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  • Kei is your typical perverted teenager with an insignificant purpose in everyones lives, until he dies.

    Where do you go when you die? Heaven or hell? WRONG! Would you want a second chance at life? Would you want it if that meant you were the toy of a twisted mainiac that could bring you back to life simply for his amusement? When you die, a copy of your body and soul are made and sent to a room with several other people in it that have just went through a similar experience as you. After you get over your death and finish arguing with the complete strangers in the room with you, all of a sudden the black sphere in the middle of the room that no one has seemed to notice, starts playing music. Text appears on the sphere giving instructions to the new arrivals, then it pops open revealing weapons, suits and a man inside the sphere. This man, came to be known as Gantz, sends you back to the city where you died to fight what ever creatures or aliens he created. If you die, game over, if you kill the monster, you live to fight another day.