, telling the room’s occupants that “a new morning has come.” From then on out, a tale of conspiracies and extraterrestrial criminals unfolds, adding action to the already eclectic mix.

    What really sets Gantz apart from other alien slaughter fests is the way that it’s presented. The atmosphere is aided by a pumping soundtrack, ranging from a catchy hip hop intro to creepy background music. It’s just as variegated and disjointed as the show, which really brings out the flavor of the story. Switching lightly between generic “Action! And Adventure!” guitar riffs and eerie chanting, followed up with traces of trance, the music is absolutely fascinating.

    Add into the fact that the animation is powerhoused by the renowned Gonzo studio, what results is a masterfully crafted series with a solid storyline, intriguing characters, and something that’s as appealing to the senses as it is to the mind. After all, what better way to get fanboys to drool over a property than throw in the Gonzo name, wrapped up in a shiny package of pseudo-psychoanalysis? The characters are just as pleasing on the eyes, and all-around, it’s just a show ready and waterproofed for fandom drool.

    Insights into the human psyche, lightened up with the occasional naked girl... Gantz is one of the best shows to come out this past year. There’s so much there to tease your mind that it’d almost be a waste to let this slide by.
  • A Dark look behind Life after Death

    Gantz is a really dark anime which gives you a thought of what happens when you die.

    The Main Character of this story is Kurono Kei, A Selfish High school student with no feelings for anyone but himself. One day his life ends quickly when he is forced to help a homeless man off the rails in a Subway station with the help of his School friend Katou Masaru.

    Both of them are killed in the impact with the train. Then after that, both of them are taken to this room were a couple of other people have died as well, whilst there they come across this strange black ball called Gantz which somewhat controls the fate of everyone's lifes. They are told by Gantz to hunt down these aliens who are somewhat invading are planet-Reasons unknown.

    Gantz is a really powerful series which you would need to take in, It gets even more dark along the way so Be aware of what you see.

    So Go watch this Show and prepare for the Ultimate Ride of your life!
  • unapreciated genius

    i've seen the first 5 episodes and i thought it was better than what everyone said it would be.
    Being given a second chance to fight demons. what a cool idea. the characters are funny, specially kei. Most people say they messed the ending up but i find it hard to believe. i was surprised by its art. the art is probabley the best ive seen in manga. the only let down is the amount of nudity in it and sexual behaviour. But except that it is one hell of a show, and i recomend you watch it.
  • This show had a wealth of potential and dropped the ball TERRIBLY for the last 4-6 episodes.

    I was SOOO angry that I invested so much time in this show because the first season was AMAZING. But by the time the second (last) season is over, you're left with so many unanswered questions and a confusing ending when the show up to that point was completely comprehensive. Did I mention there's NO CLOSURE? It's kind of one of those "draw your own conclusion" endings that just pisses you off. If you check this out, don't expect the second season to be NEARLY as good as the first. WEALTH of potential wasted...such a shame!
  • Disapointing in the end, they should have waited till the manga finished.

    Its a rather disapointment compared to the manga, the left off from the manga after the Statue mission and filled it will crappy "Filler" episodes and even made there own ending which was completely idiotic. They should have just waited for the manga to finish before going off and doing this, it would have been great if only if only they waited till the manga finished and went along with it.
  • So, you "die" and appear in a room full of others who are apparently "dead". Now, you have to go out and fight aliens only the dead can see. If your mission is successful, you can return home...

    When I first saw this, I was a bit..scared. Mostly because of all the nudity and the gore, but, after getting a second look, I was drawn in and couldn't turn away.
    The 3 main characters could be nothing more alike, so each of them appeals to a certain person. I liked Kei (the boy) the most because he's so..wierd and well, all the can think about is girls and their..package. Now, why I like him the most is beyond me seeing what a pervert and a wimp he is, but he just draws some people in. Kato and Kei (the girl), on the other hand are a bit annoying to me. Why? I've got no idea.
    The story line is something different, I tell you. You die and you're expected to survive by completing missions. And if you survive, you can go back home, but the twist is that the real you is dead, while only the copy remains.
  • What if when you died you were offered a second chance whould you take it know matter how dangerous it was that's Gantz

    Gantz is the story of three people Kei Kurono a slightly perverted high school student. His old elementry school buddy Masaru Kato someone who looks out for the little guy. And a shy girl named Kei Kishimoto. When they die they are transported to a room with an alien device that tells them they are dead and their live no belong to gantz an alien computer. Now they must go out and destroy an alien threat on earth when ever gantz calls. Gantz provides them with weapons and a special suit that gives improved strength an agility to help with there fight. After each fight they are given a review and point's total when they get enough points their free if they can survive. This anime should be watched in it's unedited format or not at all they skip around to much in the edited version making it hard to follow. So look for the DVD's. This show is atleast 16+ for vilonce sexual conduct and nudity